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Chapter 647 Getting Annoyed

Shao Xue heard from Miaomiao that Shao Tianze needed her to do something in return.

She asked Miaomiao, “What is it?”

“To spend some time with my aunt.”

“Gu Changle?” Shao Xue frowned instantly.

Shao Tianze was really mean. He knew that Gu Changle detested Miaomiao, but he still requested Miaomiao to be with her.

Shao Xue pursed her lips, “Miaomiao, if you don’t want to do that, I can do it for you.”

“But in that case, I won’t be able to see my brother tomorrow.”

Miaomiao was eager to visit Gu Yi tomorrow.

“Daddy has booked the plane ticket for me.”

“Your daddy is really good at baiting.”

Shao Xue whispered to herself. Then she continued, “Miaomiao, finish your food. I’ll go with you when you’re done.”

“You’re going with me to the hospital?”

“Yes.” Shao Xue nodded, “The more the merrier. Your aunt won’t get bored, right?”


If Shao Xue was going along with her, she could rely on Shao Xue so as not to be busy dealing with Gu Changle.

Miaomiao cheered up instantly.

Seeing this, Shao Xue put more food in her bowl, “Good girl, enjoy your food.”


Shao Xue successfully comforted Miaomiao.

She began to think about how to deal with Gu Changle.

In her mind, it was impossible for Gu Changle to have any good intentions to meet Miaomiao. She must have some vicious plans.

Shao Tianze told Miaomiao that he would come to pick her up at two p.m.

At exactly two p.m., a driver came in. He bowed to Miaomiao, “Miss, Mr. Shao sent me here to pick you up.”

Shao Xue looked at him and frowned, “Shouldn’t he be here in person?”

“He’s stuck in a meeting. He asked me to send Miss Miaomiao to the hospital.”

Shao Xue knew the driver, Zhang. She was not suspicious that it was he who came to pick Miaomiao up.

On second thought, it was a good thing that Shao Tianze didn’t pick Miaomiao up in person. She could go along with Miaomiao to the hospital.

Shao Tianze might not have let her come along if he had been here in person.

Thinking about this, Shao Xue stretched her brows and said with a smile, “I haven’t seen Changle for a long time. Why don’t you drive us to the hospital?”

Zhang was Shao Tianze’s driver. He only listened to Shao Tianze’s orders. He didn’t stop Shao Xue.

Instead, he nodded and opened the door for Shao Xue, “Miss Shao, please.”

Shao Xue smiled and sat next to Miaomiao on the back seat.

Seeing Shao Xue and Miaomiao settled down, Zhang started the car out of the courtyard.

Gu Changle knew that Miaomiao was on her way. She had waited for her since lunch.

Unexpectedly, Shao Xue came along with Miaomiao.

She felt annoyed at the first sight of Shao Xue.

Her eyebrows twisted immediately. Shao Xue also perceived that Gu Changle was annoyed about her uninvited coming.

But she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was to protect Miaomiao.

It didn’t matter how Gu Changle felt.

Gu Changle said sourly, “Shao Xue, feeling better of your wound?”

Shao Xue replied with a smile, “Yes, it has healed.”

Gu Changle nodded, “I feel much more rea.s.sured.”

In fact, she was not relieved for it.

She wished that Shao Xue’s wounds could fester and get worse and worse until one day it killed her.

In the Shao Family, she had never liked Shao Xue, who had always been standing in her way.

However, the person she hired once hurt Shao Xue accidentally. Shao Tianze had paid more attention to her for it since then.

After all, Shao Xue was his sister. Gu Changle couldn’t hurt her in the open.

She preferred to deal with her later after she was done with Shao Tianze’s kids.

By then, Shao Xue would know who was in charge of this family and who the big cheese was.

“I heard that Miaomiao has been in a bad mood recently because Yi went to Harbor City.”

“They had been living together all the time. It’s natural that they need some time to adapt to it.”

Shao Xue explained for Miaomiao.

Gu Changle nodded. She tried to blame it on Shao Tianze.

“I have no idea what happened to Tianze. He suddenly sent Yi there. I told him that Yi was too young to be trained there alone. But he insisted that a child should be trained as early as possible. I couldn’t make him change his mind.”

Gu Changle said so, trying to win Miaomiao’s goodwill.

Her goal was to let Miaomiao guard down.

Yet Miaomiao twisted her eyebrows and continued to hold Shao Xue’s hand.

Gu Changle was unhappy to see Miaomiao clutched Shao Xue’s hand.

She put a big smile on her face and said to Miaomiao, “Miaomiao, aren’t you coming to see me? Come and give me a hug.”

Miaomiao didn’t want to get close to Gu Changle at all.

But she couldn’t refuse directly.

She looked up at Shao Xue.

Shao Xue crouched down, released Miaomiao’s hand, and said with a smile, “Go. Your aunt misses you.”

Hearing this, Miaomiao walked towards Gu Changle.

But she stepped very slowly, seeming reluctant to do it.

Gu Changle became even unhappier as Miaomiao alienated her so much.

Miaomiao walked to her. Looking at the sick woman who had always on the ward bed, she greeted, “Hi, aunt.”

“Miaomiao.” Gu Changle held Gu Miaomiao’s small hand and looked at her with gentle eyes, “Long time no see. Did you miss me?”

“I did.” Miaomiao nodded.

She was not saying it to please her.

In fact, before departure, Shao Tianze and Shao Xue had told her what to do in front of Gu Changle.

Shao Tianze told her that Gu Changle remained in poor health. When she was in the hospital, she could not make a fuss but should try to say something nice to make Gu Changle happy.

That was why she said nice words to Gu Changle.

Gu Changle did not care whether Miaomiao missed herself because she didn’t even care about Gu Changge’s daughter.

She hated her rather than being indifferent.

She hated her so much.

She got upset at the sight of Miaomiao.

The longer she saw her, the more annoyed she became.

She was so annoyed that all she wanted was to find a way to get rid of these two eyesores.

Gu Changle narrowed her eyes, holding Gu Miaomiao’s fingers.

Shao Xue had been watching Gu Changle’s every move beside.

She believed that as Miaomiao’s aunt, Gu Changle had never liked Miaomiao. In contrast, she could tell how vicious she was under her fake smile just by looking at her eyes.

Gu Changle had been holding Miaomiao’s hand for a while.

Shao Xue noticed Gu Changle had kept staring at Miaomiao’s fingers.

She stepped forward and put her palm on their hands, “Brother told me that you need rest. Miaomiao shouldn’t stay long to disturb you.”

It was not true.

She said it by herself because she did not want Miaomiao to stay long with Gu Changle, so she said it casually, reminding Gu Changle to let Miaomiao go.

Gu Changle understood what Shao Xue meant.

She smiled gently and released Miaomiao’s hand, “You’re right. I should have a rest.”

Shao Xue was relieved and thought Gu Changle allowed Miaomiao to go back.

Unexpectedly, after saying that, Gu Changle continued, “It’s rare for somebody to visit me, especially for Miaomiao. I’m going to talk with Miaomiao for a little longer.”

In fact, she just wanted to be stalling by saying that.

Thinking about it, Shao Xue had to find another excuse to take Miaomiao out of here.

The moment she was about to say something, someone opened the ward door.

All of them turned to the door as soon as they heard the noise.

Shao Tianze pushed the door open and appeared at the door.

He was surprised that three of them were staring at him, “What’s wrong? Why are you staring at me?”


Shao Xue responded quickly.

She answered Shao Tianze.

After that, Gu Changle asked Shao Tianze, “I heard you stuck in a meeting and didn’t pick Miaomiao up.”

“True.” Shao Tianze answered.

Gu Changle asked considerately, “Is it all done?”


Shao Tianze suffered a headache. Something was bothering him. He gently rubbed his eyebrow, but he did not say it out.

Miaomiao was still young, and Shao Xue was not related to him. He couldn’t discuss it with her.

He could talk it with no one but Gu Changle.

He sat on the sofa and took a sip of water.

Miaomiao, whose hand was free now, looked at Shao Xue and Shao Tianze for a second.

Then she walked to Shao Tianze, “Daddy.”

Hearing it, Shao Tianze could not help smiling. He picked Miaomiao up and put her on the sofa, “Have you said h.e.l.lo to aunt?”

Miaomiao nodded, “Yes.”

Shao Tianze’s sight fell on Gu Changle, “Did she?”

“She did. Miaomiao is polite and well-behaved.”

It was just that she got annoyed at every sight of her.

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