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Chapter 61: Kneeling Ceremony (2)

Su Miaolan waved her hands in denial, "Dear sister… I–I didn't…"

Before she could finish her words, her friend burst out in anger, unable to watch Su Miaolan's helpless look. Zuo Xi pulled her behind and protection while angrily exclaiming,

"Scoundrel! Did you not hear what this young lady said? Kneel down! According to our ranks, you are required to kowtow to every n.o.ble lady here with a higher position than you! This is basic etiquette that even an outcast like you should understand!"

Gong Yi Mo held no regard for Zuo Xi's aggressiveness. She looked around the crowd, seeing young n.o.ble girls either standing or sitting in groups of two and threes.

For some unknown reason, they all felt a chill in their hearts when they saw the smiling expression on her face as she glanced over them.

Some among them had met Gong Yi Mo before, while others had been repeatedly warned by their family never to provoke her. At that moment, they all had a sense of foreboding.

"Do you all want me to kowtow to you too?" Her tone lacked emotion. Although her status had fallen, the momentum of her gestures was daunting.

Zuo Xi originally thought the other guests would definitely take her side and lash out against Gong Yi Mo. She didn't expect that they would lower their heads instead.

Now, she looked at Zuo Xi. Gong Yi Mo raised her lips and laughed sardonically. "Do you know why they are afraid of me?"

She sat lazily as she pointed at Zuo Xi. Gong Yi Mo was like a carefree G.o.ddess, unfazed by the enmity around her.

Zuo Xi felt dazed for a moment. She didn't know why, but at that moment the young girl who sat on the bare ground seemed to overflow with such indescribable grace. Her elegant demeanor was like the indescribable grace Zuo Xi's general grandpa had.


Gong Yi Mo looked and a gave a dazzling smile.

"Because when I was ten years old, I killed thirteen a.s.sa.s.sins in front of the harem and the ministers. Sister, have you ever killed someone with your own hands?"

She said the last sentence with a dark gaze filled with murderous intent and coldness. She stepped back subconsciously, and her knees weakened. She collapsed on the ground.

Although she flinched back embarra.s.singly, no one at the scene laughed at her reaction.

Gong Yi Mo simply looked down on her while snickering, "…so afraid of a commoner. In that case, what qualifications do you have for me to pay respects to you?"

Zuo Xi felt vexed from her words!

But as soon as she looked up, she was met by a bloodthirsty and piercing gaze. It was clearly only a quick glance, but it made her feel like a sharp blade had just swept past, causing her to exclaim in fright!

How could someone's eyes be so terrible!

Once Zuo Xi fell to the ground, Su Miaolan, who was hiding behind her, was exposed.

While no one was paying attention, Su Miaolan glared at Zuo Xi with a hint of malice. What a waste. The girl was easily unnerved by just a fierce gaze and a couple of malicious words from the enemy!

She originally planned to humiliate Gong Yi Mo, but she hadn't thought that the former princess would still be so difficult to deal with even though she was relegated to a commoner. Su Miaolan clenched her fist and bit her lip in displeasure.

Gong Yi Mo noticed Su Miaolan's twisted expression and felt a burst of happiness. The expression on her face of finding her an eyesore but not being able to get rid of her was exactly what Gong Yi Mo wanted to see.

"If she is not qualified, then what about this princess?"

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