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Chapter 1011 - High Alert Mode

"A measly Guild like Zero Wing dares provoke all of our Dark Guilds? They must be tired of living."

"If we don't annihilate Zero Wing, the other Guilds will start to think that we're weak."

"I had only planned to humor the Blackwater Corporation. However, now it's personal!"

"Our Dark Guilds will not rest until Zero Wing's name has been erased from Star-Moon Kingdom!"

Shortly after Zero Wing announced its crusade, the various Dark Guild's upper echelons issued their response.

Originally, there hadn't been many Dark Guild players in White River City. However, after Zero Wing's declaration, cloaked players began to flood into the city. Moreover, Zero Wing's members experienced more ambushes in the fields around White River City.

"Guild Leader, now that the members from the various Dark Guilds have gathered, our Guild's parties can't leave the city. Only larger teams have any sense of safety in the fields. Some of those Dark Guilds have even begun to boldly stalk our Guild Residence's entrance, trailing anyone who leaves and finding an opportunity to ambush them," Aqua Rose reported, frowning.

She didn't understand what Shi Feng was trying to do.

They could deal with a single Dark Guild. Now, however, members from over a dozen Dark Guilds had gathered in White River City. The city was practically a hub for Red Names now, yet Zero Wing couldn't do anything about it.

As long as these Red Players wore cloaks and disguised themselves with various items, they could easily trick the NPC guards. Even if they were discovered, as long as they escaped to the fields, they would vanish without a trace.

Although she had dispatched Zero Wing's core members to kill some of these Dark Guild players, they barely made a scratch. If they continued this war of attrition, these Dark Guilds would wear Zero Wing down. Furthermore, Blackwater and Heaven's Burial were watching their Guild closely.

"They've gathered in White River City?" Nodding, Shi Feng smiled and said, "We should celebrate. With this, we won't have to waste time looking for them."

Aqua Rose was confused. Despite the increasing number of enemies, Shi Feng thought this was a good thing.

However, Shi Feng did not bother to explain. He simply led Aqua Rose and Fire Dance to the Adventurer's a.s.sociation.

In the end, Dark Guilds were still Dark Guilds. They were no different than street rats that were forced to hide in dark corners. Now that they were acting so bold inside an NPC city, they had to pay the price.

"h.e.l.lo, sir; how may I be of service to you today?" the blond NPC beauty behind the counter asked as she watched Shi Feng's group approach.

"h.e.l.lo, I wish to purchase a Blood Aura Crystal. Also, I want to activate White River City's High Alert Mode," Shi Feng said.

Neither Aqua Rose or Fire Dance had any idea of what was going on.

They had never heard of the Blood Aura Crystal or the so-called High Alert Mode.

"Sir, you'll need to be at least a two-star adventurer to purchase the Blood Aura Crystal. As for activating White River City's High Alert Mode, you need to be a three-star adventurer to apply for that," the NPC beauty explained.

"Will this ident.i.ty be enough?" Shi Feng chuckled as he switched to the Spirit Slayer t.i.tle.

The Spirit Slayer t.i.tle was an Advanced t.i.tle that allowed him to enjoy four-star benefits in the Adventurer's a.s.sociation. His status was equivalent to that of a Vice Branch a.s.sociation Master.

"So, it is Lord Spirit Slayer. Here is the Blood Aura Crystal. As you are a four-star adventurer, you will receive a 30% discount. You may purchase the Blood Aura Crystal for 700 Gold. As for applying for the city's High Alert Mode, you must pay a 1,400-Gold application fee." Upon seeing Shi Feng's t.i.tle, the NPC beauty adopted a more respectful tone and posture as she spoke with Shi Feng.

"Alright," Shi Feng said. He then handed 2,100 Gold to the NPC.

Both the Blood Aura Crystal and the city's High Alert Mode were Red Players nemeses. This was why players from the various Dark Guilds avoided NPC cities.

The Blood Aura Crystal could detect players' Blood Aura within a certain range. Only players who had killed other players or lawful NPCs had a Blood Aura. It was similar to PvP players' Red Names. It also took a long time for a player to get rid of their Blood Aura.

In the past, the Blood Aura Crystal had been commonly used to target Dark Guilds. Only, current players had not discovered this yet. The Blood Aura Crystal was also very expensive, and only two-star adventurers could purchase and use it.

As for the High Alert Mode, to put it simply, it would prevent all players within White River City from equipping Black Cloaks to hide their ident.i.ties. The patrolling NPCs would also wield an Advanced Detection Stone that would pick up on Dark Creatures' auras and Red Players' Blood Auras. At the same time, players within the city would not be able to use teleportation items. With this mode, there were only two ways to leave the city: the Teleportation Hall and the city's entrance. However, high-tiered NPCs guarded both locations. Without the Black Cloak to hide their ident.i.ties, Red Players had no escape.

"Lord Spirit Slayer, your application has been approved. High Alert Mode will last for three natural days. You will have to wait another week before you can reapply for this mode," the NPC beauty respectfully informed Shi Feng.

After the NPC finished speaking, a system announcement rang throughout White River City.

White River City System Announcement: The city has temporarily entered High Alert Mode. All teleportation tools will no longer function within the city.

The system announcement repeated three times, dazing White River City's players.

"What's this High Alert Mode?"

"Did somebody trigger a special quest?"

As the city's players wondered about the system announcement, every player wearing a Black Cloak was revealed.

"What's going on?!"

"Why isn't my Black Cloak working?!"

The Dark Guild players camping outside Zero Wing's Residence panicked at this sudden development.

Without their Black Cloaks' Hide effect, the high-tiered NPCs would easily see through their disguises.

As Red Players, they were as good as dead if they were caught inside an NPC city!

"Guards are coming!"

"Don't worry. They're only patrol guards, not high-tiered NPCs. We just need to be careful. Once this High Alert Mode ends, we can leave the city safely."

"You're right. Only advanced Identification Skills can see through our disguises."

Just as these Red Players started to relax, the patrol guards over 200 yards away charged towards them. Without hesitation, the NPC guards began to slaughter these Dark Guild players.

For a time, battles broke out across White River City, shocking the city's ordinary players.

After a few minutes, all Dark Guild members within White River City were dead. Not one had survived the NPC guards' onslaught. However, this was not the worst part. It was common knowledge that, in White River City, the punishment for attacking another player was quite severe. If the city's NPCs caught these Dark Guild members, who had killed countless players, these players only real option was to delete their accounts and start all over…

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