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Chapter 1000 - Near-invincible Skill

"May I know what Brother Ye Feng thinks of this plan?" Fallen Wind turned to ask Shi Feng, who quietly observed the Undead Commander.

Although they hadn't spent much time together, the strength and leadership abilities Shi Feng had displayed during the past two days had earned him Fallen Wind's respect.

If not for Shi Feng, they wouldn't have reached this point. They might have been forced to use up their Summoning Scrolls against the Undead Fanatics.

Hearing Fallen Wind's query, Wind G.o.d's Spear's members stared in shock, looking like they had seen a ghost.

"What? The commander actually knows how to ask others for their opinion?!"

After joining the Wind G.o.d's Spear, everyone learned that their Commander, Fallen Wind, would never ask for someone else's opinion, regardless of whether they were raiding a Dungeon or adventuring in the fields. He always found a solution by himself.

However, when they thought about it, they saw nothing wrong with this situation.

After all, none of them could compare to their Commander's experience or abilities.

In the entire Dark Night Empire, Fallen Wind was famous for both his strength and leadership. Very few people in the empire qualified to offer him guidance.

However, it was reasonable that Fallen Wind would ask for Shi Feng's opinion, given the strength the Swordsman had displayed. After all, among the Dark Night Empire's many experts, they could not think of one that was more capable than Shi Feng.

"My opinion?" Shi Feng was also surprised. He hadn't expected Fallen Wind to ask this of him. After some thought, he answered, "We don't understand enough about the Undead Commander right now. It is best if we let the summoned creature fight the Great Lord until its last breath and collect as much information as we can. We will then draft up a raid plan. In any case, the Trial of G.o.d doesn't have a time limit. Unfortunately, by doing so, we will be wasting a Tier 2 Summoning Scroll."

The team members had mixed feelings about Shi Feng's suggestion. After all, a Tier 2 Summoning Scroll was incredibly precious. Moreover, a Tier 2 summoned creature would be helpful during the fight against the Boss.

"Alright, let's do that, then. Everyone, step back," Fallen Wind said. While Fallen Wind also understood the value of a Tier 2 Summoning Scroll, his team members lacked leadership experience. Their considerations were short-sighted. They usually looked out for themselves and ignored the team's overall situation.

They were not in a Team Dungeon. They could not afford to lose. If they disregarded the team's survival for a single Tier 2 Summoning Scroll, they might throw away their chance of clearing this stage.

Although taking a risk and dying once might seem inconsequential, everyone had forgotten about a particular death penalty.

The loss of equipment Durability!

They were trapped in the Trial of G.o.d. Who knew how long they had to fight to clear the trial?

The more deaths a player suffered, the faster their equipment's durability would run out. If their equipment's durability hit zero midway through the trial, they would have to switch to weaker spares. How would they clear the Trial of G.o.d then?

After Fallen Wind finished speaking, he took out a golden Magic Scroll and activated it.

Everyone immediate widened the distance between themselves and the Undead Commander.

As for Shi Feng, he, too, hid in a corner. The Level 50 Undead Commander was foreign to him. If they charged into battle without a.n.a.lyzing the Boss, they would easily team-wipe. Without a doubt, sacrificing a Tier 2 summoned creature to a.n.a.lyze the Undead Commander's combat style and Skills was the best decision.

Fallen Wind summoned a Level 50 Lord ranked Thundercloud Tiger.

[Thundercloud Tiger] (Elemental Creature, Lord)
Level 50
HP 9,000,000/9,000,000

The Thundercloud Tiger was much larger than the Undead Commander, standing well over five meters. Blue lightning arched around the tiger's body, giving it a very handsome and fierce appearance.

Under Fallen Wind's command, the Thundercloud Tiger charged at the Level 50 Great Lord.

When the Thundercloud Tiger was within 40 yards, a greenish light glimmered in the Great Lord's eyes. Unlike its previous red glow, the Undead Commander's current gaze felt eerie and horrific. Moreover, the instant it opened its eyes, its Chilling Field expanded to 200 yards. The already cold temperature around it dropped further. Suddenly, the Undead Commander waved its hand. Icicles sprouted from the ground and pierced the Thundercloud Tiger's ma.s.sive body, forcing a pained cry from the Lord.




The ma.s.sive icicles dealt horrific damage. This scene sent chills down the players' spines. Before the Thundercloud Tiger had even reached the Undead Commander, its HP had already begun to fall. Against the Commander's icicles, the Thundercloud Tiger's 9,000,000 HP was a joke.

"What kind of Skill is that?!"

"Is that really a Great Lord?! How are we supposed to raid it with that kind of Skill?!"

"Fortunately, we're 300 yards away from it. If we hadn't moved, it would have killed it before we could fight back."

Everyone was stupefied when they saw the icicles.

How was this a dual sword-wielding Boss? It was a magical turret with infinite ammunition! Anyone that rushed at it would be throwing their lives away. They doubted that they could even land a hit before the Undead Commander annihilated them.

It's just a Great Lord, but it possesses a Domain Skill? Shi Feng was shocked.

Domain Skills were extraordinarily rare. This held true for both players and monsters. Any monster that had learned a Domain Skill was practically invincible among the same Level and Tier. Unless they had a death wish, players should take the long way around such a monster.

However, after giving it some thought, Shi Feng realized that it wasn't unreasonable.

The Treasure Chest before him was a Seven-colored Treasure Chest. How could the final monster guarding it be a simple Level 50 Great Lord?

Fortunately, the Thundercloud Tiger had plenty of HP. Despite the significant Movement Speed reduction, it reached the Undead Commander before using the Tier 2 Skill Thunder Claw.


The Thundercloud Tiger's Thunder Claw struck an icicle that had suddenly appeared, shattering it. However, the Undead Commander, who stood behind the icicle, remained unharmed. The Great Lord hadn't even drawn its swords yet. It waved its hands gracefully before more icicles lanced into the Thundercloud Tiger.

Although Fallen Wind controlled the Thundercloud Tiger to the best of his ability, launching one attack after another, the Undead Commander had no interest in fighting the Lord. It focused on evading the Thundercloud Tiger's attacks and using its icicles to deal damage.

Very quickly, the Great Lord whittle down the Thundercloud Tiger's 9,000,000 HP to a critical low. With no other choice, Fallen Wind canceled the summoning and allowed the Thundercloud Tiger to disappear, dispelling the majority of the aggro he had on the Great Lord. As for the remaining aggro, he dealt with it swiftly by using an Isolation Scroll and the Cleric's Disperse Spell. Once he dropped the Undead Commander's aggro, the Great Lord returned to its original position and reverted to its calm state.

"It is simply too powerful. Not only does it have such a powerful Skill, but its intelligence is also high. Defeating it is impossible." The corners of Autumn Goose's mouth twitched as she stared at the motionless Undead Commander.

Although she had seen more powerful monsters than the Undead Commander, this was the first time she had seen a Boss with such an outrageous Skill.

If they did not have an appropriate method to cope with these icicles, they would have no hope of defeating the Undead Commander.

Everyone began to consider giving up on the trial.

"Big Brother Ye Feng, do you have any ideas? Are we really going to just give up?" Blue Bamboo turned to Shi Feng, who was in deep thought.

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