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Chapter 916 - Dark Players

"What rank is that Mount?"

Masked Angel was shocked, his eyes widening as he stared at the towering, majestic Demonic Flame Tiger.

Although he already knew that Zero Wing possessed this Mount, after witnessing it personally, he could not help his surprise.

Both Bloodsucker's and Kirin's Mounts were Mysterious-Iron Mounts. However, when comparing their Mounts to the Demonic Flame Tiger, he finally understood something.

The difference between their Mounts was not just one rank.

Standing there, he could feel the Demonic Flame Tiger give off a significantly powerful pressure. Generally, he only felt this pressure from Chieftain ranked monsters.

Could it be a Fine-Gold Mount?

This question simultaneously surfaced in Masked Angel and his companions' minds.

Even G.o.d's Domain's major powers did not have a single Fine-Gold Mount. Currently, the best Mount they had was of Secret-Silver rank.

However, what truly shocked them was Shi Feng's Level.

Shi Feng was not currently using the Demon Mask to disguise himself as Black Flame. He did not even bother hiding his Level, so if one paid attention, they would discover that Shi Feng had already reached Level 42. He was actually two levels higher than Bloodsucker and Kirin.

There was not a single player with such a high level throughout the various empires.

It was hard to imagine that such an expert resided in a kingdom.

"I am Ye Feng, an Honorary Elder of Zero Wing. Our Guild Leader has some urgent matters to attend to, so he can't meet with you right now. I can represent Zero Wing in any matters you wish to discuss. May I know what business you have with Zero Wing?" Shi Feng asked, chuckling as he swept a glance over Bloodsucker and the others as he remained on the Demonic Flame Tiger.

Even an Elementalist like Phoenix Rain had only reached Level 39, yet among these six people, not only had two surpa.s.sed Phoenix Rain, but the other four were the same Level. Achieving such a high Level was impossible without a special method or a powerful team.

To Aqua Rose, these players might be strangers. To Shi Feng, however, they were extremely familiar.

All six players were Super Red Names belonging to the Dark Guild known as Raven.

Raven had appeared in the virtual gaming world in the past. It was an upstart Guild that had only established after G.o.d's Domain had launched. Moreover, even now, Raven was not famous in the least.

Dark Guilds could not compete against normal Guilds in terms of member count. However, the Raven Guild's member count was impressive with less than 1,000 members. Even a decade after G.o.d's Domain had launched, the Guild had less than 3,000 members.

However, n.o.body in G.o.d's Domain dared to underestimate Raven.

In the past, Raven had been one of the top six Dark Guilds in G.o.d's Domain. The Guild was extremely powerful; even Super Guilds had avoided provoking it.

While the six people before him looked like ordinary players, this was only a disguise. Without an advanced identification Skill, one could not uncover any of their information. This disguise was similar to the Demon Mask. It could even hide one's aura.

However, under Shi Feng's Omniscient Eyes, nothing would remain hidden.

Such dense Blood Auras. How many people have they killed already?

When Shi Feng used Omniscient Eyes, he discovered that their names were no longer red. Rather, they were thoroughly black.

In G.o.d's Domain, when one actively killed other players, aside from their IDs changing color, a faint red Blood Aura would surround their bodies. However, this Blood Aura was barely visible. Generally, only after one had killed hundreds of players would this Blood Aura become more evident. Even so, this Blood Aura would gradually fade with time.

However, the Blood Aura surrounding the six before him was powerful enough to make one's hair stand on end. Currently, their Blood Auras had thickened into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist that enveloped a radius of four to five yards around them.

Shi Feng could not even begin to fathom just how many players these six people had killed to achieve such a dense Blood Aura.

However, this was still not why their IDs had turned black.

In G.o.d's Domain, only players who had committed unforgivable sins would sport pitch-black IDs. This was a type of curse. This curse could allow players to grow stronger; in return, however, cursed players were restricted to areas controlled by the dark forces. If NPC guards in an ordinary NPC city found them, the consequences would be unimaginably severe.

"h.e.l.lo. My name is Bloodsucker. This place isn't suited for our discussion. Why don't we look for somewhere more private to talk?" Bloodsucker suggested, smiling faintly as he looked at Shi Feng.

"Alright, follow me," Shi Feng nodded. He then led Bloodsucker and the others into Zero Wing's Residence.

After Shi Feng entered the Guild Residence, the crowd outside of the Residence grew excited. Their eagerness to join Zero Wing grew.


Inside the reception room of Zero Wing's Residence...

As Shi Feng was about to prepare some refreshments for Bloodsucker and the others, Bloodsucker stopped him.

"I believe that Elder Ye Feng has already used an advanced Identification Skill on us, right?" Bloodsucker said, smiling. "I'm certain that you already know who we are. As you've seen, we are Red Players, or to put it another way, Dark Players."

Shi Feng nodded without attempting to hide his actions.

Now that G.o.d's Domain had already been operating for so long, most Guilds had a few people with advanced Identification Skills. Hence, there was no point in hiding his actions.

"We are members of the Dark Guild Raven. You might not have heard of us as our Guild has only recently established, but as for Raven's strength, you have seen for yourself. We have come here today seeking to cooperation with Zero Wing," Bloodsucker explained.

"Cooperation with Zero Wing? How do you wish to cooperate?" Shi Feng asked curiously.

Generally, Dark Guilds and Adventure Guilds minded their own businesses and tended to avoid each other. Moreover, Raven possessed powerful financial backers. The Guild did not have that many members, either, so it should be very easy for the Guild to develop. Raven shouldn't need to cooperate with any other Guild.

"That's right. We've investigated Zero Wing thoroughly. On the surface, while it might look like Zero Wing has a lot of experts, there are only a few true experts in the Guild. If Zero Wing wants to progress in the Dark Arena, relying on these few experts is not nearly enough. Even the Asura Battle Team's victory in the next match is unlikely. Furthermore, since the system upgrade, the various major powers have begun to invest heavily into the Dark Arena. It will be very difficult for Zero Wing to earn money there in the future.

"You've already seen our strengths for yourself. If Zero Wing has Raven's a.s.sistance, your Guild will have a fighting chance for the position of the Dark Arena's organizer. Not only can Zero Wing earn an astronomical sum of money each day, but you can also gain various rare materials. With these resources, Zero Wing will be able to expand easily and afford to nurture its Lifestyle and expert players. I'm sure you can see the benefits of such an outcome."

When Bloodsucker finished his proposal, he snapped his fingers.

Immediately, several pieces of Bloodsucker and Kirin's equipment revealed the special glowing effect of Epic Equipment. Bloodsucker and Kirin's weapons, in particular, were Epic Weapons. With this array of equipment, they could rank at the peak of G.o.d's Domain.

"What do you want in return?" Shi Feng asked, somewhat interested.

Just as Bloodsucker had said, in the eyes of ordinary players, Zero Wing seemed like a Guild full of experts. However, in the elite Dark Arena, Zero Wing was bland. Currently, only he, Fire Dance, and Violet Cloud could reliably win a fight. Unfortunately, Aqua Rose was still a little off the mark.

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