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Chapter 1064 - The Few Cannot Fight the Many

"Just who are they?"

Daybreak Fog's eyes stayed glued on the five cloaked figures. She couldn't guess the ident.i.ties of Aqua Rose's party of five at all.

Among the information she collected, there were no records of such a powerful Elementalist or Berserker in Zero Wing.

Particularly, the Berserker's Strength was truly incredible!

With just a single attack, he had directly killed over a dozen nearby melee players—including several MTs with over 20,000 HP. The destructive force of the Bladestorm he used could practically rival the large-scale destruction Spell used by the Elementalist before.

With such Strength, how were other players supposed to contend with him?

Faring worse than Daybreak Fog, the members of the Ghost Shadow Legion were stunned speechless.

Just a meager party of five had killed over half of their Ghost Shadow Legion in mere moments. Moreover, this party of five remained completely unharmed.

If they recounted this situation in Heaven's Burial, n.o.body would believe them.

"Leave that Berserker to me! All melee players, prioritize killing the four in the rear!" Daybreak Fog commanded.

Shadow Sword was too powerful. It would be suicidal to have their melee players go up against him. Only a ranged player like herself could possibly pin him down.

Obeying Daybreak Fog's words, everyone promptly avoided Shadow Sword. He was only a Berserker. Even if he wanted to hold them back, he could detain only one or two people at most. The remaining dozen or so players could easily steer clear of him and charge at Aqua Rose and the others.

"Get them!" The dozen or so melee players that managed to get past Shadow Sword's blockade immediately charged at Aqua Rose and the others.

When only ten yards separated Aqua Rose's group and the melee players, over a dozen arrows shot towards the Berserker leading the charge. All the Berserker saw were several streaks of light coming at him. Knowing that he could no longer dodge or block the oncoming attacks, he instinctively raised his battle axe and executed Whirlwind Slash.

However, when the Berserker's battle axe came into contact with the first arrow, the powerful impact forced him to take a step back, causing his body to stiffen momentarily.

Following which, the remaining dozen or so arrows struck the Berserker one after another. Every time an arrow hit, the Berserker had to take another step back, his HP decreasing by over 4,000. He even received over -8,000 damage. The healers standing at the rear failed to keep up with the damage. After the fifth arrow struck the Berserker, his body fell powerless to the ground. As for the remaining arrows, the remaining melee players of the Ghost Shadow Legion barely managed to block them.

"They're just arrows, so why do they contain that much power?" At this moment, the legion members eyed the distant Minor Wind in fear. They no longer dared to charge forward recklessly. If they received a concentrated volley of arrows like the Berserker had just now, they would undoubtedly lose their lives.

They were no ordinary players. They were experts of Heaven's Burial.

From defending against Minor Wind's attacks, they fully realized just how frightening the Ranger was.

Although it seemed as if Minor Wind had shot these dozen or so arrows very casually, in reality, every one of these arrows was accurately aimed at their blind spots—which made defending against the attacks extraordinarily uncomfortable. Moreover, their reactions towards such attacks would be slower and delayed compared to defending against other attacks.

If they had to go up against five of such blind-spot attacks simultaneously, with their standards, they could defend against three or four of them at most; the remainder would strike home. Of course, if they had to receive only one or two attacks, they would not mind at all. After all, they had healers who could quickly patch up the damage they received. However, the power contained within Minor Wind's arrows was extraordinary. As melee players, after they defended against one arrow, they would no longer have any power to spare to block the remaining attacks.

With such a powerful Ranger backing up Aqua Rose's party, quickly approaching the party was simply impossible.

Just as Minor Wind was suppressing the melee members of the Ghost Shadow Legion, four figures suddenly appeared behind Aqua Rose's group of four.


With Ghost Shadow in the lead, four a.s.sa.s.sins stabbed their daggers at Aqua Rose's group of four practically simultaneously.


Anyone struck by this Skill would be placed in a Fainted state for two seconds. To expert a.s.sa.s.sins like them, two seconds were more than enough for them to kill an MT of the same level, not to mention non-plate armor cla.s.ses.

Seeing this scene, Daybreak Fog smiled.

While she acknowledged that Aqua Rose and the others were indeed very powerful, the Ghost Shadow Legion members were no weaklings, either.

The commands she had shouted were simply a feint. Her motive for doing so was to divert the attention of Aqua Rose's group of four to allow Ghost Shadow's a.s.sa.s.sin group to display its fullest effect.

As long as the four ranged players died, dealing with Shadow Sword would be a simple matter.

At this time, Aqua Rose shouted, "Thorn Bind!"

Thorn Bind was a Tier 1 Curse. When activated, it would immediately restrain all enemies within a 20-yard radius with th.o.r.n.y vines for four seconds. Moreover, these thorns would connect with the HP of the bound target. If the target tried to forcefully break free of their bindings, they would receive a corresponding backlash.

Green vines swiftly emerged from the ground one after another with Aqua Rose as the center. In the blink of an eye, the vines bound all four a.s.sa.s.sins.

"Not good! Everyone, avoid them!" At this moment, Ghost Shadow also realized that they had fallen for a trick. He activated Vanish right away and disappeared from everyone's eyes.

The other three a.s.sa.s.sins also activated their Vanish Skill without hesitation, rendering the bindings of the vines ineffective.

After Ghost Shadow's group disappeared, Violet Cloud used Soul Cloud[1], promptly sending attacks flying in all directions.

Dang… Dang… Dang…

Along with a series of clashing sounds, Ghost Shadow's group of four appeared once more.

"Soul Cloud! So you're Violet Cloud!" After Ghost Shadow defended against all the attacks, he glared at the cloaked Violet Cloud, intense fighting spirit blazing in his eyes.

She had similarly defeated him previously at the Trial Tower. This time, he would not allow a repeat.

However, immediately after Violet Cloud's attack, Alluring Summer used Flame Barrage and attacked the four a.s.sa.s.sins from their blind spots.

As if the three women were of one mind, their coordination was seamless.

Ghost Shadow managed to use his daggers to block the oncoming fireb.a.l.l.s, but the other three a.s.sa.s.sins failed to do so, opening a gap in their defense. Seizing this opportunity, Violet Cloud immediately controlled her Soul Cloud to bombard the three a.s.sa.s.sins with black b.a.l.l.s of Mana.

If they were simply dealing with normal magical attacks, these expert a.s.sa.s.sins could still defend against quite a few, even though their stance was not ideal. However, Violet Cloud's Soul Cloud was extremely lively and flexible. Her attacks always managed to change directions abruptly at crucial moments. In the end, the three a.s.sa.s.sins could only block a small portion of the oncoming attacks and promptly lost their lives to the barrage.

Only Ghost Shadow, with his nimble footwork and accurate judgment, was able to defend against the black Mana b.a.l.l.s. However, the more he fought, the more shocked he grew.

"How can this Spell be so powerful?!"

The power of the Soul Cloud Violet Cloud controlled was simply overwhelming. In terms of Strength, the Spell was practically equal to him.

Meanwhile, he was wielding Epic Weapons.

What was even more shocking was Violet Cloud's ability to control the Spell.

Her level of control had clearly already entered the Refinement Realm!

This discovery astounded Ghost Shadow. Previously, when he had encountered Violet Cloud, he could tell that she was still far from reaching the Refinement Realm. Yet, just after a short time, not only had she entered the Refinement Realm, but her understanding of the realm had even achieved a considerable standard. She could not only control such a large number of attacks but also manipulate them with ease.

As Ghost Shadow was dealing with Violet Cloud's attacks, Aqua Rose and the others were a.s.sisting the girl from the sides as well. This support applied considerable pressure on Ghost Shadow. If he went one-on-one against Violet Cloud, he was still confident of defeating the girl. However, Violet Cloud had three experts with extremely high Basic Attributes surrounding her. Continuing to fight would only be a waste of energy.

Right now, he needed to get away from this place first before launching another a.s.sault.

Following which, Ghost Shadow activated Wind Steps and began retreating.

"Don't even think about getting away so easily!" Violet Cloud smiled faintly. She then used Star's Guidance on the retreating a.s.sa.s.sin.

Immediately, Ghost Shadow felt a powerful force pulling him towards Violet Cloud.

Reacting quickly, he used a Control Removal Skill.

However, during Ghost Shadow's momentary pause, a white arc of lightning pierced through his chest. Following which, Aqua Rose, Minor Wind, and Violet Cloud's attacks bombarded the a.s.sa.s.sin one after another.

The four people killed Ghost Shadow instantly.

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