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Chapter 993 - Soaring Life Force

Is this the person that caught Autumn Goose's eye? Fallen Wind was astounded at the sight.

He was a Level 40 Guardian Knight as well as the lead MT of the team. He had been fighting at the frontline all this time, so he knew very clearly just how powerful these Undead Fanatics were.

If there was just one of these Elites, anyone on their team could easily solo it.

Although the Undead Fanatics possessed great Strength, far surpa.s.sing even that of their team's Level 40 Berserker, Autumn Goose, their Attack Speed and reaction speed were not particularly fast. Given enough s.p.a.ce, even an MT could slowly wear one down by themself.

However, it was terrifying if they had to go up against over 10,000 of these Elite monsters. The tide of Undead Fanatics surrounding them gave them no room to maneuver whatsoever, so they had no choice but to clash directly against these Elites. Moreover, the Undead Fanatics possessed 200,000 HP—above average HPs for Level 50 Elite Undead. In addition, the inherent Magic Resistance of Undead was very high. Even when someone in their team used an AOE Attack Spell, they only managed to deal around -2,000 damage to the Elites. Even after multiple applications, they barely did any damage to the Undead Fanatics.

It was only a matter of time before the team would get annihilated.

Yet, with just a single swing of his sword, Shi Feng had vaporized nearly a thousand Undead Fanatics.

Aside from Fallen Wind, everyone else in the team was stupefied by Shi Feng's performance as well.

"Autumn, just how did you get acquainted with such a monster?" a Level 39 female Cursemancer asked softly.

"I met him when I was doing a quest with Rain. Back then, just like you guys, we thought that Guild experts were merely pampered players." When Autumn Goose recalled how she had the same thoughts that the members of the Wind G.o.d's Spear had right now, she could not help but feel ashamed of herself.

Hearing the conversation between the Cursemancer and Autumn Goose, Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo felt a surge of pride overwhelm their earlier anger.

"I've said it before, right? Big Brother Ye Feng is very powerful. Some time ago, Big Brother Ye Feng managed to kill a Level 50 Field Great Lord with just me and Rain in the party. It is naturally not a problem for him to deal with these Level 50 Elite monsters right now," Blue Bamboo said proudly, puffing out her chest.

Although they had relied mainly on Shi Feng's two Personal Guards to defeat the Level 50 Great Lord, Blue Bamboo considered the Personal Guards part of Shi Feng's strength. After all, she had never seen anyone else with the ability to recruit such powerful Personal Guards.

"What?! He managed to solo a Level 50 Field Great Lord with just you two magical cla.s.ses?!"

"That's impossible, right? Previously, even after our Wind G.o.d's Spear had gathered a team of 100 players, we managed to defeat a Level 40 Field Great Lord only after utilizing many rare tools."

Everyone from the Wind G.o.d's Spear was shocked by Blue Bamboo's revelation. The feat of killing a Level 50 Great Lord was much more amazing than directly wiping out hundreds of Undead Fanatics.

After entering G.o.d's Domain, they had fought against plenty of monsters. Hence, they knew full well just how frightening a Level 50 Field Great Lord could be. Current players simply had no chance of contending against such a Boss.

Level 50 was a major milestone. Players could begin challenging their Tier 2 cla.s.s-change at this level and greatly improve their Attributes. Their Skills could reach Tier 2 as well. Overall, upon reaching Level 50, players could receive a tremendous boost to their combat power. Hence, the system had made it so that Level 50 monsters were stronger than Level 49 monsters by a large margin.

This gap was also the reason why even a Berserker expert like Autumn Goose was no match for the Level 50 Undead Fanatics in terms of Strength.

Immediately, everyone looked at Shi Feng with astonishment.

Meanwhile, when Ordinary Blade, who previously still felt contempt towards Shi Feng, noticed Thoughtful Rain constantly looking at Shi Feng, jealousy sprouted in his heart.

Just you wait. I will definitely surpa.s.s you one day! Ordinary Blade swore to himself.

He had only been in contact with G.o.d's Domain for a short time. His strength was still rising rapidly. Besides, he had recently managed to apprentice himself to a martial arts master in the real world. Said master had even acknowledged him as a martial arts genius. With the virtual environment of G.o.d's Domain practically the same as the real world, he refused to believe he would fail to surpa.s.s Shi Feng in the future.

"We can't always stay on the defense. I'll open a path for us. Melee cla.s.ses, protect the magical cla.s.ses from the sides and follow me," Shi Feng said hurriedly when he noticed that Undead Fanatics were still pouring out from the walls of the distant pa.s.sage. "Magical cla.s.ses, don't bother attacking. Try to use Movement Speed Reduction and Imprisonment Skills as much as possible."

After Shi Feng was done speaking, he cast Firestorm ahead of him.

A towering inferno promptly devoured everything. Although the Undead Fanatics possessed high Magic Resistance, Shi Feng's Killing Ray doubled his damage towards Dark Creatures. As a result, by the time Firestorm's duration ended, none of the Undead Fanatics caught within the range of the flames remained alive.

Unfortunately, as this place was the Trial of G.o.d, regardless of how many monsters players killed here, they would not receive any EXP. Similarly, the monsters here also did not drop any loot. The only thing players could gain from fighting against the monsters here was Skill Proficiency. Generally, players would receive rewards only after they cleared a stage.

Shi Feng, however, got an additional benefit from killing these Undead Fanatics.

Previously, when he used Lightning Blade to kill the Undead Fanatics, he discovered that Icarus's Heart had absorbed plenty of Life Force.

After he had used the Holy Grail to evolve Icarus's Heart, the necklace no longer required him to kill Bosses to upgrade it. Instead, he only needed to kill players and absorb their Life Force. The only downside was the amount of Life Force required. Currently, he needed 5,000 units of Life Force to upgrade the necklace to Epic rank.

Although Shi Feng had killed plenty of players after evolving Icarus's Heart, he had also used the necklace's Skill numerous times, particularly when he was opening Treasure Chests and killing Bosses. Each use cost him 100 units of Life Force. He had practically used up all of what he had collected. Hence, he had never been able to upgrade Icarus's Heart to Epic rank during this time.

However, for every two or three Undead Fanatics he killed, Icarus's Heart's acc.u.mulated Life Force actually increased by one.

After just two attacks, Shi Feng had gained over 800 units of Life Force. The rate at which he was gathering Life Force right now was much faster than when he was killing players.

Following which, Shi Feng activated both Defensive Blade and Thunder G.o.d's Descent. He then started brandishing his swords, executing Sword's...o...b..t as he slaughtered his way forward.

The Undead Fanatics might have had an advantage in Strength over Shi Feng's team members, but the same could not be said for Shi Feng himself.

When comparing Strength Attributes, Shi Feng, who possessed a Fragmented Legendary item and multiple Epic weapons and equipment, only needed a single attack to send the Undead Fanatics flying. In terms of speed, he was many times faster than the Elite monsters. Before the monsters could even touch him, his swords would've already struck their weak points, repelling them.

Shi Feng was like a meat grinder when he went up against the endless Undead Fanatics. His swords madly devoured the Elite monsters charging at him. With no exception, all Undead Fanatics within 15 yards of Shi Feng would have their HPs reduced at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, numerous Undead Fanatics had their 200,000 HPs depleted completely.

Following which, Icarus's Heart's acc.u.mulated Life Force rapidly increased. In just a few moments, the counter had crossed the 1,000-unit threshold.

"Autumn, is he really a player?"

The members of the Wind G.o.d's Spear following behind Shi Feng gulped involuntarily. They could not bring themselves to believe what they were seeing.

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