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Chapter 468 The Bizarre Scene from the Heavens Means Trouble! (1)

At this time, Gong Cheng stood at the Tiantai and glanced at the end of the streets. He really wanted to see the palace troop on the streets, but it wasn’t there. There was not a single person either. Where was Mo’er? Where was she stuck at?

Seeing that the emperor still hadn’t made his order, the empress dowager couldn’t bear to watch it anymore, thinking that he wanted to stall time for Gong Yimo.

She said in a deep and gloomy voice, “The auspicious time is here. Gong Yimo still hasn’t appeared which means she gave up on the t.i.tle conferring ceremony. Your Majesty, are you going to make all these people wait for her? She really has quite the face!”

Hearing this, Gong Cheng glanced at the sky. Disregarding the officials’ unwell expressions, he said slowly but determined, “The auspicious time hasn’t pa.s.sed yet. Who knows? Maybe Mo’er will make it in time.”

After all, the auspicious time included the two hours. He didn’t believe it. Even if Mo’er was stopped by something, she would be able to resolve the issue within this time.

When the empress dowager heard this, her face was as dark as the sky. From time to time, there was still clasps of thunder.

“Even if I’m willing to wait, Your Majesty… you have to mind your officials’ opinions, right? Even if you can abandon the government matters for Gong Yimo, these officials have matters on their own. They are giving Gong Yimo face by coming to attend the ceremony, but she was the one that missed this. Are you going to make all these people suffer because of her?”

Saying that, she pointed at the sky again.

“Even if you don’t listen to me, hasn’t heaven made itself clear? Gong Yimo is inauspicious. If she regains her position, she will bring trouble to the country. Therefore, even though today is auspicious, the heavens still thundered and roared in order to express its disapproval. Emperor, even then, you’re going to be that biased to your daughter? You’re really muddle-headed!”

Because the stage was in the shape of a semicircle, her voice echoed. A lot of people heard this. As expected, the officials had apprehensions towards Gong Yimo because of the bizarre scene. They wished that she wouldn’t appear!


The fabrics were ripped apart again, and the brocade danced in the air. Coupled with the man in gray’s purposeful lewd laugh, it made it seem like Gong Yimo was being played with in front of everyone. Many people couldn’t watch this scene anymore.

The common people hiding in the corners felt bad and angry at the scene. But there were some old-fashioned people who thought this was unbearable to watch and left angrily.

Many imperial guards wanted to help, but Gong Yimo and the man in gray were too powerful. Even if they intervened, they wouldn’t be any help.

At this time, they heard a ‘dong.’

Gong Yimo’s pure golden crown was flicked off by the man in gray’s sword. It made an arc in the air before landing on the ground harshly.

She spun around and her pitch-black hair scattered, allowing the wind to blow at it.

Her outer garments were already ripped apart and it was clinging onto her like rags. Normal women wouldn’t be able to endure this humiliation by now.

“Princess!” The leading official’s anxious voice rang.

They didn’t care anymore. Even if there was going to be a bloodbath, they couldn’t let the princess fight anymore.

Who knew that the moment they wanted to intervene, Gong Yimo suddenly lifted her hands and stopped them.

At this time, the man in gray’s laugh rang again. The imperial guards revealed infuriated and contemptuous expressions at him.

“Little girl, you should be honored! Cang Xiu! That’s my name. It’s fine if I tell you my name because you’re going to die in my hands!”

The harsh wind blew at Gong Yimo’s clothes and made her pitch-black hair fly. Her face was pale but serious. She suddenly sneered.

She placed her hand on her sleeves which had been ripped already. She harshly tugged on it.

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