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Chapter 1014 - Promotion to Epic Guard

The frightening Mana circulating in the room drove everyone's gazes to Anna.

Despite having the same Level and items, Anna's aura had undergone an earth-shattering change.

"What's going on? Guild Leader, what did you do?" Aqua Rose's eyes widened in shock as she looked between Shi Feng and Anna. She had no idea what Shi Feng had done to transform his Personal Guard.

Previously, she had felt Anna radiate a powerful pressure. Now, however, she felt nothing from the woman…

This was not the first time she had experienced such a situation, so she knew full well what had caused the change.

The greatest danger was one that you couldn't sense.

To put it simply, Anna's new strength was outside her range of perception.

While Aqua Rose and Fire Dance were shocked, Shi Feng was extremely anxious.

The Rainbow Fruit was a Divine Artifact. It was likely that he would never obtain another. If Anna remained a Dark-Gold Guard after consuming the fruit, the loss would be tremendous.

Shi Feng took a deep breath before taking a look at Anna's statistics.

[Anna] (Ye Feng's Personal Guard)
Level 65
Loyalty: 95
Growth Potential: 105

Epic rank! She reached Epic rank! Shi Feng was ecstatic.

He had never heard of an Epic Guard. As to whether or not Epic Guards had existed in the past, he had no idea. He had merely been the Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild back then. He had not been privy to many of G.o.d's Domain's secrets.

However, he was certain of one thing.

Even among Epic Guards, one would be hard-pressed to find one with a Growth Potential as high as 105 points.

In G.o.d's Domain, the importance of an NPC's Growth Potential grew as they reached higher levels. At higher levels, even an extra point would result in a ma.s.sive boost to the Guard's Attributes with each level-up. Hence, even Personal Guards of the same rank and Level could have drastically different Attributes.

Take Kite for example. Although his Growth Potential was only two points higher than it had been, after he reached the same Level and Tier that he had been in the past, his strength would surpa.s.s his past self by a minimum of 10%. If it came down to a battle, the present Kite could easily suppress and defeat the past Kite within a short time.

Moreover, this was only a two-point difference for Dark-Gold rank. There was even less need to mention Epic rank.

There had not been any clear standards in the past for Epic Guards. Any NPC whose Growth Potential exceeded 100 points was considered an Epic Guard.

Currently, Anna's Growth Potential exceeded Kite's by a whopping 11 points. By the time Anna reached Level 70 or 80, he had no doubt that she would defeat Kite even in a melee battle. In terms of combat power, even the current Anna could defeat Kite. As both NPCs continued to level, the gap between them would only grow wider. In the end, even Kite would have to look up to Anna.

Amazing! Anna's promotion to Epic rank has raised the Epic Quest's success rate to 67%! I doubt even a full party of Dark-Gold Guards could achieve such a percentage. Shi Feng was speechless.

With her promotion, Anna had learned many new Skills. She now had three Tier 2 Curses, one more than before. Most importantly, she had learned a Tier 2 Domain Skill. With this Domain Skill, Anna was practically invincible among Tier 2 cla.s.ses. Unless the other party also possessed a Domain Skill, even two Kites were no match for Anna.

Following which, Shi Feng had Kite and Anna set out to complete their Epic Quest. The sooner they completed it, the more they could improve their strength.

"Guild Leader, I've just received news that Blackwater has dispatched many of their top players. From the looks of it, it seems that they were sent to help those Dark Guilds. Meanwhile, the members of the various Dark Guilds have joined forces. Not only are they targeting parties, but they've also begun ambushing 100-man teams," Aqua Rose reported once she received this information. "In addition, Blackwater has opened another Shop in White River City and is selling Cast Steel Armor Kits and Mana Mixtures in large quant.i.ties. They've even reduced their prices. They've already lured a lot of players to their Shop. They've also started purchasing rare herbs and ores at high prices from all over Star-Moon Kingdom. It looks like they're getting serious."

"Getting serious, huh?" Shi Feng smiled. "Since they want to play this game, then we'll get serious as well!"

Saying so, Shi Feng purchased 100 Cloaking Scrolls from the Adventurer's a.s.sociation.

The Cloaking Scrolls were unique to the Adventurer's a.s.sociation. Only three-star adventurers could purchase them, and each scroll cost 20 Gold.

The Cloaking Scroll were considerably useful to players adventuring in the fields. When used, the scroll provided a Cloaking buff to players within a 20-yard radius, which prevented them from being tracked, searched, and perceived. It also increased these players' Movement Speeds by 10% for two hours.

This was a must-have tool for escaping and pursuing enemies. Unfortunately, only the person who purchased items from the Adventurer's a.s.sociation could use them. Two-star adventurers could purchase a scroll similar to the Cloaking Scroll, but the scroll was only effective on themselves.

Following which, Shi Feng gathered the Dark G.o.ds Legion's members and Zero Wing's main force in the Guild Hall. He then used the Blood Aura Crystal and Cloaking Scroll.

Everyone immediately obtained a buff.

White River City region, Snowy Forest:

The Snowy Forest was a Level 40 to Level 50 high-resource map. Usually, White River City's various large Guilds came here to level. Now, however, this had become the main battlefield in the war between Zero Wing and the various Dark Guilds.

"G.o.dfire, you really are amazing! You actually defeated that Level 39 expert from Zero Wing in three moves!" a Level 39 mighty Berserker in spiked armor gushed with admiration as he gazed at a Level 40 emaciated youth wearing dark-gray mage robes.

As their Dark Guilds had agreed to work together, they no longer operated individually or in small parties. They now moved in large teams.

After experiencing several battles together, everyone on this team admired this Level 40 Elementalist.

"It's nothing. Zero Wing's experts are noobs. They couldn't dodge my Great Fire Dragon technique. If I were fighting our Guild's experts, they would have easily dodged an attack like that rather than succ.u.mbing to my chain attacks," the youth named Purgatory G.o.dfire said, laughing.

"G.o.dfire, you're too humble. I've heard that you are the top fifth Elementalist in your Guild. Among the Elementalists in Star-Moon Kingdom, only a handful are as strong as you," another Level 40 masked a.s.sa.s.sin said.

Others might not realize G.o.dfire's strength, but he knew. After all, G.o.dfire's Dark Guild was far from ordinary. The Elementalist was a member of Smiling Angel. It was a top-tier Dark Guild that operated in multiple kingdoms and empires. The Guild was many times stronger than their Dark Guilds, which only operated in Star-Moon Kingdom.

While everyone chatted with each other merrily, five streaks of blue light swept past the team.

In the blink of an eye, five of the team's 50 players died, transforming into light particles before vanishing and leaving behind a few pieces of weapons and equipment.


The Dark Guild players finally reacted. They turned towards the blue lights' origin.

They were all experts, yet they had only noticed the ambush after five of their team members had died. This was unprecedented.

"Don't even think that you can escape with your lives after killing Zero Wing's members!"

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