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Chapter 1070 - Incarnation of Disaster

Mythic monsters? Shi Feng, who was currently drawing the magic patterns for the Magic Tower, frowned upon hearing this.

Although he had known that Blackwater had dispatched three Mythic monsters, he hadn't expected the piling pressure he felt when it was time to face them.

G.o.d's Domain's players had yet to truly understand Mythic monsters. What they had seen in the battle in Black Ridge Town was only the tip of the iceberg.

However, Shi Feng had fought Mythic monsters many times in the past.

While Mythic monsters' Domains were indeed powerful, their high intelligence and combat standards were the true dangers.

In G.o.d's Domain, aside from special cases, most monsters would only start developing high intelligence after reaching Tier 3. In other words, this was a concern after monsters became Great Lords. At that stage, monsters would be more difficult to deal with. They would often act in unexpected ways. Situations such as monsters ignoring MTs and going for the rear line healers occurred when one dealt with monsters at this rank. In these situations, the MTs combat experience would be put to the test. Not only must MTs attract the Bosses' aggro, but they must also hold the Bosses' attention. As for DPS cla.s.ses, they had to do the opposite. When attacking, they had to make sure they attracted as little attention as possible.

This was why Shi Feng had the Guild's core members learn Void Steps.

Even the weakest Mythic monster was as intelligent as an ordinary human.

In addition, their combat standards were roughly equal to ordinary experts. Using the Trial Tower as a measurement, their combat standards should put them on the fourth floor. Hence, if players wanted to defeat a Mythic monster, they needed at least a team of 100 Tier 2 elite players of the same level.

Right now, the 20,000 Zero Wing members in Stone Forest Town wouldn't even serve as a proper warm-up for the three Level 65 Mythic monsters. Fortunately, Shi Feng had hired plenty of Tier 2 NPC guards. The NPCs should be capable of holding the monsters off for awhile.

Following which, Shi Feng contacted Alluring Summer and asked, "Summer, how are things on your side?"

Before he had arrived to finish the Magic Towers' construction, he had handed the magic array scrolls he had made to Aqua Rose and Alluring Summer. Among them, Aqua Rose was tasked with managing the Nine-star Polar Domain and Double Protection Barrier, while Alluring Summer was tasked with the Divine Beast's Descent.

Unlike the other two magic arrays, the Divine Beast's Descent Magic Array required 88 Summoners to recite the predetermined incantation simultaneously to summon a Divine Beast. The requirement was much higher than ordinary Summoning Scrolls.

Generally, players needed a lot of practice before they could pull off the summoning. In addition, the summoned Divine Beast lacked intelligence. It required a player's control. Due to time constraints, Shi Feng only produced one set of Divine Beast's Descent Scrolls and one set of Double Protection Barrier Scrolls.

Among those currently in Stone Forest Town, Aqua Rose was needed to command the overall situation, Violet Cloud was a healer, while Alluring Summer outshined everyone else's combat standards. Hence, Shi Feng had decided that Alluring Summer should control the summoned Divine Beast.

"They've mostly familiarized themselves with the summoning procedure. I shouldn't have many issues either," Alluring Summer replied nervously.

Despite having recently joined Zero Wing, she had never thought that she would actually get to partic.i.p.ate in such a large war so soon.

Solo battles were her bread and b.u.t.ter. Even one-versus-many situations were not unusual for her. However, facing three Mythic monsters by herself was definitely the craziest thing she had done in G.o.d's Domain.

Inwardly, though, she looked forward to the upcoming battle. Based on the fact that Shi Feng had left such an important task for a newcomer like her, she could tell how highly he valued her. Moreover, Aqua Rose had personally recommended her for the task. Regardless of the circ.u.mstances, she needed to perform well in the upcoming battle.

"Alright, I'll leave it to you, then. I'll have Aqua's team summon Tier 3 creatures to a.s.sist you," Shi Feng said, trying to comfort Alluring Summer when he saw the woman's tense expression.

Alluring Summer might not be a match for Violet Cloud or Fire Dance, but with her current standards, she should have no problems controlling a Divine Beast. Moreover, she would also have help from the Magic Tower.

As the three Evil Earth Dragons moved closer to Stone Forest Town, the players in the town grew increasingly tense.

Aqua Rose had the Guild's experts use the eight Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls they had gathered. However, compared to the three Mythic monsters, the eight creatures looked like children. Despite their ma.s.sive sizes, the Tier 3 summoned creatures did not even reach the Evil Earth Dragons' knees. It felt as if the Earth Dragons would kill the summoned creatures with one stomp.

"Eight Tier 3 summoned creatures?" Abandoned Wave, who watched from afar, sneered. "So, this is Zero Wing's trump card?"

"That's quite impressive, actually. Even first-rate Guilds only manage to get their hands on two or three Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls. At this point, Zero Wing is roughly as strong as a first-rate Guild overall. The Guild has already surpa.s.sed my expectations by acquiring eight of these scrolls," Peerless commented, relatively surprised by Zero Wing's foundations.

Even a Super Guild like Pantheon had only obtained twenty Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls so far. Meanwhile, Zero Wing was only an upstart Guild that controlled White River City and Stone Forest Town. It was hard to imagine how the Guild had secured such resources.

"Zero Wing's foundations are indeed shocking. Unfortunately, the difference between us is too vast. It is fated that they will fail to defend Stone Forest Town," Abandoned Wave laughed. He did not oppose Peerless's views.

Unfortunately, eight Tier 3 summoned creatures were barely enough to pin down one Evil Earth Dragon. How was Zero Wing going to deal with the remaining two?

Following which, one of the three Evil Earth Dragons charged at one of the Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Arrays. The Defense Turrets and Magic Tower couldn't land an attack on the nimble Earth Dragon. In the next moment, the Mythic monster stretched out one of its ma.s.sive claws and slashed at the purple-gold magic barrier.


The instant the claw collided with the magic barrier, a wide tear appeared in the st.u.r.dy barrier…

Meanwhile, the nine players maintaining the attacked barrier lost one-fifth of their Mana pool on the spot.

This scene shook Zero Wing's members. Even Aqua Rose was surprised.

Even when the numerous Tier 3 summoned creatures had attacked the barrier, they hadn't inflicted any significant damage. However, a single attack from the Evil Earth Dragon had nearly crumbled the barrier. The Mythic monster was even stronger than they had imagined.

So st.u.r.dy! The bandaged man controlling the Evil Earth Dragons was slightly surprised by this outcome.

Although he had taken control of the Evil Earth Dragons, decreasing its combat power significantly, the monsters' power was still at the Mythic rank. If one of these monsters attacked a Basic Magic Array, it could shatter the array with one attack, yet even after the onslaught of three Evil Earth Dragons, the purple-gold barrier remained. The Mythic monsters had only torn the barrier. Moreover, the tear was quickly mending.

I want to see how many hits this magic array can withstand! Immediately, the bandaged man controlled the Evil Earth Dragons to attack again.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

After receiving a series of claw attacks, the Nine-star Polar Domain shattered, transforming into particles of light before vanishing. The four summoned creatures trapped within the barrier were released.

As another Evil Earth Dragon was about to attack another Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Array, a ma.s.sive, golden magic array appeared above Stone Forest Town, enveloping nearly half of the town.

"What's that?"

"A summoned creature?"

Everyone could not help but look up. Before they realized it, a hundred-meter-long golden dragon appeared in the sky. The dragon's wings stretched over four hundred meters. With a light flap, the golden Dragon sent a wind storm through Stone Forest Town. The strong wind nearly threw the players in the town to the ground.

"A Dragon!"

"How is this possible?!"

"Isn't that a legendary creature?"

"Why has a Dragon appeared in Stone Forest Town?!"

Everyone's jaws fell open when they saw the golden Dragon. Dragons were considerably famous in G.o.d's Domain. They were the image of power and destruction. Moreover, there were very few of them. When these creatures appeared, disaster followed.

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