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Chapter 533 In good health (2)

Gong Yimo smiled and quickly brought over the results of her work this afternoon for Gong Sheng to see.

“Father Emperor! I have good news that isn’t any lesser than the enclosure ceremony. Once this thing is done, it will ensure that Father’s reputation will definitely be pa.s.sed down through the ages to be praised by generations to come!”

Gong Sheng gave a hearty laugh at her words.

“Tell me, what is it?”

Gong Yimo busily told the emperor the ideas she had thought up, including the post houses that conveniently have horse farms built around them, including the improved carriage design and production, as well as the benefits of doing so, the cost, impact, and so on.

And, she wasn’t guarded against Gong Che in any way. He was going to be the ruler of a country in the future in any case so these are all matters he should be exposed to.

The more Gong Sheng and Gong Che listened, the more amazed they felt!

Gong Sheng’s demeanor had turned serious, indicating he was pondering it, while Gong Che’s mind had wandered out to the skies.

He watched Gong Yimo’s dainty mouth opening and closing, and that expression in her eyes that was so filled with life as she spoke about the construction plans.

She was both amazingly talented and flexible while being modest at the same time.

Just like a sponge. Sometimes, when Gong Sheng brings up a good point, she would immediately note it down. It can be seen that she was open-minded and stable while she worked.

She did not hide anything and was willing to bring up such a brilliant idea for everyone to discuss rather than take the credit alone. She wasn’t afraid of anyone intervening.

She also did not like taking the credit. Whether it was about Xizhou or the ca.n.a.l, or even the bank, she only focused on doing them, not caring about the achievements of what she had accomplished. It seemed like the past is just the past to her that is not worth mentioning.

And her head was just so filled with all these countless fantastical ideas that attracted people so deeply, and making it so they could only be drawn to her.

Gong Che asked himself if he would ever find another woman as special as her in this world. If she cannot belong to him, then why did G.o.d allow them to meet?

“That is a very good idea you have!”

Gong Sheng’s eyes lit up after some careful contemplation. But as Gong Yimo thought, there are many difficulties to overcome. Even though he was moved, he could only verbally compliment her for now.

“In that case, I will leave the burden of convincing King of Louye and Yuheng’s second prince to you! Don’t disappoint me!”

Gong Yimo’s face sank. She wailed. “That’s not fair, Father! I’m the one who thought of the idea, so why am I putting in the effort too!”

This look of her amused Gong Sheng and he raised his brows.

“Nothing I can help about it. The capable always end up doing more. I really cannot find anyone more suitable for this task but you!”

Gong Yimo pouted and nudged at Gong Che who was still in a daze at the side. “Imperial Brother! Father is bullying me again! Quickly stop him!”

Her eyes looked all watery and wronged, causing Gong Che’s heart to jump. He really wished he could settle all of her problems!

Gong Sheng laughed. “It’s useless even if you turn to him! This matter will be settled, then. When we send Louye’s Princess’s amba.s.sador back later, I will send you over to make the negotiations!”

Hearing that Gong Yimo had to leave, Gong Che frowned. “Father Emperor, Mo’er is a girl, I’m worried it will not be proper.”

“If it were any other girl, then perhaps so!” Gong Sheng looked at Gong Yimo with great pride. “But Mo’er is a capable girl. Much more outstanding than any of you brothers! Of course, Che’er, I’m not saying that you are not outstanding, so don’t be jealous of Mo’er now, haha!”

When he said this, it was clear his mind had already been made up. When Gong Che thought about it himself, this didn’t seem so bad an idea. If he could have Gong Jue marry that princess from Louye while Mo’er is off, then when Mo’er comes back, she would definitely give up on Gong Jue, right?

So after a single sentence, he no longer said anything.

Later, when Gong Jue found out about this matter, he felt that the emperor must have planned this to bring her out of the way on purpose. And, once his mind is set, he will not change his mind no matter what.

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