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"Go down? No way!"

Immediately, Sister Fei shook her head and said, "Being able to work together with Qin Cheng Entertainment is an honor! Being able to work with Mr. Chen is Mengwan's honor! We swear that we will go through all the hardship with Qin Cheng Entertainment in the future! I will never mention about quitting Qin Cheng Entertainment anymore!"

It was clear that Chen Xiaobei was gaining reputation fast! In other words, Tang Mengwan would be able to become even more famous if she worked together with Chen Xiaobei. To Sister Fei, this was a golden opportunity for her to milk more money from Tang Mengwan. There was simple no way for her give up on it!

On the other hand, Feng Yaolun and two of his a.s.sistants walked to Song Qincheng as well.

"Boss Song! Both of us were not in the right mind just now! We regret saying that we would leave! I hope you can grant us one more chance to redeem ourselves!"

Immediately, the two a.s.sistants bowed down and apologized to Song Qincheng while Feng Yaolun stood beside them with a smile on his face.

"I thought the two of you here want nothing to do with Qin Chen Entertainment?"

"We know we are at fault! Boss Song! Please ignore everything that we said just now. We know you are a kind lady. Without the help from Qin Cheng Entertainment, Ling Yue the Heroine is done for! For years, Director Feng has led us to complete this production! Please give us one more chance!"

Song Qincheng could not care less about them. Instead, she lifted up her tea cup and took a sip from it like a queen.

"Boss Song… I admit that I was shaken by the problem just now. That was very unethical of me! I will become your lifelong loyal working partner if you are willing to give me a chance to redeem myself! In the future, I will make sure Qin Cheng Entertainment will be my sole partner for all my productions! Unless you are not interested in my production… If not, I will never look for other entertainment companies!"

Needless to say, Feng Yaolun and Sister Fei were on the same track. Both of them did not want to miss out on the opportunity to work with Song Qincheng. To Feng Yaolun, Chen Xiaobei alone was equal to millions of tickets! Not only had he represented the profit of his production but also the rating of his movie. A higher box office could provide a good reputation for the movie and director. Fame and wealth were the only thing that Feng Yaolun was after! He used to tell a lot of people in public that Ling Yue the Heroine was going to be his best production. If the movie was a huge success, he could be awarded with best director within the country and possibly receive an Oscar for being the best director. It was fair to say that he wanted this opportunity more than Sister Fei.

"Alright. All of you here look really sincere. I'm willing to look past that. From today onwards, we will become lifelong working partners! No one can tear us apart! No matter the cost, we will work together to make Ling Yue the Heroine the perfect Mandarin movie!"

"Great! I completely agree with what Boss Song just said! We will definitely pour in our blood and sweat to make it come true!"

One could see that everyone was really serious about this job. Upon seeing that, Chen Xiaobei gave Song Qincheng a 'like' in his heart. Without a doubt, Song Qincheng was definitely leader material. This carrot and stick strategy that she used on them was extremely effective. Considering that Song Qincheng was the empress of the Tang Dynasty, a matter like this was nothing to her!

"Feel free to take a rest in the private room. I have something to discuss with Mr. Chen alone. We shall go for a celebration dinner once we are back!"

After that, Song Qincheng and Chen Xiaobei left the room together. This clubhouse was located at the rural area - surrounded by mountains and rivers. Overall, the scenery outside the clubhouse was breathtaking. Upon exiting the clubhouse, Chen Xiaobei and Song Qincheng walked to a quiet garden. Since there were no one around them, the two of them did not have to put on a show anymore.

"Little brother. What do you think about your big sister? Do you like the way I dealt with this matter?"

With a smile on her face, Song Qincheng stared at Chen Xiaobei pa.s.sionately.

"Isn't the answer obvious? I'm going to give you three hundred and twenty likes! When you turned the tide around, I just wanted to kiss you!"

Immediately, Chen Xiaobei fixed his gaze on Song Qincheng's body.

Today, she was wearing a body-hugging purple blouse. Her huge mounds forced the front of the blouse to curve - threatening to pop the b.u.t.tons off if she were to straighten her back. Her waist was slender, swaying like willows in the wind. She matched her blouse with a tight black skirt that wrapped itself around her round, juicy thighs. Under the skirts were a pair of pearly long legs. A pair of heels on her small, delicate feet, highlighted her slender legs.

"Little brother. There is something written on your face!"

"Something written on my face? What's that?"


Song Qincheng then raised her eyebrows and started to laugh.

"Is that so? I should do you then since you read my mind! You will be disappointed if I don't do it!"

Immediately, Chen Xiaobei jumped on Song Qincheng.

"No! The reason I asked you to come out here is to discuss something important with you! Director Feng is still waiting for us!"

"You are the one that seduced me. Now, you are telling me that I can't do you…"

"Well, you are too susceptible to my seduction! I know you did not have s.e.x for around ten days. Are you trying to torture me?"


Chen Xiaobei nodded his head. He had no intention to pretend to be a gentleman. Clearly, it was his wish to make love to Song Qincheng. Only a eunuch would say no to this woman.

"Look at you! My heart is with you! I know your s.e.xual desire is particularly strong at your age. And, you have tried making love to a woman. It is hard for you to resist the desire. Just wait for me to finish talking to Director Feng. Then, you can come to my place and I will satisfy your needs! But, you have to be gentler this time! My legs went jelly for three days after you made love to me last time…"

"Is that so? I remember someone told me last time that I couldn't last long in bed! And that person was wearing a dragon robe to seduce me! Only one time and you are surrendering?"

"Meanie! You are like a savage bull in bed! Too strong… I don't think there is anyone in this world who can endure that!"

With her face turning red, Song Qincheng landed a few playful punches on Chen Xiaobei's chest.

"Let's get back to serious business. Send those people back and let me carry you home!"

"Okay. This time, I've used an extreme method to help you to gain reputation and fame in a short period of time! However, a hidden threat will definitely come knocking at your door!"

"Are you talking about the Zhuang Family?"

"That's right! Though you have use some methods to make Zhuang Bufan to forget the incident that happened in the prop room, he will definitely come looking for you after he sees this video clip online!"

"Doesn't matter! Just come at me! I will take it all!"

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