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Chapter 990 - Empire's Overlord

Who is she?

Crimson Fox's attention unconsciously drifted to the leisurely woman.

Currently, Blood Dragon was Level 40, and only a handful of players throughout the Black Dragon Empire had reached this Level.

Level 40 players were much stronger than Level 39 players in terms of Attributes as they could equip Level 40 equipment. If even he, someone who wore a full collection of Level 35 Dark-Gold Equipment, felt such immense pressure from Blood Dragon, one could just imagine how intense of a pressure a Level 20 player would feel in Blood Dragon's aura.

Yet, the mysterious woman before him treated Blood Dragon's undisguised aura as if it were a spring breeze.

In addition, the mysterious woman herself exuded a n.o.ble and graceful aura that coaxed one into submission.

"Sit," Blood Dragon told Crimson Fox as he pointed to one of the wooden chairs on the other side of his desk. "Let me introduce you. This beauty is the Blackwater Corporation's representative, Qin Muyun. Like you, she is here for Zero Wing."

"The Blackwater Corporation?!" Crimson Fox was taken aback.

Everyone had heard of the Blackwater Corporation. It was a Fortune 500 company. Meanwhile, the young woman before him had been chosen to represent such a major corporation.

"Guild Leader Crimson, if you have any information regarding Zero Wing that you wish to share, please tell us. I believe that Miss Muyun is also interested to hear it," Blood Dragon said, chuckling.

Crimson Fox nodded nervously. He then relayed everything about Zero Wing's development in Lake Heart City.

"Vice Guild Leader Blood, you've seen Zero Wing's ambition for yourself. If we let Zero Wing develop any further, no one will be able to guarantee that Zero Wing won't set its sights on the Black Dragon Empire. If we don't take measures to contain the Guild, with its development speed thus far, it won't be long before it grows so big that even you will be helpless against it," Qin Muyun said, smiling. "You should consider my earlier proposal."

Qin Muyun had the voice of a siren. Her words were intoxicating. Even an expert like Crimson Fox was not completely unaffected.

Initially, Qin Muyun had worried that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would reject their offer of cooperation. Now, however, her worries had been resolved.

Before this, Zero Wing's operations had been limited to Star-Moon Kingdom. No matter how strong it became, it wouldn't impact the Pavilion's operations in the Black Dragon Empire. However, she had never imagined that, of all places, Zero Wing would choose to expand into the Black Dragon Empire.

The Black Dragon Empire was the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's territory!

For the sake of its reputation, the Pavilion couldn't let Zero Wing enjoy itself here. Otherwise, Nine Dragons Emperor's prior declaration would be nothing more than his own disgrace.

"Since Miss Muyun has already said as much, I agree to provide support in resources, products, Coins, and experts to help you defeat Zero Wing. Once the deed is done, however, the Pavilion wants full authority over Stone Forest Town."

"Please rest a.s.sured. As long as the Pavilion helps us from the sidelines, the Blackwater Corporation will deal with the rest." Qin Muyun smiled. "If there isn't anything else to discuss, I must leave to report the good news to my superiors."

Blood Dragon nodded before sending Qin Muyun off with his gaze.

"Vice Guild Leader Blood, what about Lake Heart City?" Crimson Fox asked anxiously.

Lake Heart City was an important source of income for the Crimson Castle. Without it, the Guild's development would deteriorate significantly.

"Relax. Since Zero Wing dares to enter the Black Dragon Empire, the Pavilion won't let the Guild off the hook. I will send the Blood Legion to a.s.sist the Crimson Castle. We'll make sure that Zero Wing regrets ever setting foot in the Black Dragon Empire." Blood Dragon could not help but chuckle. Turning to Crimson Fox, he spoke in a domineering tone, "I'll appoint my aid, Beautiful Ghost, to command the operation. I believe that you do not have any arguments, right?"

"Of course, of course!" Crimson Fox said excitedly.

The Blood Legion was a legion of expert a.s.sa.s.sins that everyone in the Black Dragon Empire knew about. Not only did these experts possess excellent equipment, but every one of them was also adept with ambushes in the fields.

Although the Blood Legion was not the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's strongest force, it was the one that the various large Guilds feared the most. Even first-rate Guilds were afraid of the Blood Legion.

Out in the fields, even a single expert a.s.sa.s.sin was a force not to be reckoned with. Knowing that a team of 1,000 expert a.s.sa.s.sins waited for them, who would possibly be bold enough to venture out to grind monsters?

Even if a Guild dispatched a small army of players to hunt down the Blood Legion, its efforts would be futile.

It was precisely this reason that the various large Guilds paled at the mention of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Blood Legion. Only a super-first-rate Guild with a powerful foundation was capable of compiling such a force. For a first-rate Guild, even forming a team of 100 expert a.s.sa.s.sins was impossible.

Now that the Pavilion intended to dispatch the Blood Legion, Zero Wing's members should not even consider leaving Lake Heart City. If they did, they should not dream of returning alive. If this persisted, Zero Wing would not survive in Lake Heart City. Eventually, it would be forced to withdraw.

"I'll leave the rest to you," Blood Dragon told Beautiful Ghost.

"Vice Guild Leader, do not worry. I will gather the men right away. It will only take a few days to eradicate Zero Wing from the Black Dragon Empire," Beautiful Ghost said very confidently.

In Beautiful Ghost's opinion, their opponent was merely Zero Wing's Branch Guild. Dispatching the Blood Legion was simply making a big fuss over nothing.

Lake Heart City's n.o.ble's District:

Not many players wandered down the street of Western-European buildings, only NPC n.o.bles.

When Shi Feng arrived before a luxurious mansion atop the Demonic Flame Tiger, he noticed a team of 20 players gathered at its gates. He also spotted a few familiar figures among the team members.

These people were none other than Thoughtful Rain, Blue Bamboo, Gunfire, Death Wind, and Autumn Goose.

"Big Brother Ye Feng! Why are you here?" Blue Bamboo noticed Shi Feng and the towering Demonic Flame Tiger immediately, surprise flashing in her eyes.

Hearing Blue Bamboo's exclamation, Thoughtful Rain and the others turned towards the Demonic Tiger by the entrance.

Shi Feng was even more shocked by the sudden development than Thoughtful Rain and her companions.

He had only arrived before this mansion due to the Seven Treasures. At this point, the Golden Stigmata's tracker pointed to the Seven Treasures' exact location. He had never expected to find Thoughtful Rain and the others here as well.

However, after Blue Bamboo had noticed him, the rest of the team turned and glared as if he were their greatest enemy, killing intent filling their eyes.

Suddenly, the Shield Warrior Death Wind scattered the heavy atmosphere as he approached Shi Feng and asked pleasantly, "Brother Ye Feng, what a coincidence! Are you here for a quest as well?"

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