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Chapter 1059 - Pa.s.sage Established

On the semi-transparent screen, anxiety pulled at Aqua Rose's fair, dainty face.

When Shi Feng had told her that Pantheon had joined with Blackwater to deal with Zero Wing, she had doubted his words. Moreover, even if it were true, it should have been quite some time before Blackwater attacked Zero Wing directly.

She had never imagined that Blackwater would move this quickly…

If Blackwater and Pantheon had truly come for Zero Wing, she was not certain that Zero Wing could hold its ground against the Guilds.

After all, Pantheon was a bona fide Super Guild.

She was not ignorant as she had once been. After experiencing the Secret Pavilion's simulation training system, she understood just how terrifying Super Guilds were. The strength these Guilds normally revealed was the tip of the iceberg.

However, this tip was more than enough to frighten any first-rate Guild.

"It seems that they can no longer wait." The news didn't particularly surprise Shi Feng.

They could have flown under the radar if Stone Forest Town's popularity had been the only thing growing. However, Zero Wing benefited from the town's growth. Right now, the Guild was continuously absorbing the elites and experts among independent players, increasing the Guild's overall strength.

If Zero Wing were given another three to five days, Blackwater would have to pay an even higher price to take Stone Forest Town down.

If it were up to Shi Feng, he would likely take action as soon as possible as well.

"Guild Leader, should I dispatch men to Stone Forest Town?" Aqua Rose asked.

"Try to do it as quietly as possible to avoid arousing their suspicion," Shi Feng instructed after giving the matter some thought. "Use the money we earned from the Lands we sold to purchase the building materials for the Magic Tower and send those as well. This way, they won't realize that we're already on to them. Have some people start construction of the Magic Tower's framework. I'll try to be there as quickly as possible."

This war was no trivial matter. Zero Wing could not afford to lose.

It would be best if he constructed more Magic Towers to defend Stone Forest Town as a precaution.

If he could not even defend Stone Forest Town, his future city would also be finished. He would also have to figure out how to defend his city without Magic Towers.

"Understood!" Aqua Rose disconnected the call and quickly saw to the necessary arrangements.

Following which, Shi Feng immediately used s.p.a.ce Movement and crossed the Savage Wildland to its core area.

However, as soon as Shi Feng stepped out of the spatial tear, he came face to face with a treant that stood over ten meters tall. The vines that stretched from the treant's body were like iron whips. Despite one of these vines just casually striking a ma.s.sive rock, the stone shattered. Over a hundred vines surrounded the treant's body.

[Old Forest Treant] (Elemental Creature, Lord)
Level 110
HP ? ? ? ? ? ?/ ? ? ? ? ? ?

When Shi Feng saw this Old Forest Treant, his expression turned gloomy.

Against a Level 110 Lord, even a relatively skilled, Tier 2 player of the same Level would have to run for their life.


Upon noticing Shi Feng, the Old Treant released an angry roar. Immediately, over a dozen vines shot towards Shi Feng as quick as lightning.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

After the vines' attacks pa.s.sed, the ground split into dozens of segments. The horrific scene looked as if an earthquake had shaken the island.

Fortunately, Shi Feng had managed to activate the Replace Skill in time, avoiding the intended execution. Shi Feng's doppelganger, however, had not been as fortunate as the vines had obliterated it instantly.

That was a close one. Shi Feng was shaken by his doppelganger's sudden death.

Not only were the vines very fast, but their movements were also cunning. The vines had attacked from his blind spots, enveloping him. The only option to cope with the attacks was to face them head-on. However, if he chose to do that, he would end up as nothing more than a gory mess.

The difference between their attributes was simply too large. Techniques could not make up for that gap.

After five minutes, Shi Feng used Phantom Kill once more. Readjusting his transfer coordinates, he activated s.p.a.ce Movement.

With the knowledge he had gained from his first transfer and some minor adjustments, he accurately teleported to the Otherworld transfer gate.

The transfer gate was ma.s.sive. Standing over a hundred meters tall, it looked like a towering skysc.r.a.per. Magic arrays, which had existed since ancient times, surrounded the transfer gate. With these magic arrays, even the final Boss of the Savage Wildland's core, the Demonic Golden Elephant could not approach the transfer gate.

As long as players entered the magic array, they would be in a safe zone. Monsters wouldn't chase them once they reached that point.

However, the magic array had one disadvantage. Magic arrays could not be superimposed over one another.

If Shi Feng wanted to establish a teleportation array, he needed to do it outside of the magic array protecting the Otherworld transfer gate. However, several monsters, all over Level 100, drooled as they waited for him to leave the magic array's safety.

In G.o.d's Domain, setting the transfer coordinates for a teleportation array generally required 30 seconds.

It was practically impossible to set the coordinates in the monster-infested core area.

In the past, players had only established the coordinates for a teleportation array because Super Guild's members had cleared the area's monsters. Once the coordinates were established, Super Guilds had stationed experts near the Otherworld transfer gate to contain the monster population, allowing players to reach the transfer gate safely.

Shi Feng wasn't yet strong enough to kill the surrounding monsters, much less clearing them out periodically.

Although Shi Feng wasn't strong enough, he did have the Monster Repellent Scroll.

The Monster Repellent Scroll would disperse the monsters within a fixed area. Once the monsters were gone, establishing the transfer coordinates would be easy. The only problem was that, when players teleported here in the future, they still had to deal with the guardian monsters.

However, if players reacted quickly enough and could cross into the Otherworld in time, those monsters would be helpless to stop them.

"Scatter!" Shi Feng unfurled the Monster Repellent Scroll.

Immediately, the monsters around the Otherworld transfer gate began to flee, and the area fell silent.

Taking this opportunity, Shi Feng immediately began to establish the transfer coordinates.

With the transfer coordinates established, Zero Wing's members could teleport here using a Teleportation Magic Array and train inside an Otherworld to improve their strength.

Even Super Guilds' apex experts didn't enjoy such perks.

After Shi Feng finished with the transfer coordinates, he retrieved a Return Scroll and returned to White River City.

Now that Blackwater had shown signs of movement, he needed to use what little time he had left to produce Magic Array Scrolls.

Unfortunately, when Shi Feng arrived before the Candlelight Trading Firm, Aqua Rose called. When the video call connected, Shi Feng noticed the woman's grim expression.

"What happened?"

"I'm not sure what's going on exactly, but just a moment ago, our Guild members couldn't use their Guild Transfer Scrolls to transfer to Stone Forest Town. Players in Stone Forest Town couldn't use their Transfer Scrolls to return to White River City either. Even their Return Scrolls have stopped working.

"Aside from that, Blackwater has surrounded the closest NPC town. And in Lake Heart City, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's members have begun to slaughter ours. Gentle Snow's people have been badly pummelled."

Aqua Rose was extremely anxious. Although she had sent a lot of the Guild expert and elite members to Stone Forest Town, there was still too few members there right now. Now that their members couldn't use their Guild Transfer Scrolls, Zero Wing couldn't send more reinforcements…

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