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"Let me be clear. I didn't rely on any herbs, and I have reached the early-stage of the full immortal through years of cultivating."

Tian Juechen's voice reached Tian Xuexi's ears, making him realize that his forebodings were finally justified.

As a strength weighing a ton pressed on him, he sensed that his ribs were fractured.

No matter how strong a cultivator in the Sky Spirit Realm was, his flesh body was only capable of withstanding about two thousand jin, but the weight on him tripled, which was absolutely unbearable.

After all, not everyone was as strong as Xiao Naihe who had built up the six tough true bodies.

"Ouch, help me, Duanmu Master, Zhiqing monk, and Hierarch Cao, please help me!"

The bones of Tian Xuexi were broken with the crisp crackle, and he collapsed on the ground. Just a small trick overpowered him.

Just for a while, albeit with brilliant martial arts, he had no strength to strike back and couldn't stand up anymore.

"It's Pre-celestial Greater Heaven! He is not in the Post-celestial Spirit Realm, but in the Pre-celestial Greater Heaven, and he is a full immortal as us." Cao Yuehu finally believed the turth that Tian Juechen said he plotted the attempted a.s.sa.s.sination.

Even thirty super fighters in the Sky Spirit Realm couldn't harm a full immortal, let alone three.

"I'm quite impressed. People just know the emperor of the kingdom of Dubhe is so fond of women that you ignore the state affairs, but no one expects you are a full immortal. If we don't discover your real strength today, you will become an immortal emperor to dominate the great powers for thousands of years in the future, and probably the map of the world will be redrawn, and you plan to invade and occupy our kingdoms, aren't you? " Duammu Jianming asid.

"Oh, I got it. You pretended to be an idle good-for-nothing, and created a false impression that Murong Fengjian controlled the power of the imperial court. All this is to slacken our vigilance and provoke the war among the four kingdoms. With the crime of attempted a.s.sa.s.sination, you have a reason to send troops to annihilate us. Unexpectedly, there exists not only a half immortal Murong Fengjian, but also an immortal emperor in your kingdom! " added Cao Yuehu.

Outside the Hall of Mental Cultivation, Feng Qianlong paced anxiously backwards and forwards. No more sound inside the hall was heard, making him more worried.

"How long have they stayed inside?" He asked.

"General Feng, it's almost half an hour. His Majesty threw all of us out, and only left the princes and the prime minister inside." replied a woman.

Feng Qianlong asked an imperial concubine next to him for the second time for he could do nothing but wait anxiously.

Just now, he had intended to break in the door, but he was blocked by an invisible seal which, he guessed, must be made by foreign immortals.

"I'm done waiting. Come on boys, set yourselves in a Vertical Pike Array to break the door." He said loudly.

Feng Qianlong and another General Tan had trained a group of imperial swordsmen in the imperial palace before. All of them were elite fighters in the Sky Spirit Realm or the Earth Spirit Realm. Together, they could be compared to thousands of soldiers.

"Move!" He gave the order.

As the order was heard, more than fifty kung fu masters began to smash into the door with all their strength.


The moment they touched the door, all of them were ejected and then banged on the ground with their heads broken and bleeding.

"d.a.m.n. How powerful the seal is! I'm afraid that the lives of His Majesty and the princes are in danger!" mused Feng Qianlong, but he reminded of Si Wenhan's words that ten years ago, the emperor usurped the throne by colluding with Murong Fengjian to have killed the former crown prince and the former emperor sneakily, and overthrown Si Wenan.

"Since ancient times, there are always dirty stuffs behind the compet.i.tion for the throne. I'm just a a military man and I shouldn't get involved in the affairs of the royal family. My loyalty is always with the Kingdom of Dubhe. Now Murong Fengjian is engaging Si Wenhan, and the crown prince gains the help of the exotic immortals. Even if ten of me are not their opponents, what should I do? "

As Feng Qianlong weighed and considered, his face darkened.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps reached his ears. He looked back and saw a man in armor and a young woman approaching.

"You are the trusted follower of Murong national master, aren't you? Are you coming to save the emperor?" Feng Qianlong recognized Tian Ying. The thought that the attendant of Murong Fengjian was also strong brought him a glimmer of hope.

Xiao Naihe still wore the armor with Qin'er beside him. The girl extended out her hands to touch the doorframe and felt a strong invisible seal pushing her back.

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