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Baldy swung over, his speed propelled by the spider web, was too fast for Yue Changkong to evade.


When his palm hit the True Kang Armor on Yue Changkong's head, it produced a loud scratchy metallic sound.

 "That's fast!"

Yu Changkong was about to go after him but Badly ducked and swung back to the large tree.

Baldy crouched on one of the branches on the tree, clinging to it only with his palms and feet.

Very much like Spiderman in the movies, the little scapulae hairs allowed Baldy to hang from the tree.

 "You may be strong but my Special Ability gives me the upper hand! I will wear out your True Qi little by little and beat you! Hahaha…"

Every time Baldy hit Yue Changkong, Yue Changkon's True Qi would be whittled away.

After a while, Yue Changkong would be lying helpless on the ground.

But Yue Changkong remained calm as he thought to himself, 'So this is the mutant in the legends, eh? He has Spiritual Form and Special Ability but he doesn't train his cultivation! Isn't that similar to a Spiritual Beast like Xiao Bai and Sirius? That also means they have b.e.s.t.i.a.l genes! In a way, these so-called mutants are also considered Beastmen!'

With the information Chen Xiaobei had relayed, Yue Changkong was able to deduce the nature of the mutants. He could not help but marvel at the wonders of nature!

 "What are you muttering to yourself about? Are you debating whether or not to kneel before me or continue to fight? Hahaha…"

Baldy could not understand what Yue Changkong was saying and a.s.sumed that he was afraid.

 "Heh, you're still laughing in the face of death?"

Yue Changkong focused his mind and the Silver Sword Dragon appeared once again.

 "Dumb moron! Come on then, let me send you to your death bed!"

Baldy shot out another string of spider web that launched him high into the air and toward Yu Changkong.


Again, Baldy reached out the palm with the sharp, barbed hairs.

Yu Changkong could not possibly dodge this but he had no intention of doing so, either. He stood where he was, motionless.

 "Bro Bei wants you dead! Even Yanw.a.n.g won't be able to save you!"

Yue Changkong did not move. His expression showed determinedness.

 "Huh? What the h.e.l.l?"

Just as he was halfway toward Yue Changkong, Baldy was stopped in mid-air. It was as if he was stopped by something. It was a huge spider web that stopped Baldy from charging toward Yue Changkong. Those webs were as thin as spider web but stronger than stainless steel. When thousands of strings came together, it created a powerful force to trap Baldy.

"What? My hands and feet… Why am I being tied up… What the h.e.l.l did you do? Are these webs? Are you also a Wolf Spiderman? No way, these webs are ten times stronger than mine… This is impossible…"

 "This is a Spiritual Item that my Sifu gave me. It's called the Thousand Webs Bracelet!"

A handsome young man in his early twenties walked out from among the trees.

On his wrist was a glimmering silver metal bracelet. The webs that were binding Baldy came from this Spiritual Item!

'Who the h.e.l.l are you?"

Baldy was starting to sweat.

He was a real Wolf Spiderman tied up in this fake spider web. No matter how he struggled, he could not get himself free.

This was no longer a matter of saving face, this was a matter of life and death!

 "Bei Xuan Faction! I'm the second disciple of Chen Zhufeng, Tai Yitan!"

Though the young man sounded calm, a powerful aura could be heard in his tone.

 "You understand English, right?" Baldy realized the gravity of the situation and was ready to throw in the towel. "This is just a misunderstanding. You and I have nothing against each other. I'm willing to apologize for my mistake! I still have duties I need to fulfill. Please let me go…"


A silhouette came from behind Tai Yitan.

It was a black wolf, the size and built of a tiger!

In this dark forest, the wolf sprung ferociously toward Baldy.

 "What… s.h.i.t… No… Stop! Ask it to stop…"

Baldy trembled, petrified.

He saw that there was a piercing light like a Karaburan on the wolf's back and claws!

This was a Heavenly Beast, Obsidian Zephyr Sirius with its Special Ability.

But this black wolf was descended from thousands of years of the Heavenly Beast. Its bloodline was very already very thin and could only be in Spiritual Form.

Obsidian Zephyr Spiritual Form!

Eight-Star Spiritual Beast, Sirius is here!

 "My G.o.d…"

Baldy let out a shrill scream. His heart was in his throat.


Sirius's ability was called Obsidian Zephyr Shadow. Its specialty was to shatter one's True Kang. At the same time, Baldy's Spiritual Form was actually similar to Sirius's. Without True Kang, Baldy would be shredded to pieces by Sirius. 


Seconds later, Baldy's throat was ripped off and his blood vessels were exposed. Let alone the blood rushing out from the wound, one could still see that Baldy's blood vessels and windpipe were still moving. There was a high chance that Baldy would not survive this attack.


Sirius bit into Baldy's neck and wrenched, detaching Baldy's head from its body!

cla.s.s S.H.I.E.L.D agent, Wolf Spiderman, dead!


Not far away, in an open, rocky flat area.

The white eyed man overheard the commotion.

"That's Wolf Spiderman's voice! Could he have found Chen Xiaobei? I must get there quick!"

 "You're not going anywhere! You can just die here!"

A stout built man approached him, cradling a cat in his arms.

"A big man with a cat... What kind of combination is this?" White-eyes scratched his head.

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