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Chapter 928 - Holy City's Treasure

The instant Sailu Tiban's claws met the scorching light, a tear appeared on its originally impenetrable green hand. The corrosive gas that surrounded its body also began to vanish.


As an explosion shook the area, Sailu Tiban's attack was repelled.

In contrast, Shi Feng only took a step back, not receiving any damage.

"He blocked it?"

"How is that possible?!"

Neither Peerless's team nor Zero Wing's team could believe their eyes.

The King of Corrosion was capable of overwhelming a Level 55 Great Lord. Moreover, the last time Shi Feng had blocked the Grand Lord's attack, he had received quite a bit of damage. Now, however, he actually stood there unscathed…

They felt as if they had just watched someone block an oncoming train with one hand.

"Boss Blood, I don't even think Guild Leader Bloodfang is a match for Ye Feng's Strength," Kirin said in shock as he stared at Shi Feng.

"Indeed. Purely in terms of Strength, he has surpa.s.sed our Guild Leader," Bloodsucker said with a serious glint in his gaze.

The strength Zero Wing displayed before them had already surpa.s.sed the information they had on the Guild.

After Shi Feng successfully repelled one of Sailu Tiban's attacks, the King of Corrosion launched a series of attacks. Shi Feng used Killing Ray once more to repel the Grand Lord's attacks.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shi Feng blocked every one of Sailu Tiban's attacks.

The combination of fire and the Sacred Sword is amazing. Shi Feng smiled.

Aside from its slow turning speed, Sailu Tiban had another small weakness—fire.

Fire attacks would deal double the damage against the Grand Lord.

As a result, the combination of both bonuses allowed Shi Feng to match the King of Corrosion's Strength.

Unfortunately, Flame Burst's uses were limited. He could not stand against the King of Corrosion for long.

However, Shi Feng had no intentions waiting for his death.

He had deliberately caused the King of Corrosion to appear. If he had wanted to play it safe, he could have allowed Peerless's team to reach the third stage first. Sailu Tiban was the only reason he had not.

In the past, many teams had reached the entrance trial's second stage. Many teams often challenged the trial at the same time. Initially, when players encountered the King of Corrosion, they had treated it as if it were undefeatable. They only attempted to shake the Boss off and proceed to the next stage. However, as players reached higher levels and obtained better equipment, they started to raid the King of Corrosion for its loot.

In the end, when a team of players finally killed Sailu Tiban, the Grand Lord had dropped a treasure that n.o.body had expected.

The Holy City's Emblem!

Every Guild in G.o.d's Domain had treasured this item.

Even after ten years, the Holy City of t.i.tan's pa.s.ses were extremely rare. Countless Guilds had sought the pa.s.s as players could not enter t.i.tan City without it. However, the Holy City's Emblem could also transfer players to t.i.tan City. Unfortunately, it could only transfer ten players.

However, unlike the t.i.tan City Pa.s.s, the Holy City's Emblem was not a Consumable; it could be used indefinitely. Moreover, the emblem could send players to the Holy City directly. They didn't need to challenge the entrance trial.

Now that there were two teams in the second stage, Shi Feng wouldn't pa.s.s up this opportunity.

The King of Corrosion was not undefeatable.

In the past, through countless teams' experimentation, players finally discovered an effective way to defeat Sailu Tiban. With his current team's strength, if they used that method, they could do the same.

Following which, Shi Feng activated Wind Rider and flew towards the Teleportation Magic Array.

Realizing where Shi Feng was flying to, Sailu Tiban also dashed towards the teleportation array.

"Boss, that person's flying towards us. We need to leave. If that monster charges over here, it'll be difficult to escape," Blade hurriedly advised.

Although Corrosive Beasts would not approach the teleportation array, there was no guarantee that the King of Corrosion would not. On the off chance that it entered the teleportation array, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Peerless gnashed his teeth. However, he still gave the command to leave, saying, "Let's go!"

Although he was reluctant, he had to admit that Shi Feng and his team were far stronger than he had expected. If they clashed, they might fail the trial again. This was their final chance. There was no room for failure.

Following which, Peerless and his team activated the Teleportation Magic Array, transforming into a beam of light and disappearing from the plaza.

Shortly after Peerless's team left, Shi Feng entered the teleportation array as well.

Just as Peerless had guessed, the enraged King of Corrosion ignored the teleportation array and charged onto the platform.

However, before Sailu Tiban reached the array's center where Shi Feng stood, Shi Feng reversed the flow of Mana in the teleportation array. The teleportation array instantly transformed into a magic barrier.

The green mist around Sailu Tiban began to scatter. Its Basic Attributes also plummeted.

The Grand Lord's HP, which had been 80,000,000, fell to 60,000,000.

In the past, n.o.body had thought that the teleportation array in the plaza's center could do such a thing. Everyone had only thought of using brute strength to kill the King of Corrosion.

As long as the magic barrier was active, the King of Corrosion could not leave the area. Of course, players couldn't use the teleportation array either. This was the equivalent of sealing off their own path of retreat, and unless they defeated the King of Corrosion, there was no way to proceed to the third stage.

Now that the King of Corrosion had been weakened, even without Flame Burst, Shi Feng only received around -3,000 damage from clashing with the Grand Lord. However, Shi Feng no longer faced Sailu Tiban's attacks head-on. Rather, he evaded the Bosses normal attacks.

After the Heavenly Dragon's Power ended, Shi Feng activated the Power of Darkness, increasing his Attributes by 60%. He then used the Aura of Water's Activatable Skill, Life Bloom. With the Skill's powerful healing, he could last against the King of Corrosion until his entire team had entered the magic barrier.

"Cola, activate the Power of Darkness and tank it! Everyone else, add support from the sides! Once Cola's Berserk Skill ends, Ye Wumian, activate yours and replace Cola! Turtledove will be next!" Shi Feng issued his commands once his team had entered the barrier. "Youlan, use your large-scale buff Spell! Everyone else, watch the Boss's tail!"

on Shi Feng's command, before they could even catch a breather, they began to move once more.

Cola immediately activated the Power of Darkness and used Justice Bash on the King of Corrosion's feet. He followed up with a Shield of Vengeance, drawing Sailu Tiban's aggro.

Youlan also utilized her large-scale buff Spell, Angel's Blessing.

Suddenly, a harp-wielding, golden Angel appeared in the sky. As the Angel began to sing, a golden barrier enveloped every member of the team. Not only did the golden barrier increase everyone's Attributes by 20%, but it also gave them a Divine Shield buff, reducing the damage they took by 20%. Both buffs lasted for 30 minutes.

Although everyone's Attributes had risen significantly, their damage against the King of Corrosion was still quite low, with most attacks dealing around -1,000 or so damage. Only Elementalists could deal almost -3,000 damage with fire-type Spells. However, Sailu Tiban had 60,000,000 HP. Its battle recovery alone healed it for 600,000 HP every five seconds.

Raiding the King of Corrosion was far more difficult than they had imagined.

The team members finally realized just how terrifying Shi Feng was to hold off the Grand Lord for as long as he had.

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