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Chapter 531 How can I convince him? (2)

After all, she didn’t want to annex all the nations and turn them into one…Communication is not developed yet and the consequences of rising as a superpower without proper control is that the officials will get brave and even seal the city gates, becoming their own rulers without even letting the real emperor notice, so it was also beneficial for all four nations to exist separately.

When there are separate countries to compare with each other, then it will promote progress for all parties. A smaller territory is easier to govern so no blind spots will appear. Once they have any reforms, it is also much easier if all four nations are moving independently.

Most importantly, only if the wealth reaches a balance will there be peace, and there will be no war. Of course, there is much to do if they were to achieve that.

So the only question now is…How is she going to go about convincing Louye’s emperor?

Because when it comes to the horse farms, Louye is for sure going to contribute the most. However, as far as their poor land situation is concerned, Louye will also be the one who gains the most.

He just has no idea if Longcheng Wuji will have the guts for it!

She wasn’t so worried about Yuheng. According to reliable sources, Jin Sheng is dying soon from illness so Jin Yun is now the one calling the shots. Moreover, it is said that he will soon come to Dayu to discuss of commerce between the two nations, so it wouldn’t be a big issue to bring this up to him then.

As she continued to think about it and write, her afternoon pa.s.sed unknowingly just like that.

She also put her pen down and exercised her fingers a little bit.

This is a matter of great importance. There are many laws, management, regulation, duties, and others to be detailed. This was just a quick thought for her, after all, she had promised Longcheng Wuji that she would bring up a good idea to him…

With her mind filled with thoughts, Gong Yimo thought of going to the emperor to discuss with him. So, picking up the information she wrote down, she headed for the imperial study.

Nowadays, Gong Yimo’s status is so high that she had the privilege of entering and leaving the imperial study without having to inform anyone beforehand!

But when she headed in, she heard from the servants that the emperor had gone to inspect the forbidden army’s training and would not return until later. Unexpectedly, even the crown prince was waiting at the imperial study.

When she heard that Gong Che was present, Gong Yimo felt a little torn. Even though Gong Che had already said that it was all in the past, it still felt a bit awkward to think about it. However, she changed her thoughts around. She couldn’t let this awkwardness interrupt business. If Gong Che found out that she came but did not enter, he might misunderstand her.

So, she walked straight in.

There were no servants waiting in the room right now, only Gong Che. He was currently looking up at a painting when Gong Yimo entered, but his face seemed to show that he had something on his mind.

But that shouldn’t be right…Gong Che should be in high spirits right now, why did he look like that?

When he heard the noise, Gong Che thought that the emperor had returned. However, as soon as he turned around, he saw Gong Yimo. He was instantly stunned and the expression on his face seemed quite complicated.

“Imperial Brother?”

Gong Yimo smiled as she approached him. She dropped what she was holding to the desk at the side and greeted him with blinking eyes.

“What have you been busy with these days? I hardly ever see you!”

When she said that, she didn’t expect Gong Che to suddenly respond with…

“Did you want to see me?”

His words stunned Gong Yimo. Before she could react to it, Gong Che reached out to pat her head. “What I mean is, even if you wanted to see me, I never saw you looking for me. Just look how distant we’ve become after parting for so long…”

His expression seemed to appear even more lonely when he said this. Gong Yimo quickly shook her head and said…

“Of course not! Imperial Brother will always be Imperial Brother, we haven’t grown distant at all!”

Gong Che smiled. Gong Yimo had no idea if it was just an illusion, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was different about him. But as for what part of him was different, she couldn’t say.

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