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Chapter 952 - Immense Wealth

"Burning, you sure know how to joke."

"Burning, you can't be reluctant to part with the Meditation Room, right? Although the Basic Meditation Room is indeed good, there are too many Advanced Lifestyle players in the trading firm. We'll have to wait for a long time before our turn to use it comes. Not to mention, the Meditation Room simply provides very little a.s.sistance in getting us promoted to the Master rank, compared to the guidance provided by those top-tier Lifestyle experts."

"Also, rather than the current situation where Super Guilds look down on us, once we become Masters, Super Guilds will beg us to join them."

When the surrounding Lifestyle players heard Burning Abyss's words, they could not help but start laughing.

Lifestyle cla.s.ses were different from combat cla.s.ses. The aid that external factors could provide Lifestyle players was limited; one had to rely mainly on their own techniques and experience to perform well. Meanwhile, these things required frequent practice.

During the early stages of the game, the external conditions provided by the Candlelight Trading Firm were indeed much better compared to those of Super Guilds. However, the aid from these external factors stopped when a player reached the Advanced rank. This was also the reason why Super Guilds thought little of Advanced Lifestyle players. After all, players relied on an abundance of resources to obtain that rank.

It was a different story for Lifestyle players who had reached the Master rank, which was not achievable through resources alone.

"Burning, if you don't want to leave, so be it. Is there a need to try and scare us into staying as well?" Flying Fish's expression darkened. Although he did not think that Burning Abyss's words would come true, he still felt displeased after hearing them.

Regret leaving the Candlelight Trading Firm?

He refused to believe that the Basic Meditation Room could compete with guidance from those several masters. Moreover, he would receive much more attention and better treatment at the Heavenly Trading Firm.

With those several masters present, it was only a matter of time before the Heavenly Trading Firm became the number one trading firm in Star-Moon Kingdom.

"Suit yourself." After saying so, Burning Abyss walked towards Melancholic Smile to apply for the test.

The only reason he had cautioned Flying Fish was the good relationship they usually had.

The t.i.tan City Entrance Tokens were extremely limited. In order to nurture talents, the Guild would no doubt prioritize sending Intermediate Lifestyle players to t.i.tan City. The number of slots reserved for Advanced Lifestyle players would definitely be very few. If Flying Fish and the other Advanced Lifestyle players left, he would have a much better chance of getting selected to visit the Holy City.


"Guild Leader, just like you've speculated, four Advanced cla.s.ses and over twenty Intermediate cla.s.ses are requesting the termination of their contracts with us," Melancholic Smile said as she handed a stack of withdrawal applications to Shi Feng. Frowning slightly, she asked, "Guild Leader, are we really going to let them go?"

Currently, the Candlelight Trading Firm had a dearth of Advanced Lifestyle players. If they let these people go now, it would only serve to undermine the trading firm's compet.i.tiveness.

"Don't worry about it. Candlelight's future has no need for these people." Shi Feng chuckled. "If they wish to terminate their contracts and gift us money, I very much welcome them to do so."

Zero Wing's Workshop had recently recruited a large number of people and required money urgently. Since other Guilds were willing to pay to poach these Lifestyle players, he was more than happy to oblige them.

Upon hearing Shi Feng's words, Melancholic Smile could not help but fall speechless.

Other trading firms were selling products to earn money, yet Shi Feng was actually selling Lifestyle players to earn money.

However, this was also a good outcome. To begin with, those Lifestyle players never had any intention of staying at Candlelight over the long run. Now, not only could they rid themselves of these leeches, but they could also make a huge profit off the termination fee while they were at it.

"Right, how are things on the teleportation house's side?" Shi Feng asked quietly.

"Based on the test I conducted, each individual needs roughly one-fifth of a Magic Crystal's energy to teleport from White River City to the Twin Towers Kingdom. Hence, I set the teleportation fee for White River City at 20 Silver per person. The profits we've made so far already exceeds what the entire Candlelight Trading Firm makes in a day by a considerable margin," Melancholic Smile answered, great joy brightening her face when she spoke about the teleportation house.

The Candlelight Trading Firm was the number one trading firm in Star-Moon Kingdom. The Coins it earned in a day could make even first-rate Guilds drool.

Even so, the trading firm's income still paled significantly in comparison to that of the teleportation house.

Deducting the daily management fees of the several NPCs as well as the cost of the Magic Crystals used to fuel the teleportation array, the teleportation house had already earned over 2,000 Gold after just a few hours of operation. Unfortunately, the amount of Magic Crystals they could obtain through the Guild and purchasing from others was limited; they couldn't provide players with unrestricted use of the teleportation array. Even so, based on Melancholic Smile's calculations, they could still make a clean profit of around 5,000 Gold every day. This was several times the income of the Candlelight Trading Firm.

If Super Guilds were to learn of Zero Wing's daily income, they would definitely take action against Zero Wing regardless of the cost.

After hearing Melancholic Smile's report, even Shi Feng was surprised.

Although he had expected the teleportation house to be extremely profitable, he never thought it would be this profitable.

If not for the limited supply of Magic Crystals, this amount would most likely be several times higher. It was no wonder so many people had gone crazy over the Ancient Abyssal Books in the past.

It seems Magic Crystals will always remain a problem. The amount we can obtain by relying on just Stone Forest Town and purchases is simply too little. Shi Feng started pondering methods to earn large amounts of Magic Crystals in G.o.d's Domain.

As players progressed further into the game, the amount of Magic Crystals they required would also increase. However, the sources of Magic Crystals in G.o.d's Domain were just too few. Currently, aside from Dungeons and certain hidden locations, the only other method to obtain a large amount of Magic Crystals was through mining Magic Crystal veins. However, the standard of current G.o.d's Domain players made it utterly impossible for them to go to that kind of place.

Sometime later, the results of those who applied to take the test inside the Meditation Room came out. Based on the ranks of each cla.s.s, Shi Feng chose 50 players with the highest production success rates. Among these 50 players, only five were Advanced Lifestyle players, while twenty were Intermediate Lifestyle players, and 25 were Basic Lifestyle players.

The reason he had decided on such a distribution was his wish to nurture a large number of Advanced Lifestyle players. He had no plans of having the Advanced players strive for the Master rank at the moment. Moreover, even if Shi Feng wanted to, the current Advanced Lifestyle players were simply incapable of doing so.

As for Cream Cocoa's group of Advanced cla.s.ses, who wielded the core secrets of the Guild, Shi Feng would use the Holy City's Emblem to transport them over. If he had them working in the Special Workshops of t.i.tan City, they would be able to produce the Mounts and Strengthening Devices slightly faster.

The Holy City's Emblem could open a transfer gate to t.i.tan City and allow up to ten people to pa.s.s through it. However, the emblem had a Cooldown of seven days.

Although it was not as convenient as the entrance tokens, which did not possess a Cooldown, it was valuable in the fact that it was reusable. It could continuously send the Lifestyle players of the Candlelight Trading Firm to t.i.tan City.

After everyone had teleported to t.i.tan City, Shi Feng silently departed the trading firm.


"This is the Holy City of t.i.tan?"

Originally, everyone had been extremely excited over the fact that they were going to get to have their own exclusive Special Workshop as well as learn rare designs and recipes. However, upon entering t.i.tan City, they were utterly shocked by the scenery of t.i.tan City.

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