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Chapter 919 - t.i.tan's Legend

The Holy City of t.i.tan was buried in G.o.d's Domain's underground. Complex terrain surrounded t.i.tan City, forming a natural maze. Players could easily get lost within the maze as they searched for t.i.tan City.

Although t.i.tan City was underground, crystals that radiated a bright, blue glow covered the cavern's ceiling. Hence, visibility was not an issue.

After Shi Feng and the others entered the transfer gate, they had been teleported to this maze's entrance.

"This place is spectacular!"

As this was Aqua Rose and Zero Wing's other members' first time here, they were captivated.

Even experts like White Night and Bloodsucker found the scene awe-inspiring.

Aside from the spectacular scenery, ten, towering statues of t.i.tans loomed at the entrance. All ten radiated a boundless aura. In front of these statues, players like themselves were no more significant than insects.

Although they had known that the quest Shi Feng had called them to help with was not simple, after witnessing this, they grew serious.

With their sharp senses, they felt warnings of death from their surroundings the instant they reached this area.

It was especially true for the entrance. It felt more like the maw of a gigantic beast.

"These are just statues, yet they have such powerful auras. Are these statues alive?" Aqua Rose's slender brows creased slightly as she swept her gaze over the statues before her. She could feel the surrounding pressure originating from these ten statues. If they had to fight while bathed in this aura, they would suffer a disadvantage.

"Relax. Those are just statues. Their purpose is to frighten monsters and prevent them from approaching," Shi Feng explained.

These ten statues were the sculptures of the ten saints who had founded the Holy City of t.i.tan.

According to legend, every saint possessed enough strength to rival G.o.ds. Before they had died, these ten saints had used their remaining power to construct t.i.tan Armaments. As long as one equipped the t.i.tan Armaments, one could rival the G.o.ds themselves. However, after several catastrophes struck t.i.tan City, these t.i.tan Armaments had been lost.

In his previous life, Shi Feng had been fortunate enough to see one of these t.i.tan Armaments. Although it had only been a pair of gloves, the gloves were Legendary rank. The gloves greatly increased the wearer's Strength Attribute. Even while using a Fragmented Legendary Weapon, the player that had owned the t.i.tan Gloves had fought a player wielding a Legendary ranked battle axe to a standstill.

Among the equipment in G.o.d's Domain, weapons provided the most benefits to a player's combat power, yet this pair of gloves had provided enough Strength to rival a Legendary Weapon. One could just imagine how powerful the t.i.tan Armaments were.

In Shi Feng's opinion, it was possible to rival a G.o.d if a player obtained the complete set of t.i.tan Armaments.

Unfortunately, the t.i.tan Armaments were a mystery to players. Even after ten years, players had only discovered three t.i.tan Armaments. Moreover, three different players had owned them. These players had been the targets of numerous a.s.sa.s.sination attempts in the past.

"Alright, let's head inside," Shi Feng said as he clapped his hands. After everyone took up their formation, they officially entered t.i.tan City's entrance trial.

After several minutes of traveling down the straight pathway, the team halted.

"Leader, there are four paths ahead. Which one should we take?" Aqua Rose asked Shi Feng. "Should we send someone to scout ahead?"

Each path felt equally dangerous to her, so it was impossible to determine which path they should take.

"Which path did you take last time?" Although Shi Feng knew which path they should take, he still asked Youlan.

"We investigated all four paths the last time we were here. Among them, a Great Lord guards the first path, while the next two are littered with traps and ambushing monsters. A large number of mobs guard the last. After we had killed those monsters, we discovered that the path led to another crossroad. In the end, we took the path with the Great Lord. However, after a short distance, three Great Lords annihilated us," Youlan explained.

Truth be told, they had gathered almost no information before the reached an abrupt end.

Hence, Youlan had thought to search for experts to challenge the three Bosses.

When Overwhelming Smile's members recalled the three Great Lords that had ganged up on them, a chill ran down their spines. There were not many players who could face a Great Lord, not to mention three Great Lords simultaneously. Moreover, even a 100-man team would be hard-pressed to deal with one Great Lord here because, aside from the Great Lord itself, there were many monsters traveling with the Great Lord.

Before they had dealt with the three Great Lords, the weaker monsters had swarmed and slaughtered them…

"So, that's the case. Let's go down the path with the crossroad, then," Shi Feng nodded.

"Generally, the path with a Boss it should be the correct option. Taking the path with the crossroad is a waste of time," Youlan explained.

"That might be true in other virtual reality games, but in G.o.d's Domain, it is only half correct," Shi Feng said, chuckling. "This is an entrance trial. Our ultimate goal is to pa.s.s through the maze, not to defeat the Bosses, isn't that right?"

In reality, all four paths led to t.i.tan City.

If a team were strong enough, they could choose the most difficult path, which contained various Bosses. This path was also the most direct and would save the most time. In contrast, the path with the crossroads, as Youlan had said, would be time-consuming. However, it was the safest path among the four.

Youlan's group had grown comfortable with the mindset of using brute force to resolve issues. Hence, they had chosen to challenge the most difficult path after entering the entrance trial. It was no wonder why they had only traveled a short distance before team-wiping.

The first time Shi Feng had come here in his previous life, he had been just as ignorant. He and his team had insisted on taking the most difficult path and killing all of the Bosses. In the end, they suffered team-wipe after team-wipe.

Fortunately, unlike Youlan's group, his team was not as simple-minded. When they challenged a Boss, they had a Cleric stay some distance away from the team to revive everyone in the event that the Boss slaughtered them. This way, they could challenge the Bosses endlessly. Moreover, as this was an entrance trial, no matter how many times players died here, they would not lose any EXP after reviving; although, they would lose some Skill Proficiency.

After Youlan and the others heard Shi Feng's reasoning, realization dawned on them.

Following which, Shi Feng led everyone down the path with the crossroads. As they progressed through the maze, Shi Feng often deliberately took the wrong path, leading the team into difficult situations and traps. However, with the team's abilities, overcoming the traps and Level 40 or so Elemental Beings wasn't an issue.

After walking for nearly two hours, the team arrived before a large temple. The temple was as big as five football fields, and a pair of tightly shut iron doors sealed its entrance. A steel statue with glowing red eyes that stood over ten meters tall walked back and forth before these iron doors. There were also groups of smaller steel statues patrolling the temple grounds like trained soldiers.

[Steel Slaughterer] (Elemental Being, Grand Lord)
Level 44
HP 50,000,000/50,000,000

[Steel Guardian] (Elemental Being, Lord)
Level 42
HP 7,000,000/7,000,000

[Steel Watcher] (Elemental Being, Elite)
Level 40
HP 120,000/120,000

"Cola, you'll tank the Steel Slaughterer later. The other MTs will each handle one Guardian. White, lure those Elite monsters to us first. All magical cla.s.ses will a.s.sist to clear out the Elites. Go!"

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