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When he had returned to the mountains where Six Ear Macaque and the others had hidden only did Chen Xiaobei finally breathe a sigh of relief.

In the Green Jade Gourd, Chen Xioabie now had 8,050 Spiritual Stones in his hands.

They would have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to head toward Shallow Gra.s.s Temple to pick up the gift for Queen Mother.

Everything had gone smoothly so far but Chen Xiaobei was well-prepared for any deviation tomorrow. He was not afraid if a war were to break out tomorrow—he had something in store that would give him the upper hand.

But of course, it would be best if nothing bad happens.

The resources in his hands were limited. It would better to make full use of it to save Demonic Fox.

If he had to waste it before that, the rest of their plans would have to be delayed and might even cause unforeseen dangers.

It was good to hope for the best but they would have to see what really happens tomorrow!


The night was peaceful, nothing much happened.

The next afternoon, Chen Xiaobei donned on the Chen Zhufeng mask and went on his own to Shallow Gra.s.s Temple.

He knocked on the temple door but the person who answered the door this time was not Uzuishi Yasai but Uzuishi Akaihi himself.

 "Young man, you are very punctual!"

Uzuishi Akaihi invited Chen Xiaobei in.

 "Why? Are you not prepared?"

Chen Xiaobei chuckled.

"Heh! We'll see!" Uzuishi Akaihi then said in a solemn tone, "I have stuck to my principles for a few decades now. There were quite a few people who had requested to come and request my services but I am a man if my word. If I promise someone that I will cook for them, I will do so accordingly!"

"That's great!" Chen Xiaobei nodded and then thoughtlessly asked, "Where is Ms. Yasai?"

"Er…" Uzuishi Akaihi was startled for a moment, and then he answered a little uncannily, "She left earlier because she has some things to do."

 "That couldn't have been a coincidence!" Chen Xiaobei thought to himself.

Could it be that Uzuishi Yasai was connected to the Tenshou's branch?

It was really difficult to imagine that such a gentle, innocent girl would have anything to do with a conspiracy. Chen Xiaobei used his Netherspirit Battlescouter to scan Uzuishi Akaihi and saw that he was just an old man with no cultivation.

Perhaps he was just being paranoid.

Chen Xiaobei dismissed the thought—he really did not want to crack his brain over this. After all, he would find out today.

"It's inside. Go ahead and take a look."

Uzuishi Akaihi stood at the door of the dining hall, not intending to enter.

"Alright." Chen Xiaobei walked over, took a deep breath and placed his hands on the door. But he did not push them open. 

Could his enemies be watching and waiting behind the door?

Maybe they would pounce at him when he opened the door!

 "Go ahead and open the door!" Uzuishi Akaihi pressed, "Don't worry. I always deliver on my promise! I'm not easily affected by any other external pressure!"

This sentence seemed to imply something.

But Chen Xiaobei sensed that the old man was telling the truth.

How could someone who had an attachment to food for more a few decades use it to cheat others?


Chen Xiaobei pushed open the wooden door.

While he was used to a good spectacle, the scene before him had him floored! There was not a single trace of any hostile parties but there was a magnificent, breathtaking plate of sashimi!

Five tables were line up to hold up a giant dish, in it was a layer of ice, and on it were more than a dozen variety of sashimi arranged into an image of a hundred birds flocking toward a phoenix!

Under Uzuishi Akaihi's deft knife technique, the red flesh of the tuna, the bright orange of the salmon, had become sliced feathers!

 The 'feathers' were layered to form a dazzling Phoenix!

Not only were his knife skills impressive, Uzuishi Akaihi's plating was also very meticulous.

 The Phoenix had a 3D look, giving the impression that at any second, it would flap its wings and take off.

Gold caviar was used to make the Phoenix's eyes and the addition of the ink-colored fish skin under it made it very realistic.

It was a hundred times more lifelike than the Bluefin Prosperity Crane the royal chef had prepared!

While the diversity of birds that surrounded the Phoenix were just accessories, Uzuishi Akaihi did not cut corners but was conscientious: white-fleshed red snapper for the cranes; translucent dolphin for the egret; and pink herring for the sparrow…

There were all kinds of birds of a rainbow of colors and bearing! If one were to count them one-by-one, there would a round total of one hundred birds!

This plate of sashimi was world-cla.s.s, the art of all artworks!

The significance of this dish could not be more fitting to be gifted to Queen Mother!

"So, what do you think? Are you satisfied with it?" Uzuishi Akaihi asked.

 "I am! I am very satisfied indeed!"

There was nothing for Chen Xiaobei to nitpick about. It was flawless and Chen Xiaobei was as pleased as punch!

He was more than certain now that Queen Mother would hold it in admiration and would reward him with a 9000 year-old-Saturn Peach!

 "That's good. Do you need me to help you carry it?" Uzuishi Akaihi asked.

"It's alright!" Chen Xiaobei waved his hand and the five-table-large plate was stored into the Infinite s.p.a.ce Ring.

Inside the ring, every item had its own separate s.p.a.ce. So the sashimi would not be deformed in any way.

"Is… Is this the legendary Infinite s.p.a.ce Ring?" Uzuishi Akaihi's jaw fell opened.

"Heh, even though you are in Jianghu, you know about the Infinite s.p.a.ce Ring!" Chen Xiaobei took out three First Love Peach and placed them on the table. "After today, we may never see each other again. Here's three peaches for you. Till we meet again!"

He turned around and left the temple.

Not only would they not see each other again, Chen Xiaobei had a mask on and was not afraid that Uzuishi Akaihi would know about the secret of the Infinite s.p.a.ce Ring.

Chen Xiaobei would only need to remove the mask and Uzuishi Akaihi would never be able to recognize him.

"Take care of yourself, young man!" Uzuishi Akaihi sighed looking at the peaches. He had no appet.i.te for them. Instead, a complicated look clouded his aging eyes.

Outside the temple.

Chen Xiaobei did not summon the Somersault Cloud but chose to ramble down the mountain towards the spot where he was last besieged.

How did his enemy find out about his mask?

Perhaps he would get the answer to that today!


At the foot of the hill, at exactly the same spot, Chen Xiaobei was again, surrounded by the same enemies!

"Chen Xiaobei! You won't be able to get away this time!"

Four Enigmatic Ninjas, ten pinnacle ninjas and hundreds of normal ninjas had been waiting for Chen XIaobei a long time now!Luna: G.o.dd.a.m.nit I want that sashimi...

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