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Xiao Naihe looked expressionless. He turned to the middle-aged man sitting on the right side of the chair. A killing intention flashed across his heart.

On that day, in Yun family hall, the scene that Yun Sen tried to kill him was still vivid in Xiao Naihe's mind.

Yun Sen seemed to feel something, and then he crumbled the teacup in his hand.

"He was too impetuous!" Xiao Naihe pacified his mind, and all negative emotions were swept away.

Yun Sen stood up and looked around. Finally, he fixed his eyes on Xiao Naihe.

"It should not be him. His breath is plain, and his cultivation base is low. How can he have such a strong killing intention? Who is it?"

On that day, Yun Sen tried to kill Xiao Naihe, only in order to get the immortal bamboo jade card. As for Xiao Naihe, Yun Sen didn't pay much attention to him.

There were a lot of people who would partic.i.p.ate in the family a.s.sociation meeting. Every time the family a.s.sociation meeting had examinations to test the ability of the new generation, so as to allocate family resources.

Just like Yun family's resources and industries which were all scrambled at the last family a.s.sociation meeting.

"Xiao family has been destroyed, why do I join the meeting?"

If it weren't for the obsessions, Xiao Naihe wouldn't be interest in this family a.s.sociation meeting.

Yun Gongsheng came out of the curtain and looked at the children in the hall. He was quite satisfied. But when he saw Xiao Naihe, he was obviously contemptuous.

"Is everybody here?" Yun Gong asked a law enforcement disciple.


"Good! Today, I want to announce two things. First, the news from the imperial city states that the family a.s.sociation meeting will be held three days later. As the new and outstanding generation, you have the obligation to partic.i.p.ate in the meeting."

"Yun family has based in the capital for many years, and all the foundations are guarded by you. You can only succeed, do not fail, are you clear?"

"Success, no failure!" All children shouted with red faces, shaking the whole hall.

Yun Gongsheng laughed and nodded.

The morale was sufficient as expected.

At this time, there was a small disturbance in the crowd. A woman came out of the door. She still retained her graceful bearing and showed a heroic spirit. She was the present patriarch of Yun family, Yun Nianci.

"Sister-in-law, everyone is here. When do we leave?" Yun Gongsheng hurriedly went to Yun Nianci's side, and whispered.

"Wait a moment. Some guests will go with us today. Look!" There was a sneering smile on Yun Nianci's face, and she looked towards the door.

At this time, a number of people walked from the square, a dozen of leading people who were middle-aged men and women looked arrogant, and many young boys and girls around them looked down on Yun family.

Yun Yonghuai followed Yun Nianci. Seeing these people, he scolded, "Who are they? Clearly they despise our Yun family, and they directly come without notification. Mom, let me expel them. "

"No, don't move." Yun Nianci stopped Yun Yonghuai.

These uninvited people were from other three families. One of the leading men was w.a.n.g Jingguo.

"Ha ha, Patriarch Yun, long time no see. The news from imperial city asks us to go to the imperial city as soon as possible, other two families and I agree to travel together. What about your Yun family?"

w.a.n.g Jingguo laughed, and looked at Xiao Naihe.

Yun Nianci's face was dull, "When do we agree to go with you?"

"We four families in the capital should share a common hatred. We must not let families in other areas laugh at us."

w.a.n.g Jingguo was grinning. He didn't look like a famous master of heaven spirit boundary, but a rascal.

"Uncle w.a.n.g, you're wrong, not four families, it should be five families in the capital." A woman beside w.a.n.g Jingguo suddenly laughed, but her eyes fixed on Xiao Naihe.

w.a.n.g Jingguo patted his head and smirk, "Yes, yes, I'm sorry. I forget Xiao Naihe represents Xiao family."

Xiao family was destroyed, and Xiao Naihe took part in the meeting, which were jokes outside.

Xiao Naihe originally led an ordinary life. But because he hara.s.sed Hao Li, and was almost frightened to death, he gained extreme notoriety.

Hao Li was very famous in the capital. She rose unsullied from mud, and she was an entertainer but didn't offer s.e.xual services, so she was known as the first talented girl in the capital.

Those royal and rich sons often admired her beauty and sent lavish gifts to see her. They only wanted to win a poem or a smile.

In a sense, she was more popular than the first beauty in capital, Yun Weixue.

What Xiao Naihe did made people despise him.

At this time, not only the members of Song, w.a.n.g, Li family, but also younger children of Yun family subconsciously kept distance from Xiao Naihe.

Standing alone among the crowd, Xiao Naihe suddenly could not help smiling.

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