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Chapter 510 Sudden Visit (1)

She said this quite mockingly. Huadan Wuyou was provoked by Gong Yimo humiliating her family.

“Baiji Family? Who’s that? That epidemic was two years ago! We’ve already recovered from the catastrophe.”

She glanced at Gong Yimo and lifted her chin a bit, suddenly feeling like she wasn’t as powerful as she imagined her to be. It wasn’t like she knew everything!

But right now, she still didn’t know that she unintentionally revealed a lot of terrifying information. After all, her power was limited. This led Longcheng Wuji to lose lots.

Since her motive was achieved, Gong Yimo became easy to get along with. She looked at Huadan Wuyou and revealed her pearly whites.

“Right, Louye’s general is your birth brother right?” She chuckled and patted her own shoulders. “Back then, he shot me on the shoulder and I almost died in Xi Province. Now that you’re in my hands, tell me, should I get my revenge on him through you?”

“Don’t you dare!”

Huadan Wuyou sneered, not fearing in the least bit. “I’m the future princess consort of Louye. If you dare to touch me, my cousin won’t let you go. Huadan Family won’t let you go either!”

She was telling the truth. Gong Yimo really didn’t dare to do anything to her right now. Therefore, she touched her nose and unfolded her hands.

“I’m just saying. Look at how provoked you are. Fine! Since you don’t like me, I’ll go, okay?” After that, she really just started walking away.

Huadan Wuyou wanted to stop her but didn’t forget that she was a prisoner right now. She could only watch angrily as Gong Yimo walked far into the distance.

Once Gong Yimo left, Huadan Wuyou became discouraged. She stomped on her feet and bit her lower lips tightly.

Back then, the only reason why she knew Gong Yimo was through her brother, Huadan Jinyan.

When he came back from a birthday banquet from Dayu, he hurriedly went to seek out his cousin. Back then, she insisted on listening along which is how she found out about Gong Yimo.

Brother admired Gong Yimo a lot. He wore a serious expression as if this woman would become cousin’s opponent in the future.

She really wasn’t resigned to this.

She had seen many women. Talented women and G.o.ddesses. However, they were just well-known because of one little thing. In the end, they were nowhere near as good as they were made out to be. Her family had intentionally packaged her into a G.o.ddess. She worked hard to build up that image of hers so that she could marry her cousin.

Therefore, even though she had heard some things about Gong Yimo from her brother, she thought that she was just an ordinary woman. She might be more intelligent than other women and knew business, but that was really it.

Especially when she heard that a woman like her wanted to build a ca.n.a.l. She found it even more hilarious, thinking that Gong Yimo had a backer behind her. But that was too exaggerating.

But this time, she witnessed Gong Yimo for herself. Although she didn’t want to admit it, she noticed that she couldn’t guess Gong Yimo’s thoughts. However, the other party could easily guess her thoughts. She hated that a lot!

She recalled what happened yesterday night again.

She witnessed how Gong Jue, that scary man, walked near a bakery while everyone got on their knees besides him. The owner and his wife trembled while waiting for his arrival.

No one dared to say anything but under this gloomy atmosphere, Gong Jue requested the owner to do things step by step.

He said, “Add more sugar.”

The owner didn’t dare to disobey and hurriedly complied.

He said, “Make the two sides a bit more crispy.”

The owner wiped his sweat, not daring to disobey at all.

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