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Chapter 985 - Shocking Star-Moon Kingdom

"This is…"

Aqua Rose was astonished when she took a closer look at the old parchment's information on the screen.

A City Building Order!

This item was far more valuable than any captured town.

Yet, while Super Guilds were investing time and effort into capturing towns, Shi Feng had procured a City Building Order…

Aqua Rose rubbed her eyes. She was sure that they were playing tricks on her.

What was a Star-Moon Kingdom City Building Order?

That was proof that one had the rights to construct a player city in Star-Moon Kingdom. Currently, player towns in G.o.d's Domain generally accommodated thirty to fifty thousand people. However, none of the Guilds that had captured various towns allowed had built houses in their towns; they had all built hotels. This way, the towns would accommodate more mobile players, which would, in turn, generate more income. Aside from Guild members, players had practically no options to become permanent residents.

Even so, a player town could only handle a limited amount of traffic.

Take Stone Forest Town for example.

Stone Forest Town was very close to the Stoneclaw Mountains. Because most of G.o.d's Domain's players had already reached Level 30, the town's traffic grew with each pa.s.sing day, giving it an even livelier atmosphere than White River City. In the end, Zero Wing had no choice but to limit the amount of time each player could reside in Stone Forest Town's hotels.

This was also why many companies desperately wanted to work with Zero Wing.

However, a town had its limits. Not only was the area around Stone Forest Town small, but the local environment also posed a huge problem. It was not suitable for players seeking entertainment, which greatly limited the benefits a real-world company could reap from setting up a virtual Shop.

A city, on the other hand, was many times larger than a town. Generally, a town could house over 200,000 resident players, not including mobile players. If they chose an appropriate location, they could easily attract many entertainment-seekers, who disliked adventuring and fighting, to live in the city.

"You've seen the City Building Order for yourself. Companies that cooperate with Zero Wing will be given priority when purchasing a large plot of Land in the city. As for the one billion Credits, that is only a deposit. However, before you let them in on this secret, find companies that truly intend to cooperate. Moreover, they must sign a confidentiality agreement. I don't want news of this to leak, attracting everyone's attention," Shi Feng explained.

In truth, he did not want to sell any of the city's Lands because of how much more valuable they would become in the future. If he nurtured his city to have a population in the millions, he could drown Zero Wing in money each day with the profits from renting the city's Lands.

Unfortunately, he had no avenues to earn so much money in such a short time.

"I understand. I will see to the necessary arrangements right away." Aqua Rose nodded excitedly.

Currently, the value of Stone Forest Town's Lands could rival those with high potential in major cities. However, if they chose a strategic location to set up their city, the city's Lands would easily surpa.s.s Stone Forest Town's by several, or even over ten times. If she advertised this news, many corporations would be eager to work with them.

"How many days do you need to get this done?" Shi Feng asked. "I'm in somewhat of a hurry for the money right now."

"Roughly three to five days. After all, most major companies would be hard-pressed to collect so much money on such short notice." After giving it some thought, Aqua Rose suggested, "If you are in a rush for money, I can have my family pay for you first, or offer them a few more plots of Land in the new city. I believe they will be more than willing."

Although the new city had yet to be built, if a company could enter the city and construct its own virtual Shop immediately, it would ma.s.sively benefit the company's development in G.o.d's Domain.

After all, once the new city was complete, plenty of entertainment-seekers were bound to visit the city. If a company could leave a deep impression on these players, more people would recognize them as they started Shops in other cities. This would create brand awareness.

"Alright. I await your good news," Shi Feng said. As long as he gathered the necessary ten billion Credits, he was satisfied.

Following which, Aqua Rose logged out of the game and hastened to make the necessary arrangements. As for Shi Feng, he went back into the room.

"Guild Leader Snow, Zero Wing agrees to your conditions. However, we'll need some time to collect the required Credits. It is unlikely that we can do so in one or two days," Shi Feng explained.

"That won't be a problem. In any case, the training center won't sell quickly. That will also give me more time to drive down the price," Gentle Snow said, smiling.

Initially, she had expected Zero Wing to reject her condition. Either that, or the Guild would need a very long time to gather the required funds. She hadn't expected the Guild to raise the money so quickly.

As she experienced more, she realized how little she truly knew about the Guild.

Following which, Shi Feng and Gentle Snow discussed the details of their contract.

First, Gentle Snow would join Zero Wing with the elites and experts under her command. At the same time, Gentle Snow would transfer all Lands in her control to Zero Wing. In return, Gentle Snow would receive 15% of Zero Wing's shares and become one of Zero Wing's Vice Guild Leaders. Simultaneously, she would serve as the captain of the Ouroboros Legion and manage all of the legion's affairs.

After both parties signed the contract, Gentle Snow logged out of the game and to initiate her plan to purchase Ouroboros. Shi Feng, on the other hand, headed to White River City's City Hall and took ownership of the 16 plots of Land Gentle Snow had owned.

Afterward, he simply needed to construct the Candlelight Trading Firm on these 16 Commercial Lands.

With the additional coverage, the Candlelight Trading Firm's income would increase significantly.

Gentle Snow's insight is impressive. Of the three Lands in the Black Dragon Empire, one is in Emerald City. I won't have to hunt for an Emerald source. After Shi Feng visited the 11 plots of Land in Star-Moon Kingdom, he could not stifle his grin as he looked at the Deeds for the three Lands in the Black Dragon Empire.

Emerald City was one of the empire's top ten major cities. It was in no way less prosperous than White River City. Players could find many ores around Emerald City, and Emeralds were the most common, hence the name "Emerald City.".

Emeralds were generally used as raw materials to produce ornaments as the ore possessed relatively good Manstoring capabilities. It was rarely ever used to produce other items.

However, aside from requiring Mana Stones, t.i.tan City's Magic Light Set Equipment needed plenty of Emeralds.

With a Shop in Emerald City, he could purchase Emeralds long-term. His Guild members wouldn't need to travel back and forth from the city constantly.

Following which, Shi Feng traveled to the Black Dragon Empire via Star-Moon City's Teleportation Hall.

Shortly after Shi Feng left, a shock tore through Star-Moon Kingdom's various Guilds.

"What did you say?! Zero Wing now owns Gentle Snow's Lands?! How can this be?!" Abandoned Wave was flabbergasted when he received the news.

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