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Hu Jiuqian got stunned that this young disciple of the Danyue Peak dared to make a deadly attack indeed, but he soon returned to the reality and thought, "He's just a disciple in the Sky Spirit Realm, unable to kill me!"

This abrupt change was unexpected to Xue Lie, but he didn't take Xiao Naihe seriously, for he had the same idea as Hu Jiqian.

But they two forgot a fact, that few days ago, Yang Wusi was defeated by Xiao Naihe.

With confidence, Hu Jinqian waited for Xiao Naihe's attack smilingly. But when Xiao Naihe was about to touch Hu Jiqian, a shocking warfare appeared around Xiao Naihe, which startled Hu Jiqian.

Xiao Naihe made a palm in the next second, with a harsh sound in the void, and only at this time, Hu Jinqian felt the power contained in this palm.

"This guy can really take my life!" Hu Jiqian took a step back, intending to dodge

But it was too late now-he had missed the best escape timing. His expression got more and more anxious.

"Maybe it's the fate!" Hu Jiqian mourned in his heart.

However, at this time, Xu Qian came out, and formed a fist to resist Xiao Naihe's palm.

"You are not qualified to punish our Senior Brother Hu! This is the duty of our Danzhan Peak, non-business with your Danyue Peak!" Xu Qian sounded, showing no mercy.

Xu Qian was very savvy. After he got the Despair Sword, his confidence increased greatly, and he was about to break through the Sky Spirit Realm. 

Today, he stood out, not only for the peak, but also intending to settle the resentment between him and Xiao Naihe.

Xiao Naihe understood Xu Qian very much, "You are also just a menial disciple! It's not your duty to condemn me!"

He revealed no stopping intention with his attack.

Curiosity climbed on Gong Wanqing's heart, "What exactly does this Xiao Naihe want to do?"

But suddenly, Xiao Naihe pa.s.sed Xu Qian quickly, and still dashed toward Hu Jiqian. 

Xu Qian glimpsed a little with blushes on his face, yelling, "Xiao Naihe!"

He possessed a high status in one of the five big families, and got the Despair Sword after entering the Mountain Rosy Clouds, earning a high opinion from Xue Lie. But now he was ignored by Xiao Naihe!

At this moment, his injustice and resentment abruptly broke out, and his eyes were red with blood; he turned around in the air, and made the second punch which was much more powerful than the previous one, intending to take Xiao Naihe's life directly.

"Go to the h.e.l.l!"

With a roar, his fist tried to slammed down on Xiao Naihe's head.

Xiao Naihe showed no fears yet, even no tension, as if facing a very common thing.

All of a sudden, he smiled and uttered, "Do you know the Moon Kung Fu of our Danyue Peak?"

the Moon Kung Fu was the one Zhou Yin had showed for him that day, and which captured his interest a lot, so, in the Yueshu Cve, he had practiced it.

Having opened up the sixty-five internal circulations, he could practice a lot of Full-Immortal-Realm martial arts, though just in the Sky Spirit Realm.

The Moon Kung Fu owned three strokes, and could only be displayed by Full-Immortal-Realm cultivators. Xu Qian did not know that, but Xue Lie, very clear about that, couldn't believe Xiao Naihe was able to perform it.

"That's impossible! How can someone break the barrier between the Pre-celestial Immortal Realm and the Post-celestial Spirit Realm?!"

But the next moment changed his thoughts!

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