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NeZha and Hong Haier were so excited when they entered the film base, it was as if they had walked into a new world!

They had seen one too many historical buildings, it was nothing new to them.

But the scenery kept changing as there were many different sets: anti-j.a.panese, spy war, and even science fiction.

That greatly aroused their curiosity.

NeZha was intrigued, he was jumping everywhere wildly.

Hong Haier's gaze was transfixed on the array of beautiful women in traditional costumes, army uniforms, office wear, and more. He was slowly indulging in them.

"We're here."

Song Qincheng stopped at the palace themed scene and said, "I'll sum it up for you. In there, a huge musical rehearsal called The Grand Tale of Tang Dynasty is going on. We will be meeting the director, Zhang Wen."

"Zhang Wen?" Chen Xiaobei was stunned. "The director of last year's Spring Festival Gala, Zhang Wen?"

"Yes, that's her!" Song Qincheng said while nodding. "Not only is Director Zhang is responsible for the Spring Festival Gala last year, she is also often asked to direct various large-scale galas!"

"She is very capable! Besides that, she has a lot of connection in the performance industry. There is nothing she can't do! Everyone in the performing industry knows that she can easily make someone famous!"

NeZha and Hong Haier did not understand a word at all.

However, Chen Xiaobei was certain that as long as both of them could put on a show at the Spring Festival Gala, these two boys would surely rise to fame in the blink of an eye!

They could easily recruit three million disciples within minutes!

"Also, there's something I must clarify beforehand," said Song Qincheng gravely. "I was only able to meet Director Zhang through my connection with Li Haopeng. That's why, these two will have to convince her with their performance."

"Mm… I understand." Chen Xiaobei nodded. "Even though they are simple-minded, they are very talented. I believe they have a shot at this."

"Alright, let's go in," said Song Qincheng.

They walked in a single file. Chen Xiaobei discreetly pulled NeZha to his side and whispered something to him.

Just as they set foot into the room, a voice that oozed with flattery was heard.

 "Oh! Isn't that Boss Song Qincheng?"

A stout man with large ears and a huge head stood afar, waving at Song Qincheng. His stare reflected his perverted aura.

"Who is he?" Chen Xiaobei narrowed his gaze.

"He is Shi Haoxiang, the boss of Xixiang Entertainment! The Grand Tale of Tang Dynasty is organized by his company! He also volunteered himself as the vice director!" said Song Qincheng in a soft tone.

"You don't seem to like him very much," said Chen Xiaobei.

"Mm, he had shown interest in me in the past. I was worried that he might get ideas when he heard about my divorce." Song Qincheng creased her brows.

"Come." Chen Xiaobei raised his arm.

Song Qincheng beamed, took his arm in hers deliberately, like a pair of lovers.

When Shi saw this from afar, his face went dark. He then hurried over, and said in an uncanny manner, "Boss Song Qincheng, I heard that you had just got a divorce. How is it that you are already with someone else?"

His tone indicated that he was obviously insulting Song Qincheng for being an adulterous woman.

Chen Xiaobei felt a stir of anger. 

Song Qincheng merely laughed and said, "Yes. Love is really such a mystery. Boss Shi is not divorced but aren't you always changing girlfriends every three days?"

"I…" Shi was lost for words.

Seeing Song Qincheng searing comeback, Chen Xiaobei could not help but chuckle.

Song Qincheng was not the kind of woman that one should mess with, it was no wonder she was able to hold her ground in the entertainment industry. She even managed to turn a sh.e.l.l company to become the slightly reputable Qincheng Entertainment!

 "Boss Shi! Don't take it too seriously! I was just joking!" Song Qincheng was not thoughtless; she wanted to save Shi's face.

In the industry, other than self-preservation, one must also learn not to offend other people.

Wherever a hedgehog goes, it would p.r.i.c.k people, in the end, it would lose all its connections and be stagnant.

"Haha! Boss Song Qincheng is still the same! How funny!" Shi forced a smile, even though he was filled with hatred, he dared not get himself entangled in the issue and quickly changed the subject. "So, what brought you here?"

"I have an appointment with Director Zhang to take a look at these kids." Song Qincheng pointed at NeZha and Hong Haier next to her.

"They want to join?" 

Song Qincheng squinted, pondered for a while and laughed. "Oh, then there's no need to bother Director Zhang! Have dinner with me tonight and I will take care of it!"

"I'm really sorry. But I have to accompany my husband tonight!" Song Qincheng smiled sweetly and laid her head on Chen Xiaobei's shoulder.

Seeing that charming face, getting a whiff of that feminine scent, Chen Xiaobei's inner desire was triggered. 

He thought to himself. "I know what you mean! I'm going to have some fun with you tonight!"

"Husband?!" Shi's face twisted in shock. "You're cracking a joke again! This guy must be an art student. There is a sea of young men just like him in this entertainment industry! How can he become your husband?"

"Shi Haoxiang!" 

Song Qincheng was furious. It was like someone did something that she hated the most! She said coldly, "My husband is not from the entertainment industry! You can make jokes about me, but I will not allow you to say anything about my husband! Or else, I'm going to throw a tantrum! Do you understand?"

 Hearing this, Chen Xiaobei lit up. He knew Song Qincheng's was gentle. At that moment, he knew Song Qincheng could be quite dominating as well!

Did you understand? Those three simple words emitted a strong dominating aura! It was like the order from a powerful person from Jianghu!

At that moment, Chen Xiaobei thought about the reincarnated Wu Zetian again. During the ancient time, Wu Zetian utilized her beauty to seduce two emperors in the Tang Dynasty. Shen then crowned herself as empress! No one would dare to disobey her during that time!

Of course, Song Qincheng was Song Qincheng! She was not Wu Zetian! Chen Xiaobei still could not see the connection.

Of course, Shi was unafraid. Instead, he barked, "Song Qincheng! What kind of att.i.tude is this? I addressed you as Boss Song Qincheng and now you think that you are somebody?"

"What a joke! Your Qincheng Entertainment is only a small third-rate company. Compared to my Xixiang Entertainment, you are nothing! How dare you use that tone to talk to me? Also, everyone in this circle knows that you are a s.l.u.t. You don't have to pretend to be loyal! You insulted me for this b.a.s.t.a.r.d?!"


Just as he had finished talking, a slap landed on Shi Haoxiang's fat face.

He collapsed to the ground, his face heavily swollen. When he opened his mouth, three teeth fell out and he nearly pa.s.sed out from the pain.

"My Qincheng will only throw a tantrum because she is kind! But I have a really bad temper and I only know how to slap the faces of others!" said Chen Xiaobei icily.

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