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Chapter 1019: Con Artist

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“You… You really ate it?”

Sweat started to drip down from Gordon’s forehead. He would never believe a single word that he just heard if it was others that told him about it. However, he was left with no choice but to believe in it since Chen Xiaobei was the one that told him.

“Is your body okay?” asked Gordon.

“Nothing’s wrong with my body. I consume the Dark Neutron with my Spiritual Beast’s ability. Not only is my body fine, but my health did increase by 7,000 as well!”

“Oh my G.o.d! That sounds like a fairy tale to me! From ancient times till now, the Blood Descendants are the only species that can live alongside the Dark Neutron. An ordinary human being’s life would be consumed by it if the person carries it for a long period of time!”

“Look at me! I’m totally fine! Don’t worry!” said Chen Xiaobei while shrugging.

“Then, do you feel the Dark Power flowing within you? The Dark Neutron from the Gustav Family has some really powerful and incredible ability! Your cultivation will be improved greatly if you can master it!”

“I know all of that. Through sucking the blood of others, I will be able to absorb part of the victim’s cultivation! Still, it can be considered as a really powerful ability! Unfortunately, I don’t feel that I have learned this ability after consuming it! Is there any way for me to use this ability?”

“There is, actually! But you have to be able to feel the Dark Power flow within you first! Okay. Let me tell you the spell to activate the ability first. Chant the spell once you feel the Dark Power in your body! By doing that, you will be able to use the ability!”

“Okay. Better than nothing. It’s good for me to know the spell. I might be able to feel the Dark Power within me any time from now!”

Immediately, Gordon taught Chen Xiaobei how to chant the spell. Spells were commonly known in the western world. When it came to places like China, a spell was actually similar to what one would learn in a martial arts manual. With Scholar Heart, Chen Xiaobei managed to master the spell almost instantly.

“There’s one thing I need to tell you especially! Originally, Blood Descendants will never die of old age but the special ability of the Gustav Family is just way too powerful! Your lifespan will be reduced to 10,000 years old when you use it for the first time! After that, your lifespan will continue to burn away every time you use the skill! The more power you convert, the more your lifespan will be reduced! You will die when you use up all 10,000 years of life!” said Gordon in a serious manner.

“d.a.m.n… I can’t believe that it will reduce my lifespan! All I have right now is one year of life! I will not be able to use the special ability even if I feel the Dark Power flow inside my body!”

“Uh… There’s nothing in can do about it. If the Gustav Family could absorb the power of others without a price, they would have dominated the entire world!”

“Anyway. I’m not going to think about it anymore. I can’t use it anyway! If there’s no other thing you want to tell me, I’m going to leave this place!” said Chen Xiaobei while summoning the Somersault Cloud.

“Master. Take care! Just let us know if you need our help!” said Gordon while bowing down to send Chen Xiaobei off.

j.a.pan, in the suburbs of Tokyo.

Chen Xiaobei managed to find Tanaka Tsuyoshi, Six Ears Macaque and the rest of them in a cave deep in the jungle. It was evening. All of them went and caught some wild chickens and rabbits to roast them for dinner. Combined with First Love Peach and Hundred Fruits Dragon d.i.c.k Moonshine, it was a perfect evening. While eating, they were talking among themselves happily. Though a war might come to them tomorrow, Chen Xiaobei had done everything that he could do. Instead of feeling nervous all the time, Chen Xiaobei chose to have to fun and relax with his friends.


After some time, Chen Xiaobei’s cell phone rang. When he looked at his cell phone, he saw the name Amasa. During these few days, Amasa Hiko had never stopped contacting Chen Xiaobei. The reason why he called Chen Xiaobei was to invite him over to heal Nikkawa Okazaka. Previously, Chen Xiaobei could not answer the call because it was impossible for Chen Zhufeng and Nikkawa Daichi to appear at the same time. Since all of Chen Xiaobei’s enemies knew that Nikkawa Daichi was already dead, Chen Zhufeng could finally show his face without worry.

“h.e.l.lo. Mr. Amasa.”

Chen Xiaobei answered the call. Immediately, Amasa Hiko replied with an excited tone.

“Mr. Chen! Finally, you answer my call! Thank G.o.d!”

“Why are you looking for me?”

“I need your help with something urgent. Our very crown prince has just suffered a great number of injuries! And he needs to attend his own wedding seven days later! The doctors from the western world couldn’t help him. Someone recommended you to the emperor! Within these few days, the people from the palace kept pestering me about it. You have to understand that I’m under a lot of pressure!”

“What kind of injuries did he suffer? It’s hard to believe that the doctors of western countries couldn’t do anything about it!”

Chen Xiaobei continued to act like he didn’t know anything about it.

“Uh… The crown prince’s a.n.u.s was destroyed by someone… And his crotch is gone as well… The doctors mentioned that the injuries on these two parts of his body are critical… He will need at least one to two months to achieve full recovery,” Amasa Hiko said uncomfortably.

“The injuries on these two parts of the body are not easy to heal… Though my healing skill is great, I will still need a lot of energy and time to figure this thing out!”

“I can understand that… Totally understand… As long as you can cure the crown prince before his wedding, I can guarantee that the emperor will definitely reward you abundantly!”

“How much are we talking about?”

It was at that moment, Chen Xiaobei knew that the enemies had just fallen into his trap.

“The emperor said that he will give you an empty cheque and you can fill it in yourself!”

“I can understand that the emperor doesn’t know what I want. I think you should know better than anyone that money is just a string of numbers to me! I don’t need them at all! If you guys are sincere enough, prepare 1,000 Spiritual Stones for me!”

“About that…”

1,000 Spiritual Stones was equivalent to 160 billion Yen! That was definitely a huge price to pay.

“You should know that I’m don’t accept any form of bargaining!”

“Let me talk to the emperor first!”

“Go ahead and take your time… But I have to remind you that there are 6 more days left when the sun rises tomorrow! The less the time, the harder for me to cure him! And the healing fees will increase as well!”

“This… Okay. Let me go and talk to the emperor now. I will get back to you tonight!”

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