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Hao Li, the most talented girl, captivated more than three thousand young men at the Family a.s.sociation Contest, making them can't tear herself away from her. Even the Prime Minister Gong Liang spoke highly of her. Now this girl stood opposite to Xiao Naihe.

In the past, she did not clarify the affair when the former was framed to hara.s.s her, and now the present Xiao Naihe finally learnt her idea.

People like Hao Li would not care about Xiao Naihe's reputation, and even her own reputation. In her eyes, the animosity between Xiao Naiihe and Ye Jin Yan was like children's play.

Hao Li stood gracefully opposite to Xiao Naihe. It was the first time that Xiao Naihe faced her after his reincarnation and this was their first conversation.

At this moment, Xiao Naihe stared at Hao Li carefully and tried to see through her.

Hao Li's gaze swept rapidly around Xiao Xi and Xiao Lian, and then she said to Xiao Naihe, "Mr. Xiao, could you please let the two girls go for the sake of me."

"I'm afraid I cannot comply with your wishe!" As soon as Xiao Naihe finished his words, the killing intent rose in his heart.

He would never spare anyone who tried to murder him, even women included.

Hao Li once again glanced with disagreement at her two maids who then shrank their necks and did not dare to speak when they met their lady's gaze. Hao Li was angry about her maids' rude action, but after all they found fault with Xiao Naihe for the reputation of her and their sect, so she still had to save them.

"Mr. Xiao, I remember three months ago, you were still a scholar who loved articles and verses. Unexpectedly, at present you have reached the Sky Spirit Realm. If your father sees this, he will be happy!" uttered Hao Li.

"Ha ha!" laughed Xiao Naihe, but there was no smile on his face. He took a step forward and continued, "If I have not reached the Sky Spirit Realm, I was afraid that you would not appear here today, even if I were killed by your two maids."

Hao Li knitted her brow for she realized what Xiao Naihe said was all aimed at her. But she had to admit that Xiao Naihe was right. If Xiao Naihe did not have this strength, even if he was murdered byher two maids, she would never show up.

"But you are wrong about one thing." said Hao Li.

"What?" asked Xiao Naihe.

Hao Li's sweet voice paused for a moment. Suddenly, she said confidently with an indifferent look, "Even other masters in the Sky Spirit Realm come, I am not afraid of them, let alone you. I know you are a son of the families in the capital city, but so what? "

Xiao Naihe had been suspicious about Hao Li's real ident.i.ty, and thought: This woman was so confident, and even he cannot see through her real cultivation base, but he was sure that she was close to the Pre-celestial Greater Heaven, and an inference could be made that she must come from a great sect and practiced in the brothel.

When he was a celestial demon in his previous life, he also had seen some girls from aristocratic families and big sects practicing in the brothel, and apparently Hao Li was one of them.

Xiao Naihe's mind was buffeted by different thoughts, and soon he inferred the truth about Hao Li, but he didn't expose his idea, saying, "Miss Hao, you really think you are a big man, don't you? But sorry, today I will not let them go."

"It seems that you still have a grudge against me because I did not help you to accuse the son of the Ye family on that day." said Hao Li.

"Ha ha, what happened on that day was just like a child's play, and I don't care about it at all. Time changes now. No more nonsense. You want me to release the two girls? " There was a slight of cruelty in Xiao Naihe's eyes. "Just show me what you got."

Xiao Naihe threw another punch which rumbled like a thunderstorm, squeezing the air current into a tangled heap in an instant. He gathered his fighting intent to crush the spirit of the two maids, and then the two maids turned ghastly pale.

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