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Xiao Naihe suddenly smiled, and then he gently pinched two fingers to release spiritual power which was undetectable from the naked eye, hitting that man's shin.

The man's legs were so weak that he fell on his knees in front of Xiao Naihe.

"You grovel to me, how dare I'm not convinced?" Xiao Naihe shook his head and smiled.

There was a moment of dead silence.

Yun Hanbo was the elite of Yun family, and he was only slightly inferior to Yun Weixue among the younger generation. Now he was kneeling to Xiao Naihe.

How weird!

"Han-bo, are you crazy?"

Yun Gongsheng flew into a rage. He could not expect that his son prostrated himself in front of Xiao Naihe who had always looked down upon him.

No matter how Yun Hanbo kneeled to Xiao Naihe, he made himself, Yun Gongsheng and the younger generation of Yun family lose face.


Yun Hanbo was in the later-stage of the earth spirit boundary, and he was the leader of the younger generation. He stood up, acting with confusion.

He inadvertently saw Xiao Naihe's faint smile. His head seemed to explode, and then his Qi blood surged from the abdomen.

"It must be you!"

Yun Hanbo's eyes were red and he gave punch to Xiao Naihe, regardless of the eyes of all the people on the scene.

If you looked for death, I didn't mind helping you!

A killing intention was released from Xiao Naihe's body! But he didn't move on the surface.

The next second, Xiao Naihe was going to lift a leg, as long as he treaded to emit spiritual power, even though Yun Hanbo was in the later stage of the earth spirit boundary, he would surely die.


Yun Nianci suddenly shouted, and released the power of heaven spirit boundary, directly making Yun Hanbo scared to stop his fists in the air.

"No, how come Xiao Naihe was not affected?"

Hong Renyi's face changed quietly. Xiao Naihe still kicked the floor under the "sound attack" of Yun Nianci.

Could he remain unaffected by the "sound attack" of the peak of the heaven spirit boundary?


"Take your leg back!"

Yun Gongsheng glared. His body was like a snake. He moved both hands, making the wind rumble.

Yun Gongsheng hindered Xiao Naihe's leg.

When Yun Gongsheng was chuckling to himself, he felt a sharp pain from his bones of hands.

"Too bad, this boy has dark strength."

The visible strength hurt the skin, while the dark strength harmed the bones.

People in the yellow spirit boundary were impossible to have the dark strength, has this little boy already entered the metaphysics spirit boundary?

Only in a short span of more than a month, without any resources, how could Xiao Naihe enter the metaphysics spirit boundary? Even Yun Hanbo spent a full year reaching the metaphysics spirit boundary from yellow spirit boundary.

"Just now, this boy really intended to kill Han-bo, even his dark strength is able to hurt me."

Yun Gongsheng bore the sharp pain of his hands. He hatred and was surprise at Xiao Naihe. At this time, Yun Gongsheng suddenly realized that he had never really known Xiao Naihe.

"What are you doing? Is it a blatant fight?" Yun Nianci coolly yelled with her eyes fixed on Xiao Naihe and Yun Hanbo.

Yun Hanbo detested Xiao Naihe very much, if he could, he was eager to kill Xiao Naihe without hesitation.

"If you two want to duke it out, after the family a.s.sociation meeting, you can fight." Yun Nianci said coldly.


"Nai-he, why are you laughing?"

Xiao Naihe looked at Yun Nianci, and said with a light smile, "Nothing, since I represent Xiao family in my name, why should I care the people of Yun family who will attend the meeting?"

Yun Nianci frowned. This didn't sound like you the cowardly and timid Xiao Naihe.

"Are you afraid?" Yun Hnabo provoked Xiao Naihe.

Xiao Naihe glanced at Yun Hnabo, "I just look down on you. Nothing else!"

After that, Xiao Naihe went out alone, ignoring Yun family.

All people looked at Xiao Naihe with more complicated expression.

Yun Hnabo stared at Xiao Naihe coldly, and at this moment he desired to kill him. He felt that Xiao Naihe was a threat to him.

Yun Hnabo thought of the scene that he kneeled in front of Xiao Niahe just now, although he didn't know how it happened, he believed it was Xiao Naihe who did that, "Xiao Niahe, I swear not to stop until I let you get out of Yun family."

Xiao Naihe was like wind, and he did not want to talk to this buffoon.

The people of Yun family? Exclusion? I just looked down on you.

"Let's set out!"

Looking at people's retreating figure, Yun Nianci looked at her palm and thought of Xiao Naihe's figure, "What's the meaning of the word 'traitor' he wrote in my palm? Is there a traitor in Yun family? "

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