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Chapter 700: Bliss Forging Workshop (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Who is this? Is he insane? He wants to meet Master Du?”

“He doesn’t seem to belong to the monarch city. He does not know the rules.”

“He wants to meet Master Du? What a joke!”

The group of people stared at Ye Qingtang in sarcasm and found his request amusing.

Master Du was the owner of the Bliss Forging Workshop and the only blacksmith here. He was so renowned that even the royal members of the Nine Nights Dynasty needed to pay respect to him. It was extremely difficult for normal people to even purchase a half-completed weapons forged by Master Du, not mentioning about meeting him.

Du Sheng was stunned as he did not expect that the pretty young man would have such a request.

“Sorry, Master does not meet any guest.”

“Hey, do you know the rules? Master Du is not someone you can just meet if you want. Who do you think you are?” The customers at the side mocked.

Ye Qingtang did not bother with the sarcasm and took out the dagger that she forged by her waist and handed it to Du Sheng.

“Please give this dagger to Master Du. I’ll wait to see whether he is willing to meet me after seeing this dagger.”

The customers all stretched out their heads to take a look at the dagger she took it out.

However, they only saw a black dagger with nothing special.

“What’s wrong with him?”

Master Du would be willing to meet him based on a poor dagger?

Is he brain-damaged?

However, Du Sheng’s eyes sparkled when he saw the dagger in Ye Qingtang’s hand. He was an orphan that Master Du adopted. He learned the forging skills from Master Du all along, and his observation skills were different from those of others.

Du Sheng could see that the dagger in Ye Qingtang’s hand was definitely not mediocre with just one look. However, he could not tell what was used to forge the dagger.

“Wait a while.” Du Sheng suddenly changed his words. He took over the dagger and walked towards the inner room of the forging workshop.

The group of people who were prepared to witness the joke were shocked after Du Sheng took the dagger and rushed away.

What is going on?

Within a short while, Du Sheng came back with a white-haired elder who seemed to be above fifty years old.

The people in the forging workshop were all astonished when they saw the elder behind Du Sheng.

“Master… Master Du?”

“Master Du came out? What is going on?”

The group of people were confused and looked at Ye Qingtang in surprise.

What is special about that dagger?

How could the dagger invite Master Du out?

Ye Qingtang was calm. She had forged the dagger personally with a Spirit Crystal. Any skilled blacksmith would be able to see that the dagger was special.

The method of forging weapons with Spirit Crystals was created by Master Du in her previous life. In this life, Master Du had yet acquired the method. Ye Qingtang was sure that she would be able to invite Master Du out with the dagger.

“Master, this is the owner of the dagger,” Du Sheng said softly in respect.

Master Du’s sight then landed on Ye Qingtang. His experienced and sharp sight sized up the young man with extraordinary disposition.

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