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Chapter 1118 - Reuniting with the Tea Party

Due to the quiet of the surrounding forest, the Midnight Tea Party's members heard Shi Feng loud and clear.

"Leader, we've been discovered. What should we do?" Cloud Yarn asked somewhat anxiously.

It wasn't unusual to encounter other players in the fields.

However, this situation was somewhat different.

This was because they bore the suspicion of banditry.

Shi Feng's team had just finished killing multiple Bosses. Although they had already obtained the loot, the items would remain ownerless for the next two hours. As long as they were killed, the loot was guaranteed to drop.

Cloud Yarn did not doubt that Shi Feng's team would be merciless to anyone who attempted to rob them.

It wouldn't have been a major issue if Shi Feng's team were only comprised of ordinary experts. However, based on the miraculous feats she had witnessed, Shi Feng's team was most likely just as strong as theirs. If it really came down to a fight, the outcome wouldn't be pretty.

"Guild Leader, could that guy be trying to trick us into revealing ourselves? We're so far away. How could he possibly discover us? Moreover, we're using Isolation Scrolls right now. If I were in his shoes, I wouldn't be able to discover us even with Detection. How could a Swordsman like him detect us?" the Ranger, Dark War, said.

Among the many cla.s.ses in G.o.d's Domain, the Ranger had the strongest perception abilities, with both Active and Pa.s.sive Skills. Rangers were usually a team's eyes. Although the Swordsman cla.s.s was also an Agility-type cla.s.s, it was not even a match for a.s.sa.s.sins, much less Rangers.

The rest of the adventurer team agreed with Dark War's words.

Not only were their teams separated by such a ma.s.sive distance, but the player that had called them out wasn't even a Ranger. Moreover, they were also under an Isolation Scroll's effects.

Shi Feng might have shouted to see whether or not there were nearby players waiting to ambush his team.

"I don't think so. He's looking directly at us. Moreover, this is the Crying Ghost Ridge. This area is too dangerous for ordinary players," Endless Scars said confidently as she watched Shi Feng, who stared straight at them.

"Big Sis Endless, what should we do? Should we just go over there?" Cloud Yarn asked. "What if those people misunderstand our intentions?"

"Yarn, what are you afraid of? At most, we'll have to fight them. We'll see who regrets their actions in the end," Netherworld said, wearing an eager expression.

As an independent adventurer, his favorite hobby was to push his limits.

Watching Fire Dance's performance had excited his will to fight.

"Wave is right. We're the Midnight Tea Party. Since when have we feared other players? Also, they have just finished an intense battle. They must've exhausted most of their abilities. If it really came down to a fight, they would be the suffering team." The other team members shared similar thoughts.

"Alright, enough. Let's go over and introduce ourselves. As for a fight breaking out, I don't believe that it's likely. Those players aren't fools. They should've noticed our presence long ago. Since we didn't try to attack them during a crucial moment, they should realize that we carry no ill will," Breeze Wine, the team's leader, explained. He then approached Shi Feng's team.

Giving the matter some thought, the Midnight Tea Party's members saw the reason in their leader's words. They then followed Breeze Wine.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng announced the other team's presence, the rest of Zero Wing's members followed his gaze. However, none of them noticed the silhouette or presence of other players.

"Snow, do you think the Guild Leader is being overly sensitive?" Zhao Yueru asked softly after failing to find anybody in the forest ahead.

"Overly sensitive?" Gentle Snow considered the possibility. After all, they had just finished a difficult battle. Even the best failed sometimes. They were also in a dangerous neutral map. A mistake wouldn't be unusual.

However, as such thoughts began to sweep through the team, a blurry figure appeared from the dark forest ahead. Shortly after, more figures appeared.

Zhao Yueru's jaw dropped as she turned to Shi Feng in astonishment.

Not only was the other party so far away, but they had also used Isolation Scrolls, yet Shi Feng still noticed them. Did he have the eyes of a hawk or something?

However, the team did not know that Shi Feng's Agility Attribute had long since broken past the threshold of Tier 1 players, 1,500 points, and reached the realm of Tier 2 players. As a result, he gained the Pa.s.sive Skill, Basic Perception. The Pa.s.sive Skill greatly enhanced his five senses. As a result, he could see and hear further and clearer.

To Shi Feng, an ordinary Magic Scroll like the Isolation Scroll was useless. He had noticed them when the Midnight Tea Party had hidden among the trees.

However, the team didn't have much time to spend in a daze. The new arrivals were none other than the powerful independent adventurer team they had encountered in Ghost Forest Town. If they were not careful, they would suffer.

"h.e.l.lo. I am Breeze Wine, the leader of the adventurer team Midnight Tea Party. We have no ill intentions. We just happened to come across your team as we were pa.s.sing by," Breeze Wine took the initiative to explain.

"I understand. If you guys had any hostile will, you would've taken action as we were about to kill the Bosses," Shi Feng calmly stated. "Moreover, we've already met in Ghost Forest Town."

"Ghost Forest Town? Are you guys that masked team?!" Breeze Wine stared at Shi Feng in shock.

In G.o.d's Domain, many adventurer teams wore Black Cloaks to hide their ident.i.ties. Hence, he hadn't humored the thought that Shi Feng and the others could be the team he had come across in Ghost Forest Town. After all, his team had the Beastmaster's Breath, which had allowed them to reach Crying Ghost Ridge unhindered. Any other team would have been hara.s.sed by the Level 60 monsters and wouldn't be a match for their adventurer team's speed, yet now….

Not only had Shi Feng's team reached the Ridge ahead of them, but they had also killed two groups of foreign races. Breeze Wine could not begin to fathom how Shi Feng and the others managed this.

The other Midnight Tea Party members were similarly surprised.

A serious curiosity filled Breeze Wine's expression as he looked at Shi Feng and the other Zero Wing members.

"Are you guys also here for a quest?" Shi Feng asked without hesitation.

Players generally kept quiet about their high-level quests. This was especially true for quests in neutral maps. On the off chance that one attracts unwanted attention, they could suffer significant losses.

Hence, when encountering strangers in the fields, one usually avoided mentioning quests to avoid suspicion.

In Shi Feng's opinion, however, such wariness was unnecessary here.

Only a fool would believe that players in a neutral map weren't pursuing some quest. Moreover, by taking the initiative to admit that they were also here for a quest, he could avoid appearing suspicious himself and hide the fact that they were here to grind Green Ebony.

Upon hearing Shi Feng's straightforward question, Breeze Wine could not help but laugh and admitted, "That's right; our adventurer team is here to complete a quest. Are you, perhaps, interested? If you help us complete the quest, we will give you three pieces of Level 45 Dark-Gold Equipment as a thank you gift!"

"Leader?" Dark War and the others turned to Breeze Wine in confusion.

They had spent over half a month to obtain this quest, yet Breeze Wine had just invited a bunch of strangers to help them. Moreover, these strangers were experts whose strength could rival their own. This was simply too risky.

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