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The Emperor G.o.d was very cautious. He even brought the four Grand Elders with him.

Phantom Rain was a little worried. Chen Xiaobei did say to only lure the Emperor G.o.d himself. Now that there were another four people, he might have to change his plans.

But she had to be careful not to let her worry show.

The six of them left the Divine Sovereign Sect in a hurry.

But there were three other men trailing them.

 "Who would've thought that the Emperor G.o.d would want to take all the credit?" The man who was as skinny as a twig said.

"He's a despicable man!" The man with only whites for eyes said. "He knew what we're here for but he didn't even inform us! Instead he took matters into his own hand! He doesn't treat us as his own!"

The red-gloved baldy said, "Luckily we were spying on them! That b.u.g.g.e.r would've captured Chen Xiaobei on his own! Then, our trip here would've been a waste!"

The three S.H.I.E.L.D agents followed after the Emperor G.o.d and the others, not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to be merited for their work.


In Shallow Gra.s.s Mountain.

Phantom Rain led the Emperor G.o.d and the four Grand Elders going in circles around the mountain. The three American agents were not far behind, following the wild goose chase.

The men thought that they were looking for Chen Xiaobei but Phantom Rain was just buying time.

The day was almost over, it was already near evening.

Chen Xiaobei had to wait until sundown to put No.8 Luban to sleep. Only after that, could he focus on fighting his enemy!

Slowly, the sun disappeared westward and the ski over Shallow Gra.s.s Mountain darkened.

"Little Shimei, are you fooling with us?"

The Emperor G.o.d was losing his patience.

"Why would I do that?" Phantom Rain frowned. "This has everything to do with me. Setting you up would not do me any good. Both Sifu and the American will punish me! I'm not stupid! Why would I work toward my own suffering?"

The Emperor G.o.d furrowed his brows.

"You say that but you've been leading us around in circles! We didn't even catch a glimpse of Chen Xiaobei! You have to at least give me something!"

 "I…" Phantom Rain was didn't know what to say. But she saw something at the corner of her eyes. She pointed towards the sky and said, "Look over there! Someone started a fire!"

In the direction she pointed at, there was a pile of burning wood.

 "It's Chen Xiaobei! He must have started the fire!"

Grand Elder Kitagawa Heiya exclaimed excitedly, "Emperor G.o.d! Let's go over there! Chen Xiaobei must be there!"

 "Duh! You don't need to state the obvious!"

Emperor G.o.d smiled with an eerie twinkle in his eyes.


A loud rustling of the wind sounded and the Emperor G.o.d disappeared before their eyes, and headed toward the fire.

 "Let's go!"

The three Grand Elders followed behind.

 "Should we kill the three of them first?" Kitagawa Heya asked.

Phantom Rain shook her head, "No. The Emperor G.o.d might come back! We'd be done for!"

 "Mm! Then let's go too!"

Kitagawa Heya and Phantom Rain were much faster than the three other Grand Elders, easily catching up with them.

If Phantom Rain had nodded, the three Grand Elders would have been taken care of without much effort on their part.

Thankfully, she did not. Or their covers would have been blown. Because behind them were the three S.H.I.E.L.D agents.


Far ahead, the Emperor G.o.d had already arrived at the pit of fire where he spotted his prey!

 "Chen Xiaobei! How are you?" The Emperor G.o.d laughed. "Both j.a.pan and the US are racking their brains trying to capture you! Who knew that you've been under our noses all along!"

Chen Xiaobei summoned his acting skills, put on a look of terror and asked, "Who… Who are you… How do you know me…"

 "Who I am is not important! What's important is that you must follow me! If you don't fight back, you won't get hurt!"

 "Do I look stupid to you? I won't go!"

Chen Xiaobei pretended to look nervous.

"Heh, that's not a wise decision! An ant must realize that it's an ant! You, Chen Xiaobei, has no right to refuse me!"


The Emperor G.o.d raised a finger and a blazing Fire True Kang lit up.

A ray of blinding light lit up the entire place so that looked like daylight.

The temperature rose, and the air was suffocating.


[Cultivation: Pinnacle phase of Celestial Cultivation. Health: 130,000. Combat power: 130,000]

The Netherspirit Battlescouter confirmed that the Emperor G.o.d's strength was as Kitagawa Hieya had said. It had not changed.

Chen Xiaobei was slightly relieved.

That way, at least he still had 30% chance of winning.

If his cultivation were to increase even a little, Chen Xiaobei would have no chance of winning at all!

 "Did you see that? That is my strength!" The Emperor G.o.d chuckled proudly. "Chen Xiaobei, are you still going to reject me now?"

 "I know I can't beat you, I can't provoke you, but can't I hide from you?"

Chen Xiaobei sprinted and entered the forests.

 "Heh! So you're going to run? Childish!"

The Emperor G.o.d ran after Chen Xiaobei with speed ten times faster than Chen Xiaobei's.


It was dark and when the Emperor G.o.d sped through the forest, he suddenly realized that behind the trees ahead was a silver projection.

Because he only realized it when he was near it, and because of the pace he was running at, he could not stop on time and ran right into the projection.

"Where did the Emperor G.o.d go? Let's follow him!"

Phantom Rain and the four Grand Elders ran into the forest, and just like the Emperor G.o.d, they could not break their run on time and went right into the silver projection.

The three S.H.I.E.L.D agents followed suit like hungry hounds.


"What happened? Why does it look different…"

The Emperor G.o.d looked around him. He was still in the forest, but it was different. It was poorly lit so the Emperor G.o.d could not pinpoint exactly what was different.

He wanted to retreat but he did not want to let go of the opportunity to take all the credit himself.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

While the Emperor G.o.d was deciding between his options, eight people walked out of the silver projection.

 "Why are you guys here?" The Emperor G.o.d peered at the three S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

"Emperor G.o.d, you are not honest. You have a lead on Chen Xiaobei but you kept it from us! So, we followed you!" The skeletal man said.

 "Ah, whatever!" The Emperor G.o.d could not be bothered to explain himself, and he was not in the mood to argue so he simply said, "Chen Xiaobei must be nearby. Let's split up!"

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