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To Qin Yuemian it was so strange that he even looked out the window and found that it was still drizzling before he returned to himself. He sized up Wenren Heng and very much suspected if these goods really was the person.  

Or perhaps ……these two really have a fellow-apprentices relationship?

He has stood for a moment, and suddenly felt that he was a little superfluous, touched his nose: "What do you two want to eat in the evening? I'll tell the kitchen to make it."

Wenren Heng said: "Just some light dishes will do."

Qin Yuemian, whose mind was currently paste, turned and exited at once.

The soft couch was placed in front of the window, and a row of small leaf bamboos was planted on the right side of the window. The rain hit the top of it, making a light rustling sound, and the gauze-like water vapor floated into the guest room, and seeped into the light fragrance of the Baicaolu. Ye You feels that either the movement of Wenren Heng was too light, or his breathing was too peaceful, but his taut nerves can't help but follow, becoming relaxed.

He opened his mouth, saying:"Shixiong."

Wenren Heng: "Yes?"

Ye You: "It seems like you still have not informed me, what my name is."

Wenren Heng raised his head and looked at him: "Ah Xiao*, you are called Ah Xiao."

(**阿晓, Ah – nickname prefix, Xiao – dawn/daybreak)

Ye You asked: "Surname?"

"This I do not know," Wenren Heng said, “When you were brought back by Shifu* (**teacher/Master), you only said to us that you are Ah Xiao. To other questions you always replied "I don’t know". In that case, I and Shifu just called you Ah Xiao,” he sighed softly. He repressed laughter to add, “You were stupid at the time, to be capable of remembering your own name was already quite good.”

Ye You: "……"

Again, Wen Renheng poured some medicine. The slender index finger gently rubbed his face, and he looked at his pale pupil. He whispered: “When Shifu was alive, he always said that I should take care of you, but then you went missing. These years, I have been rebuking myself, and now I have finally found you again. From now on please stay by shixiong's side.”

Ye You said: “Shifu died?”

Wenren Heng nodded: "He pa.s.sed away ten years ago. Once we leave Divine Doctor Ji's place  and go together to burn incense for Shifu, he'll know you've returned and he'll certainly be very happy."

Ye You was especially unwilling to believe that he had been stupid before and even wandered off, after some silence, he asked, "Aren't you worried that this time, with my return I could be harbouring evil designs?"      

Wenren Heng's hand stopped, he looked at him.

Ye You said: “The jade pendant you lost is on me, and I just happened to be saved by your friend. You are not afraid that I am actually being instructed. The so-called amnesia is just a pretense? Even if not, perhaps at the right time I remember it all, and then hurt you?”

These things can be thought of by Qin Yuemian, and naturally by Wenren Heng too, and Ye You's heart is clear, he can bluntly illuminate these things.

Wenren Heng has wiped the medicine on his hand and took a new strip of cloth. He carefully circled it on for him: “I thought about this possibility, but I believe that regardless, you will not harm me.”

Ye You raised his eyes and looked at him, face to face. Wenren Heng's expression was calm and he looked straight into his eyes. For a moment, Ye You could almost feel some kind of sincerity, and he was silent again.

“Don’t think so much, perhaps it’s a coincidence. You just happened to pick up my jade pendant, and then was hurt by a bad person. Let's first investigate who injured you.” Wenren Heng wanted to tie a bow again. The finger moved but he held back.

Ye You nods, now he could only go look, step by step.

"Right," he said, "What sect is shixiong the school master of?"

Wenren Heng was just about to reply but he saw Qin Yuemian return, listened to him to say that the pack of rogues came, and to bring his shidi out into the room.

The pack of rogues did not sincerely stay in the front hall, but went to the manor’s lake pavilion, at the time Ye You arrived, he saw that they were either standing or sitting and were chatting.

Several people immediately looked at Ye You.

Originally, they were together with Qin Yuemian and Wenren Heng. But it turned out, midway, Qin Yuemian's mysterious secrets had pulled Wenren Heng away, and they a.s.sembled, thinking  there was a problem, and chased them here.

Wenren Heng was very cautious of their point of view, and looked all around before he asked: “Why didn’t Shao Yuan come?”

"He saw a beauty and forgot his buddies," one of them said with a smile, "Halfway we met Lady Tao*(**Peach), Shao Yuan saw her, and became motionless on the road. He insisted on testing if he could get her to perform Fengqi* Dance (**Phoenix Perching). Just wait he said, but he was definitely rejected. Does he think he is Sect Master Ye?  How much words could he possibly speak to get her perfectly willing to dance some?"

"Actually, I also want to see the Fenqi Dance," another person cannot help but click their tongue in regret, "I really don't know how Sect Master Ye accomplishes it."

"This who knows, but I'm just saying, whatever matter that's placed on him it's possible to be accomplished," the previous person said, "Y'all just think, in these years at the stage of Yushan county, there's that many orthodox sects gathered around him, and he can distractedly suffocate the entire circle until they are green-faced, thoroughly discredited, and finally also walked out lossless, in this entire Jianghu how many can you find like him?"

Ye You listened curiously, and looked at Wenren Heng.

Wenren Heng didn't wait for him to ask, gently said: “They are talking about the Demonic Sect Master, the surname is Ye, the name is You, he wears a mask all year round, his martial arts are unfathomable, a very powerful person,” he paused slightly, to examine. “Do you have an impression of him?”


Okay, you know how I said I was writing fic for a different novel? The fic is now 10,000 words in its outline version and I even outlined a sequel that's 10,000 words. Hence this delay.

Also, Ye You values his intelligence so much, for sheer irony, I'm headcanoning that he is the type of person who, post-o.r.g.a.s.m, cannot think straight because his mind is just in a haze of pleasure and it takes time for his brain to go back online, while Wenren Heng is the opposite and becomes a sharper thinker and has breakthroughs after, since he goes into Sage Mode (聖人模式). (Definition: , ), which according to Ye You, is not fair, but this means there's that extra layer of trust whenever Ye You does stuff with Wenren Heng because after, Ye You is a mess mentally. Or I can let Ye You be overpowered by headcanoning that he enters Sage Mode post-o.r.g.a.s.m, so um, to be able to enter that state, he asks Wenren Heng for help, often.   

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