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Chapter 926 - Archaic Species

The King of Corrosion's sudden appearance cast a dark cloud over the two teams.

"d.a.m.n it! We must have triggered this monster because there are two teams here!" Rage flared in Peerless's eyes as he turned to Zero Wing's team on the other side of the plaza, killing intent welling within him.

However, it was too late to change anything.

He had thought of taking care of Shi Feng and his team after they had reached the third stage, earning some weapons and equipment. However, he now regretted his decision to delay.

The King of Corrosion did not give the players any time to consider their situation. After examining its surroundings, it charged towards Peerless's team like a mack truck. The ground trembled with each of Sailu Tiban's steps. As it moved, the corrosive fluid from its body ate large craters in the ground. Seeing these craters sent shivers down everyone's spines.

[Sailu Tiban (King of Corrosion)] (Dark Creature, Grand Lord)
Level 45
HP 80,000,000/80,000,000

Sailu Tiban's ma.s.sive frame spoke of its immense power. However, after witnessing its exact strength, everyone was shocked.

Sailu Tiban's Attributes were far higher than the first stage's Boss. No matter how they looked at it, the King of Corrosion possessed higher Attributes than what any Level 45 Grand Lord should have.

"Leader, what should we do? Should we continue forward?" Aqua Rose began to despair after seeing the ma.s.sive King of Corrosion.

Sailu Tiban was just too strong!

It was definitely the strongest Boss within the Level 40 range that she had ever seen.

"Is this a joke? Why does this stage have such a powerful Boss?" Bloodsucker's expression was particularly grim.

Among the team, only White Night and the other members of Owl remained relatively calm. After all, they had faced a Dragon not long ago. The King of Corrosion was slightly weaker than the Tier 2 Mutated Dragon had been.

However, they had only defeated the Mutated Dragon thanks to a monster like Black Flame. Without such a monster, defeating this Boss was unlikely.

At this time, Shi Feng issued his commands in the team chat, "Fire Dance, use the Frost Grenades to stop the Corrosive Beasts! Blackie, use Stars of Light to clear a path ahead! Everyone else, if you have AOE Attack or Control Skills, now is the time to use them!"

While Sailu Tiban might not be a Dragon, it was an Archaic Species. To put it simply, it was the descendant of Ferocious Beasts. Ferocious Beasts were from the same life order as Dragons, capable of killing G.o.ds.

Although the blood of Ferocious Beasts flowing through Sailu Tiban's veins had been diluted over several generations, making the Grand Lord far weaker than a Ferocious Beast, ordinary monsters couldn't compete with its power. Tier 1 players could not take this Boss down. At the very least, they needed Tier 2 players to have any chance against Sailu Tiban.

Fortunately, defeating Sailu Tiban wasn't necessary to proceed to the next stage.

Under Shi Feng's command, the team began to move like a well-oiled machine. Fire Dance and the other melee cla.s.ses who were not fighting in the defensive ring threw one Intermediate Grenade after another, freezing the distant Lords and Elites before them. Blackie then used Stars of Light while Shi Feng used Firestorm. Youlan contributed as well as she used Thunder Beast's Descent.

When the three large-scale destruction Spells struck, light, flame, and lightning descended upon the plaza, looking as if doomsday were upon them.

For a time, damages in the tens of thousands appeared above the frozen monsters' heads. In a few short seconds, over a thousand Corrosive Beasts died, and a clearing appeared before Shi Feng's team. Everyone's experience bar soared rapidly, a few of the team's Level 38 players reaching Level 39. Some of Zero Wing's Level 39 players rose Level 40 as well.

Due to the Frost Grenades' Freezing effect, the monsters that were fortunate enough to be outside the AOE Spells' range remained frozen. For a short time, no other Corrosive Beasts could fill the new clearing, which allowed Shi Feng and the others to proceed without any resistance. Shortly after, the magical cla.s.s players began to use Magic Scrolls to repel the incoming Corrosive Beasts. Not only did this speed up the team's advance, but it also significantly reduced their weapons and equipment's Durability consumption.

As Shi Feng's team began to spring, the other team grew desperate.

"Everyone, prepare for battle! Blade, get ready to use that Tier 3 Magic Scroll! No matter what, don't let that monster near us!" Peerless knew that there was no point in regret now. He needed to deal with the problem before them quickly. If they could hold on until they reached the teleportation array, victory would be theirs.

"Boss, we had prepared that Magic Scroll for the third stage. If we use it now…" a Summoner in his mid-twenties voiced his concern.

"Just use it. Fortunately, it isn't our only trump card for the third stage," Peerless growled as he gnashed his teeth. He didn't want to use the Tier 3 Magic Scroll, either.

Just before Sailu Tidan reached their team, the Summoner named Blade used the Tier 3 Magic Scroll he held.

Suddenly, a golden magic array appeared above them. A gigantic beast then descended from the array, knocking away the surrounding Corrosive Beasts.

"Blade, use the golden lion to lure the Boss away!" Peerless ordered.

The King of Corrosion was simply too dangerous. Even if it simply stood still and did nothing, the corrosive mist around it could claim their lives. They could only rely on the Tier 3 Great Lord they had summoned to hold it off.

The golden lion, which stood over ten meters tall, then pounced on Sailu Tiban.

However, before it crashed into the King of Corrosion, Sailu Tiban swiped its claws at the lion.


The attack sent the lion flying, its ma.s.sive frame crashing into a crowd of Corrosive Beasts.

"What?!" Everyone's jaws dropped.

A single hit had sent a Level 55, Tier 3 Great Lord flying. The golden lion was actually ten levels higher than Sailu Tiban. Even if it weren't a match for the Level 45 Grand Lord's Strength, there should not be too much of a difference. Yet, the one attack had thrown the golden lion over thirty yards. This was unbelievable.

Fortunately, the golden lion had attracted Sailu Tiban's attention. Rather than stomping towards Peerless's team, the King of Corrosion approached the fallen lion, one step at a time. Seeing the Boss change targets, Peerless and his team released a sigh of relief. Taking this opportunity, they made a mad dash for the teleportation array.

Unfortunately, the golden lion wasn't doing well as the King of Corrosion trampled upon its body, its HP decreasing at a rate visible to the naked eye. Peerless and his companions shuddered in fear as they watched.

As the golden lion's HP plummeted, Peerless's team sped towards the teleportation array.

When the golden lion had less than 10% of its HP remaining, Peerless and the others were finally inside the teleportation array.

"d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n this thing! It made me waste a Tier 3 Summoning Scroll!" A cold glint flashed in Peerless's eyes as he glared at the golden lion, which was on its last breath. He had hoped to take the lion with them through the second stage. However, that was no longer possible. This had severely disrupted his plans. He shouted sternly, "Blade, remove the summoning! I want those people to die!"

"Understood!" the Summoner understood Peerless's intentions. While it was no longer possible to leave with the golden lion, that did not mean they should let others take advantage of it. Immediately, he canceled the summoning.

Shi Feng's team still had to cross another quarter of a distance or so to reach the teleportation array. With the King of Corrosion's strength, that was more than enough time to annihilate the team.

Sure enough, the moment the golden lion vanished, Sailu Tiban's gaze shifted to Shi Feng and his players.

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