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In the bustling market of the capital, there stood an independent pavilion with blue bricks and tiles.  Faintly revealing a corner of a fake mountain, the pavilions and pavilion towers, the luxuriant and well-s.p.a.ced trees and flowers exhibited themselves with the wind, giving it a taste of Jiang Nan river and lakes.  People haven’t yet walked in, but one could already imagine the scenery inside will make people’s hearts drunk.  At the door stood two servers who were dressed in the same uniform and presenting  a standard smile as they searched for a box and seat for each guest.  Walking in, you will find on every table, there was a white slim porcelain vase with several clippings of elegant flowers inside.  This is the famous Wu Qing Zhen Wei Pavilion in the capital!

Zhen Wei Pavilion was not only fresh in layout but also delicious.  More importantly, in Zhen Wei Pavilion’s large hall, at the very top was a beautifully carved stage.  Surrounding the stage was beaded curtains that vertically obscured the sight.  Inside the bead curtains, there was a chain of fresh flowers hanging like the bead curtain as they dangled around the stage.  From the hall and the second-floor box, you can only see the person’s silhouette on the stage.

This stage was the most famous spot in Zhen Wei Pavilion because, since the opening of Zhen Wei Pavilion, there would be a girl who comes here to sing from time to time.  No one knew this young lady’s family name, age, and appearance.  But this young lady’s songs were popular throughout the mainland.

Before, how many rich and powerful people wanted to see this young lady once, but only ended up dead without a known cause.  If anyone dared to speak insolently during this young lady’s performance, then the next day will find the person’s corpse.  This made everyone no longer dare to have any ideas about this young lady.  Everyone knew that this restaurant was Wu Qing gongzi‘s property.  For this young lady to be so sheltered by this restaurant, many people believed that this young lady and Wu Qing gongzi had an uncommonly good relationship.

Lan You Nian and Gui San discreetly entered Zhen Wei Pavilion through the back door.  They stood in the third-floor box and looked at the swarming heads of guests downstairs.  Lan You Nian was speechless and asked, “Third brother, what did you do?”

“I only let people spread along a message, today, Miss Miao Yin who has been away for three months will be on stage again.  Then you see this,” Gui San helplessly gestured to the situation in the hall below.  There were even many people who were thinking of ways to enter Zhen Wei Pavilion to listen to Miss Miao Yin’s song.

Lan You Nian looked at the many people down below and couldn’t help but feel that this ancient time’s pursuing celebrities was still quite a rage ah!  It was even crazier than the modern star chasing.  The songs that she sang were just a collection from the modern culture.  Moreover, she has only been on stage a few times since the establishment of Zhen Wei Pavilion.  She didn’t expect that even so, she was already so popular.

“Our apologies, Zhen Wei Pavilion is full today,” a server wearing blue robes smiled and apologized to the many people outside the door who wanted to enter the restaurant.

“What?  Is it full?  I can double the money.  Today Miss Miao Yin is coming.  I have been waiting for so long to listen to Miss Miao Yin,” a n.o.ble young master said dissatisfied.

“Yeah, Miss Miao Yin’s performance is a rare sight ah!  Server, I will triple the money,” another n.o.ble young master shouted.

The server looked at the mountain and sea of people outside the door and wiped the sweat on his head.  He didn’t expect that as soon as Miss Miao Yin was coming to the restaurant, so many people would come.  Now what should be done?

“Every distinguished guest, this small store because of the many people is already full, so we’re very sorry.  But Miss Miao Yin will be on stage again not long after.  When the time comes, we request everyone to reserve their seats earlier,” the owner of the restaurant smiled as he stood out and soothed the frustrations of the people outside.  In reality, his heart felt very aggrieved.  How can third young master release the news ah!?  Now they certainly have things to keep them busy.

On the second floor’s most n.o.ble box, there sat four men.  One was Feng nation’s well-known war G.o.d Feng Yi Xuan.   White clothes and ink hair, the whole being exuded the domineering aura of a king.  The ice-cold face looked like it was part of the frigid snow and made people tremble with fear.  He stood there like an ice sculpture, handsome without compare, cold like frost, breathtakingly peerless.

The other side sat Feng nation’s most elegant and modest man. He was Feng nation’s fourth w.a.n.gye, Feng Xia Qi.  His eyes were warm but like a fox’s overflowing with fine light, always exuding a radiance that attracts people.  His face was clear, lips were like rose petals, and his body was slender but strong.

In another spot sat the army division’s highly respected military advisor, Jing Wu An.  This Jing Wu An military advisor had a slightly thin face, narrow eyes, prominent nose, thin lips were slightly pale, and gave people the impression of a scholar with little physical strength, but this person’s strategy could not be underestimated.

While the other person was the pugilistic world’s number one village’s zhuangzhu, Yu Liu Li.  Yu Liu Li wore a sleeveless beige robe on the outside, his lapels were casually opened wide, revealing the elegant clothing inside and the colorful and l.u.s.trously bright jade pendant on his waist.  Extravagance seeping with n.o.bleness, like a refined scholar, this dress made the man look as elegant as jade, bright like the moon.

“I say, Liu Li, you do all these romantic things all day, isn’t it boring?” Jing Wu An tasted Zhen Wei pavilion’s fragrant tea as he said this.

“Wu An, now you are wrong.  Although I am romantic, I am not that kind of lascivious person.  Honestly, Miss Miao Yin’s songs are too phenomenal, the script too phenomenal, temperament too phenomenal!” Yu Liu Li speaking of the G.o.ddess in his heart couldn’t help lauding.

“Oh, how is it so?” Jing Wu An wondered.  Although this friend of his was a romantic person, he was just playing around.  When has he ever lauded a woman before?

“You guys should have heard Miss Miao Yin’s lyrics that have circulated out.  Isn’t it phenomenal?”

“Indeed.  Although I have never heard this woman sing before, just based on those lyrics alone, it is already impossible to surpa.s.s.”

“Wu An, you don’t know.  Liu Li has repeatedly wanted to see that Miss Miao Yin just once but has never seen.  So it isn’t because of the other’s beauty that he comes” Feng Xia Qi explained.

“In this case, it seems that Miss Miao Yin is indeed a remarkable person.  Not even giving the world’s number one zhuangzhu face, this woman is indeed different,” Jing Wu An said with a sliver of appreciation.  Women were mostly people who clambered over the dragon and followed the phoenix, but this woman was not impressed by Liu Li’s ident.i.ty.  She was rarely seen on stage but did not clamor for popularity and is able to write such exquisite lyrics.  It was very rare that in this world there is actually such a woman.

gongzi-young master

w.a.n.gye-first rank prince

zhuangzhu-master of a village/manor

clambered over the dragon and followed the phoenix–curry favor with those in power

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