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Chapter 1058 - Change in the Capital

"Have any of these caught your eye?" Harold asked Shi Feng once more, still smiling.

Although there were only three magic array designs and the most powerful was only Intermediate rank, they were not easy to find elsewhere. Magic array designs were particularly valuable after reaching Intermediate rank.

Shi Feng hovered between the three magic array designs.

Although the Thirteen Totem Poles was only a Basic Suppression Magic Array and far from being comparable to the Nine-star Polar Domain, as a Basic Magic Array, more players would be capable of producing it. Even now, Shi Feng was the only person capable of producing the Nine-star Polar Domain. However, when would he find the time to ma.s.s-produce the magic array?

However, the Guild had quite a few players who could produce the Thirteen Totem Poles Magic Array. With this, the Guild's overall strength in Dungeons would increase significantly. It would be easier to obtain a plethora of good equipment.

As for the Double Protection Barrier, as a defensive magic array, it was perfectly suited for siege battles. Aside from that, it did not have much purpose.

Lastly, the Divine Beast's Descent was a common type in large Guild wars.

All three magic arrays had their own uses. All three were also things that Zero Wing sorely needed. However, Shi Feng could not afford all three due to their exorbitant prices.

"I want the Divine Beast's Descent and the Double Protection Barrier," Shi Feng announced after a moment of hesitation.

His current priority was to defend Stone Forest Town. He had no choice but to give up on the Thirteen Totem Poles.

With a limited amount of Magic Crystals, he had to use them on what was most necessary.

"Alright, then. The two magic array designs will cost you a total of 36,000 Magic Crystals," Harold said.

Following which, Shi Feng handed over the last of the Magic Crystals from the Battle Arena. Only after including some of the Magic Crystals from the Candlelight Trading Firm's warehouse could he barely afford the total cost.

This is truly fraudulent! Shi Feng could not help but feel a slight sting as he handed the Magic Crystals over.

With all of these Magic Crystals, he should be able to purchase four or five magic array designs from the market.

"Here are your magic array designs, sir," Harold said, his smile becoming even more cheerful after receiving the Magic Crystals. "As you are a member of our exchange shop, for every 10,000 Magic Crystals you spend, you'll obtain one point. When you've acc.u.mulated 500 points, we can raise your membership status to an advanced member. You'll receive a 10% discount on all purchases on the second-floor hall and a 20% discount on the first-floor hall. You'll also qualify to enter our exchange shop's main branch. Currently, you've spent 36,000 Magic Crystals, so you have obtained three points. If you spend another 4,000 Magic Crystals right now, you'll receive four points instead.

For a moment, Shi Feng was at a loss for words.

He had to admit that Harold was a crafty merchant.

Fortunately, he didn't have any more Magic Crystals on him. Otherwise, Harold might have persuaded him to purchase another item for 4,000 Magic Crystals.

However, this revelation confused Shi Feng slightly.

He hadn't expected an additional membership rank. And the advanced members even had access to the main branch!.

However, as far as he could remember, there had never been any mention of an advanced membership in the past. Although rare, some players had become normal members of the Golden Sands Exchange Shop. Moreover, there was no real benefit in hiding this fact.

"Excuse me, but can every member of the exchange shop be promoted to an advanced member?" Shi Feng asked curiously.

Harold shook his head, chuckling before he explained, "Not everyone receives this privilege. As you are the first heaven-blessed person to visit our shop, we have extended this benefit. Normally, members have to spend an additional ten million Magic Crystals before we notify them of this option."

So that's why n.o.body knew about the advanced membership in the past. Realization dawned on Shi Feng.

Following which, Shi Feng took the two magic array designs and left the exchange shop. As for becoming an advanced member, it was too early to bother with. Although, if he secured the Manat.i.te vein in that dangerous sea zone, he could consider becoming an advanced member.

Otherwise, not a single Guild throughout G.o.d's Domain could afford the promotion requirement of 5,000,000 Magic Crystals.

After leaving the exchange shop, Shi Feng used the Seven Luminaries Ring's s.p.a.ce Movement to reach a distant beach. He then released the Swift Dragon Speedboat and traveled to his final destination—the Savage Wildland.

As the Savage Wildland was very close to a dangerous sea zone, it was easy for players to encounter sea monsters. Although these sea monsters' levels only ranged between Level 40 and Level 50, the threat they posed surpa.s.sed that of ordinary Level 40 to Level 50 High Lords.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavillion's plan of using the Magic Tower to lure players to the Town of Beginnings wouldn't be nearly as effective as doing so with a town on the mainland. After all, traveling to the Savage Wildland was simply too dangerous for current players.

However, this had allowed Shi Feng to spot a business opportunity.

Traveling to the Savage Wildland in a fishing boat was undoubtedly dangerous. However, if one used a speedboat, the danger would decrease significantly. What he needed to do was to open a sea route between Ocean Viewing Town and the Savage Wildland, starting a transportation business. If he charged each person 2 Silver, a flood of players would brave the journey.

Even if there were only 10,000 players trying to reach the Savage Wildland each day, he could still earn 200 Gold daily.

However, this was a conservative estimate. Take Stone Forest Town for example. Even though the town was over ten hours away from the nearest teleportation point on foot, a large number of players made the trip. Moreover, by the time the Town of Beginnings developed into a medium-sized town and unlocked the Savage Wildland's true value, at that time, it would not be surprising if hundreds of thousands of players attempted the trip every day.

The income he could gain from the transportation business might even match the income from the Town of Beginnings.

Shi Feng could still remember that, when the Town of Beginnings had developed into a small-sized city, the city's permanent player population had already neared a million. As for city's floating population, that was well over five million.

If that came to pa.s.s once again, counting each day's earnings would become laborious.

Time pa.s.sed quickly. The trip, which should've taken over an hour, was over in only ten minutes or so thanks to the Swift Dragon Speedboat.

From a distance, the Savage Wildland looked like a new continent. At first glance, the island seemed to have no end. The island was roughly the size of a major city's jurisdiction on the mainland. However, even the island's outer region was not easy to reach.

Following which, Shi Feng found a place to dock before storing the Swift Dragon Speedboat. He then unsheathed the Abyssal Blade and activated Phantom Kill, his doppelganger splitting from his body.

The Seven Luminaries Ring's s.p.a.ce Movement was quite convenient. However, he was no G.o.d. He could not remember the exact coordinates of the Otherworld transfer gate. He could only determine its general location on the map. But, how dangerous was the core area?

As a precaution, he could use the Replace Skill to avoid dying should he find any powerful monsters during his journey.

As Shi Feng was about to use s.p.a.ce Movement, he received a call from Aqua Rose.

"Guild Leader, this is bad! I just received a report from the Secret Pavilion stating that three of Pantheon's core legions have snuck into Star-Moon City!"

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