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The bet!

Jiang and Lei were left flabbergasted once more. They almost forgot about it entirely.

Chen Xiaobei: I'm won't repeat myself. Do you guys want to squat or stand up to pee? It's up to you two!

Jiang Jiya: I shall restore Shaoba Xingjun's position in heaven immediately! However, can I not return the merit points? The Primeval Lord of Heaven said that we aren't allowed to send any merit points to you two… I don't dare disobey him!

Chen Xiaobei: I don't care. But feel free to break the promise, I'll just show the chat history to my Sifu when he returns.

Jiang Jiya: No! No! No! I will return the merit points to you, double the amount! Please don't tell your Sifu! (Sweat)


[Congratulations! You have received 160000 merit points!]


[Congratulations! You have become a Philanthropist the Second!]


[Your current merit points is 160000! You still need another 140000 merit points to proceed to next level! (Charm: 16000. Luck: 16000)!]

'Hmph! I lost eighty thousand merit points, but I reclaimed one hundred and sixty thousand merit points! That's the price for messing with me!' Chen Xiaobei thought happily.

He had spent all of his three hundred and thirty thousand merit points not too long ago, but he recovered half of it in no time at all. Soon, he would become as charming as he used to be!

"And other than merit points, I am about to receive another big reward! Hehehe!" Chen Xiaobei laughed evilly.

Chen Xiaobei: My nephew! What about you? @Lei Zhenzi

Lei: Erm… I yield as well. I'm going to give you a Five Thunders Paper Talisman, the most powerful item I have in my possession! It definitely worth one hundred and sixty thousand merit points!

Chen Xiaobei was bombarded with messages in seconds.

Yanw.a.n.g: G.o.d Chen, Lei Zhenzi is trying to con you! That Five Thunders Paper Talisman only worth ten thousand merit points!

Xiao Tianquan: G.o.d Chen, don't believe that liar!

Monkey King: Brother! Don't agree to his deal. He's a mean b.a.s.t.a.r.d! 

Chen Xiaobei felt overwhelming grat.i.tude as all his good friends rushed to warn him about Lei Zhenzi.

"My brothers! I should create a group to share the good stuff with them!" He smiled, and created a separate chat group with Monkey King, Yanw.a.n.g, NeZha, Chang'e, Xiao Tianquan and Old w.a.n.g, and named the group Chen Xiaobei and Brothers!

"Now, I shall let that thunder b.a.s.t.a.r.d have a taste of what he tried to pull!" He grinned.

He returned to the chat group immediately.

Chen Xiaobei: No problem, just give it to me!

His good friends went into a frenzy.

Chang'e: G.o.d Chen! Why would you agree when you know that he's conning you?!

NeZha: G.o.d Chen! Are you alright? Don't take the deal!

All of them were baffled by his decision. However…


[Congratulations! You have s.n.a.t.c.hed a Red Envelope from Lei Zhenzi! You have received a Five Thunders Paper Talisman! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

"Got it! Time to make him pay! Hehehe!"

Chen Xiaobei: Dear nephew, I've just received the item! Thanks! I'll ask my Sifu to have a look at it later - he should know the value of this item. He will definitely come looking for you if you were trying to con me… (Threatening)

Lei Zhenzi: Uhm…

Lei Zhenzi stuttered. He attempted to fool Chen Xiaobei just because the mortal would not know the value of the item he gave as reward for the bet. Never did he expect Chen Xiaobei to make him pay for that too! The Prime of Tongtian was famous for being protective over his disciples, Lei Zhenzi would suffer if He learns of this!

Lei Zhenzi: G.o.d Chen… Shishu Xiaobei… There was a huge misunderstanding… Please return the Five Thunders Paper Talisman to me… I will give you another item!

Chen Xiaobei: Tut! Did you really think that you could con me? Naïve! You can just xpect a visit from my Sifu.

Lei Zhenzi: Shishu Xiaobei… Mercy… I was wrong! Please let me off this time… Don't tell your Sifu, please! (Weeping) You can have the Five Thunders Paper Talisman and also choose another item from me! Mercy… (Weeping x3)

Chen Xiaobei: Hmph! Fine… What should I choose?

Chen Xiaobei's friends started to give him a number of suggestions.

Yanw.a.n.g: Choose his Golden Rod! One hit, and the earth shatters!

NeZha: Choose the Apricot of Wind and Thunder! You'll grow a pair of Wind and Thunder Wings after you consume it, it's really cool!

Xiao Tianquan: Choose his…

Chang'e: Choose his…

Monkey King: Hold on, the items you people mentioned are too precious to Lei Zhenzi - there's no way he'd agree! Furthermore, G.o.d Chen's cultivation is not strong enough to fully utilize them…

Chen Xiaobei: Brother, any suggestions? What should I choose?

Monkey King: Ask for his Thunder Pool Tesseract! I'll teach you how to use it later!

Chen Xiaobei: Alright!

Chen Xiaobei returned to the chat group after a while.

Chen Xiaobei: I want your Thunder Pool Tesseract!

Lei Zhenzi: Uhm… Could you choose something else? That item is really special to me… Please…

It was clear that the Thunder Pool Tesseract mattered to him a lot. It was not his most valuable belonging, but there was no way he would give up anything easily - least of all to a hated rival.

Chen Xiaobei: No? It's alright. Just expect a visit from my Sifu later. 

Lei Zhenzi: I… I will give it to you…


[Congratulations! You have s.n.a.t.c.hed a Red Envelope from Lei Zhenzi! You have received a Thunder Pool Tesseract! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

"Haha! Got it! Not only did I get a Thunder Pool Tesseract, but also a Five Thunders Paper Talisman. This is awesome!" Chen Xiaobei smiled.

Not only was a crisis resolved, he also managed to reap huge rewards.


Chen Xiaobei's Brotherhood, Perverted Group, and Little Apple Wonderland were all delighted as well as impressed by his guts and wits. Jiang Jiya and Lei Zhenzi were simply no match for that mortal when it comes to face slapping!

Everyone then agreed to hold a huge Red Envelope s.n.a.t.c.hing Session a few days later. They decided that Chen Xiaobei would take the lead, and he agreed to it immediately.

"Now, let's take a look at what we got!" Chen Xiaobei grinned and opened his treasure chest immediately.


[Five Thunders Paper Talisman: Personally crafted by Lei Zhenzi with Five Colors Thunder. It's a Three-Stars Paper Talisman that you can use to unleash the Five Colors Thunder within a hundred miles. It has incomparable power of destruction! Do you wish to withdraw it?]

"Three-Stars Paper Talisman? Destruction? Seems great!" Chen Xiaobei's face was lit immediately.

Every item that Chen Xiaobei acquired before this were considered 'weak'. For example, the system described the Hundred Herbs Potion as 'weak,' and the Qinlian Bellyband as having 'weak' defense. Even with those 'weak' items, Chen Xiaobei could cure sickness with the Hundred Herbs Potion, and the Qinlian Bellyband to block a sniper's bullet.

Now, the system actually described the Five Thunders Paper Talisman as extremely powerful.

"How powerful is that item?" Chen Xiaobei gulped. "Could it be as strong as atomic bombs? Perhaps I should play with it when I travel to j.a.pan…"

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