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Ending the call, Chen Xiaobei exited his room. Cangjin Gu was rushing towards him and said, "Bro Bei, there are a.s.sa.s.sins!"

"You are more than capable to deal with small fry like this! It is not necessary for you to consult me!" Chen Xiaobei's tone was calm but a ray of iciness was reflected from the abyss of his eyes. The a.s.sa.s.sins hired by the Meichuan Family had already tracked down Chen Xiaobei's whereabouts in Dragon City. Although they were no threat to Chen Xiaobei, they were still as annoying as mosquitoes. It seemed like Chen Xiaobei had to make a trip to j.a.pan as soon as possible!

Other than eliminating the Meichuan Family, it was crucial to take care of the remaining matters of the Poseidon incident. Two pieces of Heavenly Dog Food and a piece of Five Thunder Paper Talisman were reserved and prepared to be used in j.a.pan.

"It is different this time. All the a.s.sa.s.sins were killed by a peculiar person," said Cangjin Gu.

"Hmm? That's strange. Did you manage to catch a glimpse of that peculiar person?" Chen focused his stare.

"Judging from his speed and power, he is definitely more powerful than me! I'm afraid this weirdo is the real True Nirvana Elite from Jianghu! He would have come at us if he is our enemy!"

"Where is the peculiar person? I want to meet him!"

Chen Xiaobei's look grew serious. He then took out the Nightstalker Outfit from his treasure chest. One should know that Cangjin Gu was considered as an incredibly rare genius with Half Step True Nirvana cultivation and 20,000 (+5000) combat power in j.a.pan. If the peculiar person came with bad intentions, no one in Wolong Mansion possessed the power to defeat him.

'Do not let your guard down!"

"Outside the mansion. Around one hundred meters to the east in the jungle!"

Cangjin Gu provided the estimated distance. Immediately, Chen Xiaobei dashed into the jungle with his Nightstalker Outfit. Upon reaching the jungle, he saw there were two people whispering to each other. There were eight bodies on the ground. Remembering the thing that Cangjin Gu just told him, those bodies on the ground should be the a.s.sa.s.sins that tried to invade his house earlier.

The baffling part was the condition of those bodies. They were completely shriveled up. From the looks of it, it seemed they were dead for quite some time. Bewildered, Chen Xiaobei quickly recognized those two people. They had just met tonight! One of them was in his sixties, known as the richest person with an acc.u.mulated wealth of three hundred billion in Zhong State, Li Yunlin. The other person was in his twenties, known as the descendant of the Li Family, Li Xiang.

Chen Xiaobei was left in bewilderment once again when Li Yunlin spoke.

"Gramps, there should be no a.s.sa.s.sins around anymore!"

With his body bowed, Li Yunlin spoke in a very polite tone.

'Gramps? A man in his sixties with extremely high respect status in the society just addressed a young man as his gramps. Staying hidden not too far from them, Chen Xiaobei could not believe the thing that he just heard. Immediately, he activated his Netherspirit Battlescouter.


[Cultivation: Pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 20,000. Combat power: 20,000!]

That was the true strength of Li Yunlin. No one would have thought that the well-known successful businessman possessed such power!


[Cultivation: Early phase of True Nirvana Stage. Health: 30,000. Combat power: 30,000!]

It was truly unbelievable that the powerful peculiar person that Cangjin Gu mentioned earlier was a young looking Li Xiang that was in his twenties! Chen Xiaobei's heart sank when he realized that someone as young as Li Xiang could reach True Nirvana Stage! This was truly terrifying! Even the well-known martial art genius, Liu Chunyi achieved True Nirvana Stage when he was twenty-seven years old.

(Judging from talent and training speed, could it be Liu Chunyi is not as good as Li Xiang? No! Something is not right!)

Upon paying close attention to the shriveled bodies on the floor, Chen Xiaobei spotted there were two deep and round holes on their neck. It was like they were bitten by vampires!

(Blood descendants! Li Xiang and Li Yunlin are blood descendants!)

With this deduction in his mind, he remembered that he was the sworn enemy of blood descendants. Now, they finally made a move on him after staying silent for such a long time. The peculiar person that Cangjin Gu mentioned earlier and the way Li Yunlin addressed Li Xiang finally made sense!

Legend has it that vampires would never die of old age. The moment they turned into a vampire, they would stay with that look forever. With that being said, Li Yunlin turned into a vampire when he was in his sixties and Li Xiang should be the ancestor of the Li Family which had already lived for hundreds of years!

The power that Li Xiang possessed was not as strange anymore. So, Liu Chunyi was still the number one martial art genius in China! Though Li Xiang was not as powerful as Liu Chunyi, this vampire that lived for hundreds of years still posed a huge threat to Chen Xiaobei.

"Gramps, tonight is the best time to kill Chen Xiaobei. Why didn't you do it?"

"The skillset that this kid possesses is like a bottomless ocean. I feel like it wouldn't end well if we make him our enemy!"

"I can't believe the powerful Li Xiang is afraid of me!"

Upon hearing Li Xiang's comment, Chen Xiaobei felt like laughing out loud.

"Skillset? Are you talking about his alchemy skill?"

"Right but that's not it."

Rendered with hesitation, Li Xiang paused for a while before he continued to talk.

"That kid is still so young but he can concoct those magical heavenly pills. Not even an idiot would believe that there's no one guiding him! Also, you have checked him out before. From a random farmer that dominated the whole of Green Vine City to creating a huge stir in Dragon City! All within one year! Without the help of an erudite elite, do you think it's possible for him to achieve so many things within such a short period of time?"

"According to what you said, the erudite elite that guides this kid must be extremely powerful and terrifying! Is that why you restrained yourself from killing him?"

Li Xiang nodded his head to indicate that he approved with what Li Yunlin just said.

Seeing that Li Xiang was afraid of him, Chen Xiaobei was delighted.

"Of course, I have someone powerful guiding me! All the deities, monsters and spirits are the ones that have been guiding me thus far! Tell me now! Should you be afraid of me?! Wahahaha!"

The Red Envelope Group was the one that made Chen Xiaobei who he was today! Other than all the magical items that he received from Red Envelope Group, Chen Xiaobei finally realized that the existence of the group could be used to scare off his enemies! Even a powerful enemy like Li Xiang would not make a move on him without serious consideration.

(This is awesome!)

"What should we do now? Gramps, you are the grand duke of the Deathbane Family! We will incur the king's wrath if we fail to take care of this incident!"

"I know that… I'm worried that the thing that Chen Xiaobei can do to us is even scarier than our king! The whole Deathbane Family will be destroyed if we infuriate the erudite elite that guided him!"

"This… Who the h.e.l.l is that kid… This is really terrifying…"

Fear could be seen on his face as he kept on gulping mouthfuls of saliva. Meanwhile, Chen Xiaobei did not bother listening to their conversation anymore. Considering that Li Xiang would not do anything to his family, he then went back home to have a good rest.

'I'm supposed to meet Sister Qincheng the next morning! I need to rest well and regain my energy. In case there are some physical activities that I require to do with her! Hehehe…"

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