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Chapter 532 In good health (1)

“Mo’er, I had the doctor look at the herb you gave me last time. He says it is very effective for my illness.”

He hid the raging turbulence in his eyes and took a step closer to Gong Yimo, smiling gently. “He also said that the herb was very precious with basically no market for it. It’s all thanks to you, Imperial Sister…”

Gong Yimo shook her hand. She wanted to say it was no big deal, but she suddenly thought of something. Then, she grinned.

“Then, is Imperial Brother going to thank me?”

“What do you want as thanks?”

“What do you mean what do I want! Did you forget, Imperial Brother? You said you were going to give me a gift. Where’s the gift?” She prodded at his chest with her dainty finger in a fierce manner.

Gong Che held her hand, almost bewitched, and raised his eyes to look at her.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could give myself to you?

His throat bobbed. “Naturally my gift for you is going to be something good.”

Then, he lowered his head and whispered by Gong Yimo’s ear, causing her eyes to light up.

“Really?!” She was so surprised by his words that she had completely forgotten the moment and how close together they were standing.

“Of course.”

Gong Che lowered his eyes and could clearly feel the sweet fragrance of her body wrapping around him, making him…take a deep breath.

There was no need to guess that his eyes must have turned a red crimson at this moment, a deep color…of his craving for her.

“That’s great!”

Gong Yimo lifted her head full of excitement and thanked him. “Imperial Brother really is thoughtful! So you are the one who discovered this coalfield! There will definitely be many benefits for you in the future!”

“I don’t need those benefits.”

Money, is it? He has too much of it already right now.

“Then, what do you want?”

Gong Yimo’s full attention was now on the coalfields. She didn’t think Gong Che would really put her words to heart and found the coal mine while digging the stream, even protecting it and telling only her.

Looking at her little face that was clearly distracted, Gong Che couldn’t help but think of back to that day. How did Gong Jue kiss her? He wanted to try it too.

What do I want? You’re the only one I want!

At that moment, an announcement sounded and the emperor strolled in with a hearty laugh.

“I heard that Mo’er has come? Something good must have happened, then!”

Hearing that, Gong Yimo quickly turned around and ran over while Gong Che remained in the same place, expression unclear.

As soon as Gong Sheng came in and saw the casually dressed Gong Yimo, he frowned slightly.

“Mo’er, it’s not that I want to nag, but you’re already this old. You have a n.o.ble status, so how come…you don’t pay attention to your image at all?”

Gong Yimo had just tied her hair in a simple ponytail at this time, Gong Yimo’s hair was only tied in a ponytail and she was wearing a modified light yellow cross-collar robe with a light green pleated skirt on the bottom.

She looked good in everything, especially effortless styles like these that highlighted her temperament and looks even more. Only, it was a bit unbecoming of a princess to be dressed too simply.

Gong Yimo was unconvinced and spun around, causing her long flowy robe to twirl with her. The layers of embroidered flowers seemed to have come to life, just like the beautiful smile on her face.

“What’s not nice about it? Imperial Brother, say, does it look good?”

Gong Che subconsciously said.

“Anything you wear looks good on you.”

Gong Yimo looked proudly at the emperor, but the latter glanced at Gong Che. “Look at how you spoil her, she’s going to become completely unrestrained in the future.”

Gong Che let out a chuckle. He just wanted to spoil her, to indulge her in anything.

“All right now, Mo’er, Che’er, what have you come to see me for?”

Gong Che said, “It’s about the Grand Ca.n.a.l’s enclosure ceremony. It still needs to be handled personally by Father.”

Only then did it occur to Gong Sheng that Gong Che had returned, meaning that the Grand Ca.n.a.l had been repaired and that it was time for its enclosure. Indeed, this was a big event!

He nodded. “I understand. I will discuss this matter with the ministers tomorrow at morning court. Present it to me again then.”

Then, he looked at Gong Yimo again. “Now, what kind of ideas have you thought of this time?”

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