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"Life has hundreds of disguises, while ugliness is the most thing."

Xiao Naihe thought that when he was a celestial demon, he spent most of his time cultivating in other two realms, but rarely getting involved worldly affairs.

The situation in front of him suddenly reminded him of another ident.i.ty.

Before Bei Nanyi became a celestial demon, he was born in North Savage Country, but he was framed up by the treacherous people. All the family members treated him as a plague, so he became a demonic cultivator.

Whether he was a royal son, or the later celestial demon, Bei Nanyi, he had seen through the fickleness of the world, at this time he saw his ident.i.ty, he only felt bitter at heart.

"My heart is peaceful. I don't need to care about others. As long as my heart have universe, why am I affected by external objects?"

Xiao Naihe smiled. At this time, his expression has returned to normal, and he turned a deaf ear to others' discussion.


"Be quiet, so many people are here. We have lost so many faces?"

All whispers were heard by powerful martial artists.

w.a.n.g Jingguo's smile was harmless, but he looked like a fox in Yun Nianci's eyes.

"I see. After we finish this meeting, we will join you. Now you can leave, please!"

Yun Nianci was expressionless. No one knew whether she heard Yun family's discussion.

w.a.n.g Jingguo patted his sleeves and suddenly said, "Patriarch Yun, you must not forget our original agreement, and Xiao Naihe!"

"You don't need to remind me, I haven't forgotten yet!"

"Ha ha!"

w.a.n.g Jingguo beckoned, and then people following by w.a.n.g Jingguo went out.

The patriarchs of Ye family and Song family also came, but they kept silent. Yun Nianci could clearly feel the hidden anger and resentment of the two men.

"Two patriarchs, I don't know if you have anything else?" Yun Weixue was on the alert.

Song Ruofei sneered, "Yun Nianci, we have been famous for many years. An honest man doesn't do anything underhand. I will remember what Yun family did. Take care of yourself in the test of the family a.s.sociation meeting. Go! "

Ye Cheng glared at Yun Nianci, and he deliberately released some pressure. All the members of Yun family in the hall felt a chill.

Song family and Ye family left with w.a.n.g family, leaving a puzzled Yun family.

"Patriarch, Song Ruofei and Ye Cheng seem to be something wrong, what did we do?" Hong Renyi whispered in Yun Nianci's ear.

Yun Nianci shook her head.

All the world knew the conflict between Song family, w.a.n.g family, Ye family and Yun family. Today w.a.n.g family pretended to be kind, but Ye family and Song family put aside all considerations of face.

"This really puzzles me. No matter how it is, you must be careful in the examination of the family a.s.sociation meeting. This year, we do not know the a.s.sessment questions, you must be careful."

"I see. Thanks for your concern. "

The candidates selected by Yun Nianci were excellent, and Xiao Naihe was the only one that she didn't want to pick.

Even though Yun Nianci could help Xiao Naihe pa.s.s the examination, she did not want Xiao Naihe to lose face of Xiao Family and Yun family at the meeting.

"Nai-he, the a.s.sociation meeting used to focus on the literature and martial arts. You have a low cultivation base, but you have studied literature and art. After you pa.s.s the examination of literature and art, Yun family will help you in martial arts. w.a.n.g Jingguo cannot pa.s.s naturally."

Yun Nianci held Xiao Naihe's hand and said carefully.

Looking at Xiao Naihe's indifferent face, Yun Nianci gently sighed. She didn't know whether it was right let Xiao Naihe join in the a.s.sociation meeting.

When Yun Nianci was about to go, suddenly her footstep lightly paused. She glanced at Xiao Naihe with surprise, and then she immediately walked away.

"Let's go!" Yun Gongsheng said to people in the hall, and all of them followed him and went out.

Xiao Naihe just took a step. Suddenly, there was an impact on his shoulder.

A strange face pa.s.sed by Xiao Naihe. The man looked at Xiao Naihe with a sneer on his lip.

"Rubbish, get out of Yun family and leave Yun Weixue." Xiao Naihe heard that man's voice.

That man just brushed past Xiao Naihe, so others did not notice his action.

Although Xiao Naihe wanted to adapt this ident.i.ty, he didn't care about the fact that Yun family looked down upon him.

 However, he would not attack unless he was attacked; if he was attacked, he would certainly counterattack.

The cowardly and timid Xiao Naihe had died.

If you were not afraid of death, I would kill you!

"What? Aren't you convinced? "That man turned back, and asked again.

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