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Chapter 1046 - Ancient Ruins

Shi Feng had heard about many of Hovering Feather's miraculous deeds.

During G.o.d's Domain's early stages, Hovering Feather had been an independent player. By relying on his extraordinary strength and luck, he formed a considerably powerful adventurer team.

However, for some unknown reason, he had provoked the super-first-rate Guild, Miracle.

As a super-first-rate Guild and one of the Apocalypse Empire's three major powers, it would be a piece of cake to eliminate a single adventurer team.

Sure enough, without any suspense, Hovering Feather and his team had been ma.s.sacred.

However, as if he were blessed by heaven, Hovering Feather had obtained a Fragmented Legendary item while exploring an island. This boosted his strength. In addition to the fact that he was an independent player, making him very difficult to track, even Miracle's experts had not been able to do anything to the man. Despite the Guild having dispatched its apex experts numerous times, not only had they allowed Hovering Feather to escape every time, but the latter had also caused some damage.

As Hovering Feather had risen to prominence in the Apocalypse Empire, one of his fellow brothers had sold him out and given his coordinates to Miracle. In the end, he had been surrounded, and the Guild's experts had killed him. Not only had he lost his Fragmented Legendary item, but he had also lost nearly half of his equipment, decreasing his strength sharply. He lost the strength to contend with Miracle.

As for the brother that had betrayed him, he had joined Miracle officially and became one of its core members.

On the other hand, Hovering Feather's life in G.o.d's Domain had hit rock bottom. Everyone had a.s.sumed that Hovering Feather had been finished. However, sometime later, the Elementalist had appeared in the public eye once again. Moreover, his strength had undergone an earth-shattering transformation as he managed to defeat over a dozen apex experts from Miracle in a row, instantly becoming famous throughout G.o.d's Domain.

This incident had enraged Miracle. In response, the Guild had dispatched a party led personally by an old monster to annihilate Hovering Feather.

Yet, no one had expected Hovering Feather to survive and escape from the old monster's pursuit. However, this incident was precisely the reason that everyone had learned about Hovering Feather's secret. It turned out that, while the Elementalist had hidden from the public eye, he had come across a Legendary item.

It was this Legendary item that had allowed Hovering Feather to escape the old monster.

Afterward, Hovering Feather had learned how to play wisely. He would not ash.o.r.e unless absolutely necessary, practically living out his time in G.o.d's Domain out at sea. The sea was both vast and extremely dangerous. Even Miracle could not reach the Elementalist.

Sometime later, the Battle Wolves took a fancy on Hovering Feather's potential and extended an olive branch. To exact his revenge on Miracle, Hovering Feather agreed to join Battle Wolves and became one of the Super Guild's mainstays. In the end, he had hara.s.sed and caused Miracle plenty of trouble during the Guild's maritime exploration.

Many independent players had lauded Hovering Feather's exploits as cla.s.sics in G.o.d's Domain.

Shi Feng then glanced at the four players watching Hovering Feather from a distance. Among these four players, the lowest-leveled was a Level 38 Oracle, while the other three were all Level 39 players. Including a Level 40 Elementalist like Hovering Feather, the party was quite strong.

"Which island are you guys heading to?" Shi Feng asked.

Based on the previous timeline, Hovering Feather should only be starting to form his adventurer team right about now. Although it was somewhat difficult to rope him into Zero Wing, there was no harm in getting acquainted.

If his route happened to pa.s.s by Hovering Feather's destination, he could let the Elementalist's party tag along.

"Our destination is the distant Golden Sands Archipelago. Although the way there is somewhat dangerous, very few players have headed that way. The resources are still abundant. Even if we don't find Treasure Chests or special Party Dungeons, we can harvest quite a lot of materials for money. As for the route to the archipelago, our party already has a safe route from the Secret Pavilion. As long as we are careful, nothing will happen on our way," Hovering Feather explained quickly when he noticed Shi Feng's interest.

"The Golden Sands Archipelago?" Surprise flashed in Shi Feng's eyes as he looked at Hovering Feather.

Shi Feng had visited the Golden Sands Archipelago in the past. The archipelago was a medium-sized island and only a short distance away from the Savage Wildland. The archipelago was also very close to a dangerous sea zone. With players' current standards, the trip was very risky.

However, Hovering Feather's achievements in the past had most likely been closely related to this risk-taking behavior.

Had he played G.o.d's Domain like other ordinary players and only operated around the islands close to Ocean Viewing Town, he'd have to be absurdly lucky to achieve any notable feats.

Risk and opportunity came hand in hand when exploring the sea. Meanwhile, the Golden Sands Archipelago included considerably resource-rich islands.

The most famous were the ancient ruins in the archipelago's core.

There was a mysterious merchant inside these ancient ruins. Every week, this merchant would sell rare items. If one were lucky, they might even find the merchant while he had Epic items for sale. However, the only form of currency this merchant accepted was Magic Crystals. Moreover, the conversion rate was not even half of the market price, making the exchange not worthwhile. Although, the merchant sometimes sold items that were worth the harsh prices.

Shi Feng had planned to make a trip to the Golden Sands Archipelago after he finished constructing the Magic Tower. However, making a trip to the archipelago before heading to the Savage Wildland wouldn't be a bad idea, either.

"I can tag along with you. However, after we arrive at the location, I want to go off on my own. Will that be alright?" Shi Feng asked.

After giving the matter some thought, Hovering Feather nodded and said, "I have no issues with it."

In reality, reaching the destination safely by working together was the purpose of forming parties before a voyage. As for whether the party disbanded or not afterward, that was not important. After all, players could simply use the Return Scroll to teleport back to town.

Following which, Hovering Feather led Shi Feng to convene with his other party members and introduced everyone. Currently, Shi Feng did nothing to disguise his name. He simply used his ID of Ye Feng.

His name might be famous in Star-Moon Kingdom, but in the Apocalypse Empire, no one knew it, aside from the major powers' experts or first-rate Guilds' upper echelons. Hence, Shi Feng did not bother to mask his name.

"Leader, you really are impressive! You even convinced a Level 40 expert to join us! With this, we'll be much safer out at sea," a female Oracle sporting a ponytail joyfully praised the man.

The other three members also welcomed Shi Feng's partic.i.p.ation.

Among the players forming parties on the docks, the majority consisted of Level 39 players, while Level 40 players were extremely rare. Once players reached Level 40, they could equip Level 40 equipment. In terms of Basic Attributes, Level 39 players were inferior to Level 40 players by a large margin.

If a party had a Level 40 player, it would increase the party's overall strength significantly. With two Level 40 players, even if they encountered a Common sea monster, they could buy enough time to escape.

With this, their party would have a much higher chance the Golden Sands Archipelago alive.

"Since everyone's here, let's rent a boat. I suggest we rent a fishing boat with sails. We encountered a sea monster the last time went out on a boat without a sail. If not for our scapegoat, we would've shipwrecked. If we choose a smaller boat this time, with my current Reputation, we should be able to rent a boat for four Gold. Since you're is willing to sail with us, Brother Ye Feng, you don't need to pay for the deposit or rental fee," Hovering Feather said.

n.o.body in the party had any issues with Hovering Feather's proposal. In Ocean Viewing Town, those who reached Level 40 were extremely powerful experts. Normally, convincing such an expert to join their party was nearly impossible. How could they possibly ask Shi Feng to pay for the boat rental as well?

As Hovering Feather was about to rent a boat, Shi Feng stopped him and said, "Please, wait a minute! I have a boat, so we don't need to waste money renting one."

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