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Bei Xuan Faction.

Everyone was on their toes, standing by for battle.

Chen Xiaobei had made a trip here in the afternoon and marked this place, the forest behind Bei Xuan Faction.

In this battle, Chen Xiaobei was not. He had one of the strongest backups.

At the arena of Bei Xuan Faction.

Feng Qingyang placed a large map of the mountains on the ground.

Jiang Ziya stood in front of the map and looked at the topography behind the mountains.

Right opposite Jiang Ziya, the people of Bei Xuan were waiting like a pack of wolves, ready to attack.

Ding ring ring!

Jiang Ziya's phone rang. It was Chen Xiaobei.

"Xiaobei! How is the situation over there?" Jiang Ziya said.

 "I've put on the Nightstalker Outfit, they won't be able to see me for now! But there are some changes to the plan! The Emperor G.o.d brought his minions with him."

 "What do you plan to do now?"

 "Since they've come, they won't go back alive!" Chen Xiaobei said coldly, "You'll lead the attack, and I will follow the Emperor G.o.d. Once you've taken care of the others, then we'll fight him!"

 "Alright! Fill me in. I will deploy the troops now!"

Jiang Ziya was now Chen Xiaobei's loyal follower; he would do whatever Chen Xiaobei told him to.

 "The first one is a bald guy with red gloves, Wolf Spider Spiritual Form, 70,000 combat power; he headed east into a White Wood Ravine… The second is a man without pupils…"

Chen Xiaobei filled Jiang Ziya in on the whereabouts of his enemies.

When his enemies walked through the silver projection, Chen Xiaobei had already put on the Nightstalker Outfit and was hiding nearby. He had memorized the directions they were headed towards as well as their strengths. After that, he reported everything to Jiang Ziya. Without a doubt, all these information had become the key to win in the battle.

As Sun Tzu said, if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles! With Jiang Ziya's leadership skill, all the information that he acquired would greatly increase the success rate of this battle!

"Tai Yitan! Sirius! Yue Changkong! You guys head toward White Wood Ravine and kill the first target!"

"Wu Aofeng! Xiao Bai! Gordon! You guys head toward…"

"Huo Yuanba! Zhuang Bihuang! Su Dongruo! You guys head toward…"

"Feng Qingyang! Li Xiang! Green Dragon Enigmatic Ninja! You guys head toward…"

He delivered the commands like a commander in chief!

Everyone heeded the orders and immediately got into action!

"Old Jiang! What about me? Did you forget me?"

Six Ear Macaque had been waiting the whole time but Jiang Ziya did not call him. So he got all worked up.

 "Don't worry! Chen Xiaobei has arranged something for you!"

 "What is it? Tell me! I can't wait any longer! Is he not letting me fight because my cultivation is low?

Six Ear Macaque was not in Zhao Ritian's body. So, his strength was halved, not enough to be a part of this huge war!

"Strength is one thing. But what's more important is that Chen Xiaobei has given you the most important task in this battle! When you're up, he will call you!"

 "Do I really have the most important role? Really? That's great! I'm waiting! I will wait!"

Six Ear Macaque was pleased to hear that. He felt good about the responsibility he would be tasked with, so he waited quietly.

At White Wood Ravine.

The northeast area behind the mountain, amongst the thickets of trees, where the terrain dips, was a very good hiding place. The bald veteran S.H.I.E.L.D agent made a good decision choosing to search the White Wood Ravine.

 "h.e.l.lo?? Mr. Zar!" Baldy confidently, "Don't you worry. Chen Xiaobei's cultivation is just in the later phase of True Nirvana Cultivation. There are so many of us here. Any one of us could squash him like the stink bug he is!"

 "You fool! Chen Xiaobei cannot die!" Zar scolded.

 "Don't get all worked up, my Mr. Zar. I know we have to get Chen Xiaobei alive! I was just implying that he's as easy to catch as a stinkbug!"

 "Alright! Then I'll relay the good news to the President. When we return, all of you will be rewarded!"

 "Haha! Then let me thank you beforehand… Huh? There's someone in front. Talk to you later!"

Baldy put away his phone, suddenly nervous.

Before him stood a refined looking middle-aged man, probably in his fifties, with his long hair in a top bun and a thick face of beard. He was wearing a traditional chang pao and had an air prestige and supremacy about him.

Baldy saw that the man was no ordinary person so he did not act immediately and asked him in English, "h.e.l.lo! Who are you?"

The man's English was not very good but he understood what the American was asking him.

"The leader of Hua Shan Faction, Yue Changkong!"

Seemingly, the young man from the U.S did not understand Mandarin that well. Still, he could at least guess what he was trying to say.

"Oh? Chang? Kong?" Baldy looked confused. 

 "I'm just talking over your head, aren't I? Let's just fight!"

Yue Changkong's True Kang surged like waves.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A silvery-white Metal True Kang exploded.

Combined with Metal Celestial Event, thousands of piercing, bright light ama.s.sed and formed a Silver Sword Dragon with Yue Changkong's 73,000 combat power charging at Baldy.

 "Huh? You want to fight?"

Baldy made out what was happening and immediately readied himself.

Chen Xiaobei had mentioned that the baldy was a Wolf Spider Spiritual Form with 70,000 combat power.

But right now, against the powerful Yue Changkong, the baldy was not even breaking out in sweat.

Bam! Boom! Boom!

The Silver Sword Dragon stormed toward Baldy like a falling meteorite and made a large dent in the ground.

There were holes in the dent where the swords had pierced through. If a normal person were standing there, he would have been shredded into a million pieces!

But Baldy was nowhere to be seen.

 'Where is he? How is he so fast?"

Yue Changkong frowned. His speed was, without a doubt, much faster than his opponent, but how was it that his opponent escaped without a scratch?


There was a gust of wind coming from behind Yue Changkong, it was that Baldy, charging at full speed toward him!

Baldy had abandoned his red gloves and a string of white spider web shot out from his hands, lending a strong elastic force, accelerating the speed at which he was traveling.

His spread the fingers of his other hand and aimed it at Yue Changkong's face. His palm was covered in sharp 'barbed' scapulae hairs! If it makes contact with Yue Changkong's face, half of his face would be ripped off!

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