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Chapter 978 - Great Trees are Good for Shade

After Lethal Gale's group launched their attack, a commotion erupted among the players on the street.

"Have they lost their minds? They are attacking someone in White River City. Are they not aware of the severe punishments for a.s.saulting people inside a city?"

"Amazing! Who are they? How long has it been since someone tried to kill another player in a Star-Moon Kingdom city?"

The players stopped to watch the show.

NPC cities were different from NPC towns. In cities, even if one only attacked another player, not killing them, the NPC guards would attack. Afterward, they would be imprisoned in the city's jail for one or two days. For successful murders, however, that punishment was more severe.

Every second in G.o.d's Domain counted for expert players and the various large Guilds. If an expert player were imprisoned for several days, they would fall behind. Because of that, very few player attacks, beyond newbies to NPC cities, occurred.

After issuing his threat, the Berserker's three other party members joined the ambush on Gentle Snow.

Their task was one of no return.

Moreover, the nearby NPC guards had discovered their transgress and were heading their way.

If they could not kill Gentle Snow before these NPC guards arrived, it would be much harder to kill her later.

"I've already stated that this is Zero Wing's territory. Guild Leader Snow is an ally. Do you really believe that I'll just sit by why you kill my ally?" Shi Feng rolled his eyes at Lethal Gale. "Or do you think you can use the Blackwater Corporation's name to frighten Zero Wing?"

"Do you really intend to make Blackwater an enemy?" Shi Feng's response caught Lethal Gale off guard. Shi Feng acted as if he had never heard of the Blackwater Corporation. However, time waited for no one. With no other choice, Lethal Gale ground his teeth as he growled in the party chat, "I'll deal with Ye Feng. Stone and Tooth, a.s.sist me! Everyone else, kill Gentle Snow as quickly as possible!"

"Leave it to us, Boss! We had just been a little careless," Stone and Shattered Tooth promptly used their Vanish Skills and circled to Shi Feng's sides.

The most powerful aspect about a.s.sa.s.sins was their ability to appear and disappear like ghosts to deal lethal blows to their enemy.

Previously, they had focused on attacking Gentle Snow. Even after they had exposed themselves, they paid no attention to Shi Feng, and this, in turn, gave the Swordsman an opportunity to exploit. If they were in Stealth, however, they were confident that even apex experts wouldn't detect their presence.

"I'll create an opening for you. Don't worry about hitting me in the process." After Lethal Gale calmed himself, he lifted his greatsword and charged towards Shi Feng.

He was very familiar with Stone and Shattered Tooth's strengths. He had also watched Shi Feng's fight in the Dark Arena.

In terms of combat techniques, he was weaker than Shi Feng.

However, live combat was different from a compet.i.tion. Many factors could affect a battle's outcome. The cooperation of several experts, in particular, would raise their combat power exponentially

Even he would find himself in trouble when Stone and Shattered Tooth worked together. Their psychedelic footwork allowed them to move silent, only revealing themselves, barely, as they struck.

Although Shi Feng was strong, if two a.s.sa.s.sins that he could not perceive attacked him, his mental state would suffer an immense pressure. Even if he tried to ignore it, his subconscious would constantly search for the sudden appearance of enemies, and this would affect his focus.

He could use this opportunity to kill Shi Feng.

If he killed both Ouroboros's Guild Leader and Zero Wing's Ye Feng, even if the NPC guards imprisoned him, the fight would be worth the loss.

"Ye Feng, you need to be careful! Those two a.s.sa.s.sins are strong!" Gentle Snow warned the Swordsman as Stone and Shattered Tooth disappeared.

Although she was in a Weakened state, her perception had not dulled. On the contrary, her duel with Lethal Gale had heightened her senses.

Even so, she had only detected the two a.s.sa.s.sins after they had exposed themselves.

As Gentle Snow finished speaking, Lethal Gale's three other party members moved into range and began to launch their ranged attacks

Over a dozen arrows and Fireb.a.l.l.s rushed at Gentle Snow, sealing her paths of retreat. If the Snow G.o.ddess were at her peak, dodging and blocking these attacks wouldn't be difficult. She could even afford to be hit. However, with her Attributes reduced by 80%, one of these players' normal attacks was unbearable.

At the same time, Lethal Gale slashed at Shi Feng with precise timing.

"You dare to look down on the Blackwater Corporation?! Do you really believe that you can protect Gentle Snow?!"

If Shi Feng blocked his attack, the Swordsman would not be able to protect Gentle Snow. On the other hand, if Shi Feng defended Gentle Snow, the Swordsman would receive his merciless blow. Moreover, he still had Stone and Shattered Tooth's a.s.sistance. If Shi Feng slipped up, they could very well take his life in one fell swoop.

Once the hindrance was gone, it would be much easier to kill Gentle Snow.

Suddenly, Shi Feng madly brandished his sword, tracing one trajectory after another in the air.

This move was none other than the combat technique he had inadvertently learned in the t.i.tan Library—Sword's...o...b..t.

By tracing the thirty-two sword trajectories with his blades, Shi Feng formed an impenetrable defense around him.

Although a Swordsman did not have a long attack range, his attacks could cover a five-yard stretch in front of him, which just so happen to envelop Gentle Snow, who stood roughly three yards from him.

While Shi Feng had yet to master the sophisticated Sword's...o...b..t, his combat techniques were more than enough to block Lethal Gale and his people's attacks.

As the incoming arrows, Fireb.a.l.l.s, and Lethal Gale's Beheaded Skill came within five yards of Shi Feng, he blocked them. None of the attacks struck Gentle Snow or Shi Feng.

A Skill? Lethal Gale's heart pounded as he watched Shi Feng block all of the attacks.

From his prior attack, he knew when his greatsword was within five yards of Shi Feng, and it felt as if he had struck a protective barrier. He hadn't been able to push his greatsword an inch further. On the contrary, a powerful force had repelled his blade, preventing him from launching further attacks.

As for Gentle Snow, who had stood, frozen, this entire time, she stared at Shi Feng with an odd gaze. Unlike Lethal Gale, however, she did not think Shi Feng had used a Skill. When she stood within Sword's...o...b..t's protective field, she could feel that Shi Feng's every swing was a normal attack.

Yet, this combination of strikes looked like an in-game Skill. The technique was divine.

How did he do it? Gentle Snow was baffled.

Despite only executing normal sword attacks, as if following some sort of rule, he managed to block the attacks that came at him from all directions.

As Shi Feng fended off a wave of attacks, Stone and Shattered Tooth took the opportunity when he withdrew his swords to use Shadow Steps. After appearing behind Shi Feng, both a.s.sa.s.sins stabbed their daggers towards the back of the Swordsman's neck viciously.

The process was complete within an instant.

However, when the daggers were an inch away from Shi Feng's neck, all four weapons stopped abruptly. No matter how much strength the two a.s.sa.s.sins employed, they were unable to push their daggers any further.

"Your footwork is impressive." Shi Feng glanced at the two a.s.sa.s.sins in admiration. "Unfortunately, you tried to take me on."

Due to their footwork technique, even Shi Feng found it hard to notice them. If not for Omniscient Eyes, he might've fallen prey to their sneak attack. He would not have had the time to activate Defensive Blade to defend himself.

Knowing that Shi Feng had activated a Lifesaving Skill, Stone and Shattered Tooth began to launch rapid attacks in hopes of depleting his Defensive Blade's block counts quickly.

However, Shi Feng did not give them the chance as he used Sword's...o...b..t once more.

Suddenly, with Shi Feng as the center, a storm raged. Due to Defensive Blade increasing his attack range, not only did his attacks envelop both Stone and Shattered Tooth, but also Lethal Gale.

After learning Sword's...o...b..t, Shi Feng discovered that this combat technique was both an effective defense as well as a powerful offense.

By the time he finished the thirty-two sword trajectories, Stone and Shattered Tooth's bodies fell to the ground lifelessly. Meanwhile, Lethal Gale, who stood some distance away from Shi Feng, had less than 10% of his HP remaining. His body was marred with cuts, fresh blood flowing from his wounds freely. The gruesome scene caused many of the surrounding spectators to shudder involuntarily.

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