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Chapter 589 His Refusal

Shao Tianze stopped Gu Changle.

But Gu Changle was determined to go.

She pursed her lips and tended to go out of the ward, “I’ll go outside and see what’s going on.”

Shao Tianze stopped her and did not let her go, “No matter what happens outside, I can handle it. You don’t have to worry.”

Gu Changle turned to Shao Tianze, “You know about the threats outside well. Why can’t you think about the internal threats brought by Gu Yi and Miaomiao?”

Gu Changle was stubborn. She was sick of Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

As long as they were in this family, she wouldn’t get a moment’s rest.

Now she had a perfect excuse to get rid of them.

How could she miss this opportunity to convince Shao Tianze to do as she said?

Seeing Gu Changle flipping out, Shao Tianze held her and frowned, “Do you have any proof of this claim?”

Gu Changle was sure that his resolution began to stagger by this question.

Once he was shaky, she was confident that she could convince him.

“At that time, there was only one maid. The maid said she didn’t see anyone left. The stair banister was high. If it were a maid who overheard it, she would be seen even if she left there. However, the maid who came back when hearing the vase breaking said that she did not see anyone at the door. Think about it. She didn’t see that person because he was covered by the banister. Meanwhile, he quickly returned to his room so that no one found it out.”

Gu Changle made reasonable speculation.

Shao Tianze became even shakier.

He did not want his son to know that his father killed his mother.

However, if he had known it, Shao Tianze could not let him stay in the Shao’s house.

Gu Changle looked Shao Tianze into his eyes, “Think about it. Think harder.”

Shao Tianze pursed his lips and did not reply for a long time.

Gu Changle got anxious about his silence.

After a while, Shao Tianze uttered, “It’s just your speculation.”

Gu Changle frowned, “It’s an obvious fact. You still try to get him off?”

“Changle, they are just kids.”

Gu Changle frowned and insisted, “Better safe than sorry. You are risking losing everything for them.”

What she said made sense.

Shao Tianze did want to maintain his wealth and power.

However, just as Gu Changle said, if Gu Yi overheard that secret, even if he was his son, it would be hard for him to keep his son’s mouth shut.

It would also be hard for him not to hate his father.

Seeing Shao Tianze sunk in deep thought, Gu Changle slowly put her fingers on Shao Tianze’s shoulder and whispered in his ear.

Her voice was low, but Shao Tianze heard it very clear.

Moreover, he jumped back as if he had been stabbed by something the moment he heard it.

He refused with a serious face, “No.”

Gu Changle narrowed her eyes, “Tianze, if you want children, we can have more. We are still young. As long as we find a healthy surrogate, we will have our children. You have choices. Gu Yi won’t be your only son. But I am your only lover.”

Gu Changle walked towards Shao Tianze like a seductive demon. She looked at him and continued, “Do you forget how important I have been to you? Didn’t we make a promise to each other long ago? No matter what happens, I will be with you. And you will be with me, protecting me.”

Her words reached Shao Tianze’s ears clearly.

Shao Tianze bit his lips, “Changle, it’s different. Yi is my son.”

Gu Changle’s face became cold, “But his mother was that b*tch, Gu Changge.”

Shao Tianze frowned and looked at Gu Changle, “Didn’t you say that you want to treat Yi nicely?”

She promised that she would treat Yi and Miaomiao nicely, so he decided to get them from Hoccaido. Now what?

What did it mean by the change in her att.i.tude?

Gu Changle pursed her lips and said in a cold voice, “I’d like to treat them nicely, but the requisition is they won’t threaten us. Now, Gu Yi knows too much. We can’t keep him alive. If we do, we will pay for real.”

Shao Tianze turned around and started to move out, “Take a good rest. I’ll send them away very soon.”

Shao Tianze was about to leave, but Gu Changle caught up with him in a few steps with tightened eyebrows. She grabbed his arms, “You can’t send them away!”

Gu Changle took a tough stance.

Shao Tianze noticed the viciousness in her eyes. He narrowed his eyes and shook off her hands, “I won’t do as you say.”

After that, Shao Tianze went out of the ward.

Gu Changle did not want to let it go like that. She went after him.

However, the moment she just opened the room door, a nurse stood in the doorway. She stopped her politely, “Miss Gu, you can’t go out.”

Gu Changle frowned, and her voice was full of anger, “I am in a hospital, not a prison. Get out of my way.”

Gu Changle pushed the nurse aside in anger.

In fact, the nurse was afraid of Gu Changle, so she didn’t put her best effort to stop her.

After all, many people in the hospital knew a nurse who used to take care of Gu Changle had been killed by a vase.

They regarded Gu Changle as a spree killer. They tried their best to avoid her and did not want to have any contact with her at all.

Gu Changle thought she could catch up with Shao Tianze after she pushed the nurse away.

But she did not expect that two black-clothed bodyguards blocked her way like a high wall.

The two bodyguards were as polite as the nurse who had just been pushed aside by her.

“Miss Gu, you should go back to the ward. You can’t go out.”

Gu Changle frowned, “Get out of my way!”

She shouted hysterically.

But the bodyguards did not show any signs of retreat even she shouted so loud.

They just comforted her, “Miss Gu, you can’t leave here. You’re still weak. Mr. Shao told us not to let you go out.”

Hearing this, Gu Changle hooked her lips and said coldly, “He must be afraid that I will kill those two basterds left by that b*tch. Is that why you are here?”

Gu Changle cursed so harshly.

The two bodyguards looked at each other and sighed. They forced her back to the ward.

Gu Changle seemed restless inside the ward.

After the bodyguard came out, she smashed a lot of things and knocked on the door loud.

Even those who walked on the corridor outside were caught by the noise inside.

Shao Xue, as Shao Tianze’s sister, knew that Gu Changle was here. She often visited her ward.

This time when she arrived at the doorway of Gu Changle’s ward, she saw that the bodyguards guarding at either side of the door and heard the door was knocked out loud.

Shao Xue hesitated for a moment before asking the bodyguards, “Is Sister Changle all right?”

Seeing Shao Xue, the bodyguard answered amiably, “She’s fine.”

“Can I go in and check on her?”

She wanted to take a look at how crazy Gu Changle went.

Hearing Shao Xue’s request, the bodyguard frowned and refused, “Miss Shao, you can go in at any other time. But considering Miss Gu’s condition, this is not good timing for a visit.”

Shao Xue was confused.

The bodyguards refused to say more.

Seeing they said no more, Shao Xue had to leave.

When she was going to leave, Tan Yi walked towards Gu Changle’s ward.

Tan Yi glanced at Shao Xue and brushed past her.

When Shao Xue walked over Tan Yi, she felt he looked somewhat familiar, so she glanced back at him.

She tried to remember for quite a while, but she failed to recall where she had met him before.

She turned around and walked towards her own ward.

The bodyguards had no reason to stop Tan Yi. After all, he was Gu Changle’s attending doctor.

Although Shao Tianze told them that Gu Changle was not allowed to be out of her ward, he did not say anything about not letting the doctor get in.

Stepping into the ward, Tan Yi thought that Gu Changle might give away some secrets when she was losing her mind.

Surprisingly, she calmed down as soon as he stepped in.

Tan Yi lowered his eyes.

He looked down. The splinters of the gla.s.s vessel, the pillow, and the quilt covered the ground.

He asked Gu Changle, “Miss Gu, would you like to move to another ward?”

Gu Changle narrowed her eyes, trying to suppress the anger. She asked for help, “I’ve been too sick these days. It’s easy for me to lose my temper. Dr. Tan, what’s wrong with me?”

Tan Yi looked her into her eyes.

She also looked straight into his eyes.

They stared at each other. Tan Yi’s detached eyes made Gu Changle look away first.

Tan Yi asked, “Miss Gu, what does it get you so angry?”

Gu Changle didn’t answer his question, “If I have another heart transplant, can I stick around for another couple of years?”

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