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Chapter 1187: A Shameless Hoax

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Brother Zhufeng! You’re amazing! You cured me in such a short time! Your acupuncture skills are magical! Thank you so much…”

Xiao Qi was so excited, she was dancing flailing her arms. There was no sign of that excruciating pain.

“My G.o.d… That’s unbelievable…”

Lu Yiju stared at the little girl.

“That didn’t even take three minutes! Brother Zhufeng is out of this world! How cool!”

The little boys hurrahed, looking up at Chen Xiaobei like he was their favorite idol. Their eyes glimmering in awe.

“Mr. Chen… I have to apologize to you!” Miao Yiyue said earnestly, “I was skeptical of you. But now I know that I was wrong! You really are an amazing traditional Chinese medicine doctor!”

“That’s incredible…” Wenren Muyue exclaimed. “I know that Mr. Chen is good but I didn’t expect you to be this good!”

“It’s not because I’m good.” Chen Xiaobei shook his head. “But it’s because Xiao Qi’s illness is actually very uncomplicated. Any traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine doctors from a low-ranking starfield can heal her!”

“How… How is that possible…”

No one dared believe what Chen Xiaobei was saying.

“Dr. Lu said that Xiao Qi’s illness was very unusual. There was no cure for her…” Wenren Muyue said in astonishment.

“Humph! He was lying to you in the face!” Chen Xiaobie said coldly, “Xiao Qi had a fall which bruised her right shoulder which then left a blood clot in her acupuncture point! I used the warm True Qi to unclog it. That’s a real simple problem. Even an intern could treat that!”

His audience were shocked by how simple it sounded!

“Dr. Lu, how do you explain this?” Miao Yiyue looked directly at Lu Yiju.

“I… What is there for me to explain?” Lu Yiju said forcefully, “Just take it as I misdiagnosed. Isn’t is good enough that I own up to it? What more is there to explain?”

This b.u.g.g.e.r really did have something to hide. He was hoping that Chen Xiaobei would not be able to cure Xiao Qi. But it turned out otherwise not to mention how incredibly smoothly it went!

Chen Xiaobei said, his tone frosty, “if it really was a misdiagnosis, then you’re just a quack doctor. But if it’s not, then you made that mistake on purpose because you’re the lowest of the lows!”

“What the h.e.l.l are you saying?” Lu Yiju barked. “Why would I do it on purpose? I am a doctor! Why would I sabotage my own reputation? Only a fool would do that!”

“What Dr. Lu is saying makes sense…” Wenren Muyue said in a meek voice, “Mr. Chen, could it be that you were being oversensitive? Which doctor would misdiagnose on purpose? Unless he doesn’t want to work in this trade anymore, that is!”

“Ms. Muyue, you’re too naive! Naive people are the easiest to be duped!” Chen Xioabei said. “Everything is exposed! When I was trying to calm Xiao Qi a while ago, she accidentally let slip that she receives injections every day, that’s why she was not afraid of pain anymore!”

Wenren Muyue c.o.c.ked her head back and asked, “Why is so strange about that? Don’t you get injections when you’re sick?”

“You don’t need to get injections for this illness! Especially not every single day! That’s nonsense!” Chen Xiaobei turned around and asked, “Xiao Qi, can you tell us what injection did the doctor administer? What kind of treatment did he subject you to?”

“Xiao Qi! Think carefully before you speak!”

Lu Yiju sounded nervous.

“Mmm, I remember it very clearly. There’s no need to think.” Xiao Qi nodded. “I’ve been here for 3 months and every day, I would get 5 – 6 injections and undergo 7 – 8 checkups. Recently, due to my scheduled amputation, there were even more examinations. About 10 everyday…”

“That many?!”

Wenren Muyue and Miao Yiyue looked bewildered.

“What? Didn’t the two of you know?” Chen Xiaobei rubbed his chin and said, “The two of you n.o.bles have just been donating money to the hospital but you never ever thought about how the money had been spent!”

“That’s true…” Miao Yiyue said, “The amount is not much for us and it’s normally done by our workers. We’ve never questioned anything…”

“That’s where all the problems began!” Chen Xiaobei said, “So many injections, so many checkups. These will all lead to an expensive hospital bills! Xiao Qi’s family cannot afford it! So, your donations were used to settle the bill!”

“Yes…” Wenren Muyue nodded and said, “Yiyue and I have been bearing all the costs of the Special Care Unit…”

“So, do you see what’s been happening now?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“No… Not really…” Wenren Muyue and Miao Yiyue shook their heads. They had still not figured it out.

That however, was not because they were stupid, but it was because the thought had never even occured to them.

“Then allow me to tell you!” Chen Xiaobei looked p.i.s.sed. “A simple illness. A perfectly healthy child. Lu Yiju lied and complicated things, and then used excessive amounts of medication and unnecessary tests to cheat you of kind donations! I’ll be real frank here, these 3 kids are his tools to swindle money! And the two of you, putting it somewhat nicely, are naive, but if I’m being blunt, are fools of Lu Yiju ! You were so obviously exploited but you just kept sending money his way!”

Wenren Muyue and Miao Yiyue finally digested what Chen Xiaobei was telling them, and so did the three kids.

Suddenly, everyone’s gaze turned to Lu Yiju, now looking at him like he was most disgusting person alive.

“Dr. Lu, can you give us an explanation now?” Miao Yiyue stared coldly at the doctor, his body emitting a cold presence.

Unlike the other indolent rich brats, Miao Yiyue had the support of top-tier family and was also very strong. His presence alone was enough to suffocate Liu Yiju.

“Master… Miao… Please don’t be mad… That kid is lying! I didn’t cheat your money…” Lu Yiju said in a panic.

“I’m not lying. We’ll just have to check the medical bill to know!” Chen Xiaobei said, “As of now, I will cure the other two children and I’ll make sure to check their medical bills as well!”

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