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Chapter 1077 - Shadow Dancer

The spectacular scene of hundreds of thousands of monsters and elite players surging towards Stone Forest Town made Zero Wing's members nervous.

They were outnumbered by ten-to-one. Moreover, half of their enemies were players. Even Aqua Rose, who had experienced her fair share of large-scale battles, worried that they would fall against this a.s.sault.

Unlike the previous a.s.sault, this move had been strategic. This time, both players and monsters stood considerably far apart. They were not clumped as they had been.

As a result, even with three Magic Towers, they were not as effective as the one tower had been during the beginning of this battle.

Although the Magic Towers weren't as effective, the number of players and monsters dying still made Abandoned Wave's eyes twitch.

Every wave of attack destroyed over a thousand players and monsters.

The Magic Towers' destructive power once again stupefied the war's spectators.

"Blackwater is quite daring. With this, its losses will undoubtedly be astronomical." Yuan Tiexin could not help but sigh as he watched the rapidly increasing number of corpses on the battlefield. However, he had to admit that this move was effective.

Against such an a.s.sault, even a transcendental existence like the Secret Pavilion would struggle to defend Stone Forest Town, much less Zero Wing. At most, it could reduce its losses by retreating from the town as quickly as possible.

Although the Magic Towers seemed powerful, they had a glaring flaw. By the time Blackwater's players and monsters reached the Magic Towers, the latter's effects would be considerably limited.

Once the Magic Towers were dealt with, Zero Wing would have to rely on its Miniature Ballistas and various Magic Scrolls to defend Stone Forest Town. Either that, or it would have to use large-scale destruction Spells.

However, these were obviously not enough to take out such a large army.

After all, no matter how many players or monsters died, Blackwater's army still outnumbered Zero Wing's. This numerical advantage would secure Blackwater's victory.

This was the cruel reality of siege wars. If Zero Wing could not fend off Blackwater's forces in time, Blackwater's excess forces would attack Zero Wing's Residence and take the Town Token without any resistance.

Unlike the Magic Tower, any player with even a little Attack Power could destroy a Guild Residence. It was only a matter of time. After all, the Guild Residence was not protected by magic patterns like the Magic Tower.

Of course, faced with a frightening weapon like the Magic Tower, most Guilds would not attack as desperately as Blackwater. They definitely would not willingly sacrifice the lives of tens of thousands of players to take down Stone Forest Town's Magic Towers.

Elite members were an important part of a Guild's foundation. A Guild required the strength of these elite members to accomplish many tasks. After all, Guilds generally had very few expert players. Strong blades needed strong steel.

A Guild could allocate expert player teams to pioneer large-scale Team Dungeons. However, if a Guild relied on such a team to obtain equipment, said Guild would suffer severe deficiencies.

After players raided a large-scale Team Dungeon, they had to wait for some time before they could raid it again. Meanwhile, each Dungeon dropped a limited number of items. Hence, Guilds would generally have their expert teams learn and build raiding strategies before pa.s.sing on said strategies to the Guild's elite members. With this, the Guild could farm more weapons and equipment within a certain amount of time.

Due to this reason, a Guild's development would stagnate if a large number of its elite members died.

The army of 100,000-plus elite players Blackwater had dispatched was the Guild's foundation. If these players died in battle, Blackwater would suffer a shortage of weapons and equipment for quite some time.

However, Abandoned Wave could not care less right now.

"Players, charge into the town's heart! Leave the borders to the monster army!" Abandoned Wave shouted crazily.

At this point, it was do or die.

Throughout G.o.d's Domain, only Abandoned Wave dared to use hundreds of thousands of monsters and elite players as bait.

Zero Wing's Residence:

"Guild Leader, there's too many of them. They're rushing ahead and disregarding their casualties. We don't have enough people to hold them off. Over ten thousand players have already infiltrated the town. The one-horned monsters are also a.s.saulting the Residence from all sides.

"Among our enemies, the most troublesome are the humanoid monsters. Even after we sent all of our Tier 3 summoned creatures, we couldn't stop their advance. Moreover, they are devouring players and growing stronger. None of our players dare approach them. We have to rely on the NPC guards and soldiers to hold those monsters back."

Aqua Rose anxiously reported the situation to Shi Feng.

Battles had broken out all over Stone Forest Town. She couldn't keep up with managing the war. If not for the three Magic Towers boosting her guildmates' Attributes, Blackwater would have already captured the town.

A siege war was different from war in an open field. Field wars relied on both quant.i.ty and quality. Siege wars, however, only relied on quant.i.ty. The more players a Guild possessed, the greater the advantage it would have. After all, even if an expert were more powerful, how many players could they hold back? How many players could they kill?

Even if Zero Wing annihilated 99% of Blackwater's army, it would lose this war if any enemy player got their hands on Stone Forest Town's Town Token.

After Blackwater took control of the Town Token, Stone Forest Town would enter a new protection period. At that time, all Blackwater needed to do was return to an NPC city and hire a bunch of powerful guards.

After all, how could players who had not even reached Level 50 possibly survive against Level 150 NPC guards?

After giving the situation some thought, Shi Feng looked at Anna and said, "Anna, you and Kite deal with those humanoid monsters. Don't let them near the Guild Residence!"

Shi Feng hadn't expected the humanoid monsters to appear on this battlefield.

To these monsters, Tier 1 expert players were nothing more than a snack. It was meaningless to have players fight these monsters. Moreover, any player these monsters devoured would lose a fraction of their Immortal Soul. This would deal a fatal blow to Zero Wing.

Zero Wing had no way of receiving reinforcements. If the present elite members' Immortal Souls were damaged, they would be forced out of the game for a long time.

With no better choice, Shi Feng was forced to send Anna and Kite against these monsters. Otherwise, by the time these humanoid monsters devoured every player in Stone Forest Town, Zero Wing would be powerless to stop them.

"Brother Wave, it would seem that our plan has been quite successful. Those two NPC guards have already gone out to keep your monsters from devouring Zero Wing's members," Peerless stated, joy brightening his eyes as he read the message his subordinate had sent.

"Then that means…" Excitement surfaced in Abandoned Wave's eyes. What he had antic.i.p.ated had finally occurred.

"That's right. Pantheon's members have infiltrated Zero Wing's Residence. When the time comes, not only will you obtain Stone Forest Town, but the three Magic Towers will also be yours to command," Peerless said, laughing.

Without those two Tier 2 NPCs in their way, it was almost certain that the Dark Blade members would steal the Town Token.

"Vice Commander, we've dealt with the hidden a.s.sa.s.sins. Before us lies the secret room containing the Town Token," a Level 41 gray-robed a.s.sa.s.sin reported to Nine Kills with a mechanical tone, pointing towards a room a short distance away.

In response, Nine Kills nodded and said, "Alright, have everyone prepare. Leopard, Heart, Wind, Feather, follow me to retrieve the Town Token."

He had hoped to a.s.sa.s.sinate Zero Wing's Guild Leader, Black Flame. Hence, he had volunteered to join the war.

Unfortunately, he had been disappointed. All of his opponents had been small fries; his several apprentices had no issue dispatching these players.

However, after Nine Kills and his four companions opened the secret room's locked door, their expressions froze.

"Black Flame!"

Nine Kills and the others were caught by surprise. They hadn't expected Zero Wing's Guild Leader to wait for them in the room with the Town Token.

"Nine Kills?" Glancing at the middle-aged man carrying a bone bow, Shi Feng smiled slightly as he said, "I've been waiting for you for some time now."

"You know of me? You've even discovered over tracks. As expected of the Leader of Zero Wing." After recovering from his shock, Nine Kills clapped, praising Shi Feng. "However, haven't you a little too careless. You're the only one here. I have men stationed outside. Reinforcements won't reach you in time. Do you understand what this means?"

"Not really, but I do know that none of you are leaving this place alive." Shi Feng chuckled.

Shi Feng knew quite a bit about Nine Kills. In the past, the man had been an a.s.sa.s.sination expert with his own legends. If not for the Magic Tower's detection ability and his Omniscient Eyes, he wouldn't have noticed Nine Kills and the others infiltrating Stone Forest Town. Despite Nine Kills being a Ranger, his figure was blurry, and when he moved, he was soundless. Rather than calling him a Ranger, it was more appropriate to call him an a.s.sa.s.sin.

However, Shi Feng knew that Nine Kills wasn't just a Ranger. He had a hidden cla.s.s.

Shadow Dancer!

This cla.s.s that was even more secretive and powerful than the a.s.sa.s.sin cla.s.s. Moreover, it was an extreme cla.s.s. The cla.s.s's instantaneous, explosive power even surpa.s.sed Shi Feng's Blade Saint cla.s.s.

"You're going to accomplish this, alone?" Nine Kills sneered.

The other four a.s.sa.s.sins began to laugh.

Shi Feng had just told the world's funniest joke.

"That's right, alone!" Shi Feng ignored their mocking giggles as he unsheathed Killing Ray.

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