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Chapter 987 - Branch Residence

After the dozen or so independent players left the New Moon Trading Firm, Shi Feng entered the Shop.

Mithril veins were one of the more common mineral veins in G.o.d's Domain.

Large Guilds also fought over them fiercely.

As the producer of ores and Emeralds in the Black Dragon Empire, there was more than one mineral vein in Emerald City's vicinity. This was also why Undefeated Dynasty, Emerald City's ruler in the past, had ama.s.sed a fortune.

Meanwhile, the only Mithril vein Emerald City's players knew of was beneath White Bone Town.

White Bone Town had been relatively famous in the past because the mineral vein beneath it was a rich vein, and players could reach it easily to mine Mithril Ore. Although one could not make as much money as they could from the Manat.i.te vein under Raven's control, if developed, the profits would still be considerably shocking.

However, current players were not yet strong enough to capture White Bone Town.

The NPCs guarding White Bone Town were not humans, but Undead. Their levels were all above 50. Moreover, any player that entered the mine would be cursed, causing them to lose 10% of their HP every three seconds. The curse also lasted for an hour…

In addition, several Level 70 Grand Lords lurked within the mine's depths. With players' current strength, even an army of several hundred thousand elites would not be enough to defeat these monsters.

However, this reminded Shi Feng of something.

The Basic Holy Spirit Potion!

This item would give players temporary immunity to curses. However, as the potion was only Basic rank, its effects were limited. Fortunately, the potion could offer immunity to White Bone Town's curse.

Due to the richness of White Bone Town's Mithril vein, many players would take the risk to mine there. The money these players earned from a single day of mining the Mithril ore and its byproducts was even more than those who grinded monsters in the fields or raided Team Dungeons.

Because of that, the Basic Holy Spirit Potion had been extremely popular in Emerald City in the past.

The potion had not been particularly expensive. Initially, each bottle only sold for 2 Silver. Even ordinary players could afford that. The potions' effects only lasted for half an hour; in that time, one could easily earn more than 2 Silver while mining underneath the town.

Although White Bone Town's monsters were very high-leveled, the mine's entrance was located in the town's outskirts. Not many monsters ventured there; so as long as one lured the monsters away, other players could enter the mine freely.

The mine was ma.s.sive, and its terrain was complicated. Very few monsters patrolled the mine, as well. As long as one didn't explore too deep, they would not find any significant danger. When a player finished their mining, they simply needed to use a Return Scroll to leave safely. Hence, many players had taken the risk the risk to mine there.

As more players headed to the Mithril mine, the Basic Holy Spirit Potion's price quickly rose to 5 Silver. Later, it had even reached 10 Silver per bottle. Alchemist players had been overjoyed.

The Basic Holy Spirit Potion's recipe was not particularly difficult to obtain. Level 30 and above Team Dungeons had a chance of dropping it. Unfortunately, the drop-rate was very low, which resulted in few copies on the market. The potion's materials were also relatively common. Crafting the potion's main requirement was a Holy Spirit Flower, which was considered a rare herb. Making the potion didn't even cost 1 Silver.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng burst into action.

This was a valuable opportunity to make a fortune.

Emerald City's player population was in the millions. Once players discovered the method of mining in White Bone Town, swarms of players would flock to the Mithril vein. One could just imagine how large the market would be for the Basic Holy Spirit Potion.

Following which, Shi Feng changed the New Moon Trading Firm's name to the Candlelight Trading Firm and removed the Lifestyle players and products in the Shop. He then made a trip to the City Hall and spent 1,000 Gold to upgrade the Shopfront to the highest-ranking available. He also hired NPCs to purchase various kinds of ores, herbs, and Emeralds.

As for the Candlelight products that would be sold in this Shop and the Shop's personnel, Shi Feng pa.s.sed the responsibility to the Candlelight Trading Firms' management team. Meanwhile, he visited the Auction Houses in the Black Dragon Empire's various cities to purchase the Basic Holy Spirit Potion Recipe and Holy Spirit Flowers.

After spending most of the day like this, Shi Feng finally bought all the recipes on the Black Dragon Empire's market.

He had managed to collect a total of 776 recipes. Although the method to obtain the recipe was easy, its drop rate was painfully low.

The recipe's current market price wasn't high. Shi Feng only spent around 35 to 40 Silver Coins for each copy. Overall, he had not even spent 300 Gold to buy all of the copies. The low price was mainly due to players not having a major use for the Basic Holy Spirit Potion; it simply wasn't one of Alchemists' hot items. If he were looking for the Intermediate Regeneration Potion and the Intermediate Mana Recovery Potion's recipes, however, they would be much more expensive.

With so many recipes, even after every Alchemist in the Candlelight Trading Firm learned it, he would still have plenty to spare.

Shi Feng had also bought over 6,500 stacks of Holy Spirit Flowers, with 20 flowers per stack. Currently, each stack sold for around 12 to 13 Silver. In total, Shi Feng had spent over 800 Gold on the Holy Spirit Flowers.

For a while, I'll have Candlelight purchase Holy Spirit Flowers. Shi Feng was mostly satisfied with how many Holy Spirit Flowers he had procured.

At the end of the day, the Holy Spirit Flower was a rare herb. Rather than sell it, most Guilds usually opted to store the flowers in their Guild Warehouses. Only independent players sold the herb, thus the limited supply on the market.

If he turned these 6,500-plus stacks of Holy Spirit Flower into Basic Holy Spirit Potions, he would have enough to last Emerald City's players for quite some time. As long as the Candlelight Trading Firm's acquisition of Holy Spirit Flowers could keep up with the potion's demand, Emerald City would become a stable source of income for the trading firm for a relatively long time.

Shi Feng had also spent 3,000 Gold to construct an Advanced Guild Hall in Lake Heart City.

Although the Land he bought from Phoenix Rain could not compare to Zero Wing's main Guild Residence, the towering Advanced Guild Hall was still impressive enough to shock Lake Heart City's players.

"Wow! This Guild has style!"

"I wonder which Guild this is, to think that anyone would want to develop in this backwater city."

"It shouldn't be a large Guild, right? Maybe it's some third-rate Guild."

"I guess you're right. There is no way a large Guild would fancy our Lake Heart City."

There were not many players residing in Lake Heart City due to its location on an island. There were not many good leveling spots around, either. The city's current population was slightly over 100,000. No first-rate Guild would waste their efforts on a desolate city like this. As a result, only a second-rate Guild ruled over Lake Heart City. Moreover, its main headquarters wasn't located in the city. Rather, it was based in a major city with a player population of over half a million.

Furthermore, the Guild Residences in Lake Heart City. They were a far cry from Zero Wing's magnificent Advanced Guild Hall.

"Huh? Wait a minute! Look at the emblem on that Guild flag! Doesn't that look like Zero Wing's six-winged emblem?!"

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