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Chapter 1777:

Unexpected Yield

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Eighth w.a.n.gye led Chen Xiaobei to the exchequer and unlocked the enormous door with the key from the deceased emperor’s storage bracelet.

“Alright. I’ll go in myself!” Chen Xiaobei said. “You better go take care of the rest and succeed your brother as emperor! I believe that with your capability and the Two-star Earth-G.o.d Instrument, you’ll be able to manage the situation!”

“Don’t worry, master!” Eighth w.a.n.gye nodded. “I will ascend to the throne as the new emperor of Royal Dome with success!”

Eighth w.a.n.gye then excused himself to allow Chen Xiaobei time alone in the exchequer.

Chen Xiaobei walked through the giant stone door and was greeted with a dizzying collection of things – Spiritual Stones, Spiritual Instruments, Spiritual Medicine, Spiritual Pills, and Spiritual Talisman… You could find anything you want there. Even the things you may not think of could be found there, and there was so much of each item that they were piled into individual mounds as tall as a small mountain.

Of course, Chen Xiaobei was not attracted to things that were below Earth-G.o.d grade.

Eighth w.a.n.gye, however, would need some of these to turn the entire Starfield around.

So, Chen Xiaobei only took a few special herbal medicines and proceeded to the deepest part of the treasury.

The nine treasure boxes there had drawn Chen Xiaobei’s interest.

Upon opening the first three boxes, Chen Xiaobei found three different types of One-star Earth-G.o.d grade Spiritual Medicines.

The three boxes placed in the middle each contained a different type of One-star Earth-G.o.d grade materials.

The items in the final three boxes were extra special.

The first one held an authentication token made of an unusual metal.

Chen Xiaobei picked it up and held it in front of him. “The carvings on the token looks like ancient characters! Enigmatic… Enigmatic Equipment Faction… This is a faction token of sorts! This is the deepest part of the exchequer. The things here are all Earth-G.o.d grade and above. Could this Enigmatic Equipment Faction token be an Earth-G.o.d item?”

Immediately, Chen Xiaobei conducted a Spiritual Connection with it.

He was both excited and pleased with his discovery.

“Wow! What a strong Spirituality! It really is an Earth-G.o.d grade item! And it’s a Two-star Earth-G.o.d grade material! I wonder what kind of faction is it that uses Two-star Earth-G.o.d grade material to make a token! It’s unlikely to be a top-tier faction in the Earth-G.o.d Realm, right? Hmm…”

In the Nine Zones, Two-star Earth-G.o.d grade material was a resource as rare as the feathers of a phoenix and the horn of a unicorn.

Even in Apocalypse Starfield, a Two-star Earth-G.o.d grade material was very hard to come by.

Yet, this Enigmatic Equipment Faction was using this precious material to fashion their faction’s token! They had used a Two-star Earth-G.o.d grade material as if it was a common metal.

Such prosperity would be considered a top-tier faction even in the Earth-G.o.d realm, right?

“I’ll keep it first, and then ask Little Diaochan to help me look into it! I might have use for it when I get to the Earth-G.o.d realm!”

Chen Xiaobei turned to the box on the right. Inside it was a white pill with a green brilliance dancing on the surface, giving the impression of exuberance.

He then picked it up, examined it, turning it this way and that and sniffed. “There are three types of Two-star Earth-G.o.d medicines in here. It means that this is a Two-star, very close to three-star medicinal potion!”

Chen Xiaobei knew herbal medicines like the back of his hand and his alchemy skills originated from the Skybreaking Cultivation Pill’s formula.

It was the Grand Supreme Lord, Lao Tzu who gave the formula to him.

Recorded inside the formula was the alchemy modus operandi of the Grand Supreme Lord, Lao Tzu – these included detailed accounts of the core content including the combination of medicines and materials, the precise environment of fire control, the effects of the Five Elements, Yin and Yang, and chronological, geographical conditions.

With Scholar’s Heart, learning it all to heart was no more difficult than falling off a log.

While Chen Xiaobei would never reach Lao Tzu’s level in concocting pills, he was, without a doubt, the best alchemist in all realms below the Heavenly Realm!

That was how Chen Xiaobei was able to determine the formula of this Spiritual Pill by just smelling it.

Knowing the formula allowed him to postulate the effects of the pills!


Chen Xiaobei swallowed the pill without thinking twice.

The medicine took effect immediately, spreading an exuberant warmth throughout his body, baptizing every vein, every bone, as if injecting him with a boost of life!


[Cultivation: Middle phase of Ethereal Force; Lifespan: 2,600 years; Health: 244,000; Combat power: 224,000]

“Wow! I have thirty years added to my lifespan! I was right!” Chen Xiaobei bounced on his feet excitedly. “This Spiritual Pill adds thirty years of life to the user! One hundred of these pills are equivalent to one Ginseng fruit! Woohoo! This is great!”

At the discovery, Chen Xiaobei took out his phone and quickly typed out the composition of the pills.

Now, all he had to do was collect all the herbal medicines in the list and spend some time experimenting with the combination of herbs and fire-control. With his skills, Chen Xiaobei could make the same pill.

Chen Xiaobei looked down at the list recorded on his phone and could not help but feel triumphant.

“Who would have known that I would yield so many unexpected things during this trip to Royal Dome?! Man, what a huge gain!”

Nine One-star Earth-G.o.d instruments! One Two-star Earth-G.o.d Instrument! Three One-star Earth-G.o.d medicines! Three One-star Earth-G.o.d materials! One token made out of Two-star Earth-G.o.d material! And one formula that increased lifespans!

The haul, under any sort of circ.u.mstances, would surely keep Chen Xiaobei in high spirits.

But these things were not Chen Xiaobei’s main objective. They were just an unexpected yield!

At the end of the day, Chen Xiaobei only had two goals:

First, to save Luo Bin and Lin Xue!

Second, was to find a most antic.i.p.ated thing that excited him and needed most urgently!

Chen Xiaobei’s gaze landed on the final treasure box.

Inside it was a crystal figurine of a flying dragon.

The surface was shiny and bright, and its Spirituality was unusually strong – it was the Three-star Earth-G.o.d material – Evil-spirit Warding Crystal!

“I finally found you!” Chen Xiaobei was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as he took out his Green Jade Cauldron and other equipment crafting materials.

The Netherspirit Battlescouter’s upgrade had begun!

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