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Chapter 964 - Extraordinary n.o.body

Conner's Magic Shop was an una.s.suming Shop in Blackwing City. The Shop was hidden deep in an alley, making it difficult to spot. Moreover, the goods sold in the luxurious Magic Shops lining the Magic District's main street were already more than enough to satisfy players' needs. Hence, very few went out of their way to look for Conner's Magic Shop.

Shi Feng had never expected to meet members of the Super Guild Sacred Temple here.

Aside from the glaring Sacred Temple members, a familiar woman chatted with the NPC shopkeeper.

"Sister Melody, should we chase this player away?" a male Summoner wearing light blue mage robes asked quietly.

This male Summoner looked relatively young, around 20 years old, yet he was already at Level 39. The aura of strength and arrogance he exuded revealed him as more than an ordinary expert. Moreover, his staff was a Tier 1 Weapon unique to Summoners, the Illusion Staff.

Tier 1 Weapons were the most suitable for Tier 1 cla.s.ses, aside from Epic Weapons. They could maximize a Tier 1 player's combat power, which even the best Dark-Gold weapons could not accomplish.

At the moment, even first-rate Guild only had one or two Epic items; some had none at all. Although Super Guilds were slightly better off in this regard, they could not arm every one of their apex experts with Epic items. Generally, these experts only used Dark-Gold items.

Wielding a Tier 1 Weapon in the Sacred Temple spoke volumes of the youth's combat standards.

"No need. It just so happens that I have a reason to seek him out. Since he has presented himself, things couldn't be better." When Quiet Melody saw Shi Feng, a faint smile appeared on her beautiful, charming face, her smile mesmerizing several of the Sacred Temple members.

Seek him out? The Summoner youth was slightly stunned. Doubtful, he turned to look at Shi Feng as he wondered, Who is he?

Quiet Melody was the Sacred Temple's Vice Temple Master. She was also one of the Guild's apex experts. Very few in the virtual gaming world could attract her attention.

Seeing the Summoner's confusion, Quiet Melody chuckled as she explained, "Fantasy, you might not know of him since you've recently graduated from the newcomer's training, but he is none other than Zero Wing's Ye Feng."

"So, you're the Ye Feng that defeated Sirius." The youth named Lonely Fantasy addressed Shi Feng, envy blooming in his heart.

However, rather than envying Shi Feng's strength, he was jealous of the attention Quiet Melody gave Shi Feng.

He was a genius that had been nurtured by the Sacred Temple. Of the many newcomers who had recently graduated from the Temple's training program and become internal members, he ranked within the top five.

The Sacred Temple was a Super Guild, and it chose the newcomers it nurtured from the Guild's elite members. Those who stood out among these elites were the cream of the crop. In any first-rate Guild, these individuals could easily become the strongest combatants. These individuals were the virtual gaming world's blueblood experts.

Yet, a lowborn individual like Shi Feng had defeated one of the Battle Wolves Guild's old monsters. Moreover, Shi Feng received Quiet Melody's attention, whom he admired. Why wouldn't he be jealous?

Unknowingly, a hunger for battle filled Lonely Fantasy's gaze as he watched Shi Feng.

"Ye Feng, we meet again." Quiet Melody took the initiative to greet Shi Feng. "If not for your loan to Hidden Cloud, I might have been unlucky."

During the last Blackwing Auction, the Nine Heavens Pavilion's Hidden Cloud had beaten her in the auction for the golden tablet. In the end, however, a mysterious NPC had a.s.sa.s.sinated him for that tablet. Moreover, Hidden Cloud had not been able to log into G.o.d's Domain for a long period after that incident. He had become a laughingstock among the Super Guilds.

Even now, Quiet Melody broke out in a cold sweat whenever she thought back to how she had fought so hard for the Secret Technique tablet.

Losing money was one thing. Losing time was crucial.

Every minute and second counted to the various Guilds' experts. If they could, these experts would spend every minute in the game. If they couldn't log into G.o.d's Domain for several days, their progress would be wounded. The damage might be less severe for someone like herself, who had lost interest in the battle for the Guild Leader's seat and was content as a Vice Temple Master and holding some shares of the Guild. However, for an ambitious person like Hidden Cloud, who vied to become the Nine Heavens Pavilion's First Hall Master, the damage was tremendous.

"You must be here for some rare scrolls, right?" Quiet Melody said, her gaze shifting towards the Magic Scrolls filling the display cabinets. Smiling faintly, she continued, "Unfortunately, I have purchased all of the rare scrolls here. If you wish to buy some, you will have to wait until tomorrow."

"Temple Master Melody is quite impressive. I'm surprised that you've found this place," Shi Feng said as he swept a glance over the display cabinets. Indeed, just as Quiet Melody had said, the rare scrolls were gone. Even the Monster Repellent Scrolls, which had no apparent use at this stage of the game, were sold out.

"It's nothing. I just stumbled upon this Shop," Quiet Melody replied casually. She then revealed a few of the rare scrolls she had purchased. Looking at Shi Feng, she said softly, "Which scroll are you looking for? If you are in a hurry, I can sell a few to you at cost."

The Sacred Temple members were shocked. They thought that they were hallucinating.

Quiet Melody was the Sacred Temple's Vice Temple Master. Even if one disregarded her status, her appearance was enough to make countless men and women swoon. Aside from the required respect for the Guild Leader and the Guild's older generation, she almost never expressed goodwill towards anyone.

Yet, she was doing exactly that for Shi Feng.

Even if Shi Feng was a particularly skilled fighter with astonishing strength, that shouldn't warrant Quiet Melody's warmth. After all, they belonged to different Guilds. Moreover, their Guild possessed many experts who were stronger than Shi Feng.

"Sister Melody, we need these scrolls urgently. If we sell them to someone else…" Lonely Fantasy quickly interjected.

"It's fine. We purchased a few extra as a precaution." Quiet Melody smiled, responding to the Summoner youth's advice with indifference.

However, Lonely Fantasy knew that these rare Magic Scrolls were crucial to complete their quest. On the off chance that they ran out during the quest, they may fall on the very edge of success. If that happened, their previous efforts would go to waste.

He could not understand why Quiet Melody wanted to befriend Shi Feng. What was so good about this Swordsman?

"Many thanks. I only need four Monster Repellent Scrolls." Shi Feng stated, not beating around the bush. His agreement with Bloodfang was extremely important. If the monsters raided the town before he was prepared, without the Monster Repellent Scroll, he would have to pay 30,000 Gold.

Moreover, a person of Quiet Melody's status had no reason to trick him and no need to use this opportunity to learn why he had come to this Shop.

Since the woman wanted to befriend him and there was no enmity between him and the Sacred Temple, he saw no reason to reject her offer.

Afterward, Quiet Melody gave Shi Feng four Monster Repellent Scrolls in exchange for 20 Gold.

After receiving the scrolls, Shi Feng turned to look at Quiet Melody, who had been smiling all this time. Sighing, he said, "Temple Master Melody, just state your business. I'm a.s.suming that you didn't waste so much time talking to a n.o.body like me just to sell a few unprofitable scrolls."

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