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Chapter 640: Besiege (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

There were more and more ferocious beasts surrounding the cliff, leaving no gaps at all. The few people fled in a hurry, and some of them were injured. Blood spurted out from their wounds and splashed onto the ground.

“Arh arh arh! Stupid humans. They still want to murder me at this point in time!” The white tiger stared at the people who were running towards it and shouted.

Ye Qingtang took a glimpse at the “narcissistic” white tiger but did not bother to reply to it.

Some of the Nine Nights Dynasty people were injured, and the smell of blood further agitated the ferocious beasts around. As they rushed towards the cliff, the giant ants and the mice also followed.

This was the real h.e.l.l. No matter what their ident.i.ties were outside the h.e.l.l of Avicinaraka, once they stepped into the land of inheritance, they were a step away from death.

The Blood Moon Elder’s face was slightly pale. When he saw those people attracting the ferocious beasts onto the cliff, he felt his brain buzz, and he wanted to kick those idiots down the cliff.


Everything was too late.

“Holy…” The Blood Moon Elder was about to say something to Ye Qingtang, but her expression suddenly became very fierce. She pulled out the Demonic Blood Sword by her waist and rushed towards the group of people.

Those few people were totally terrified by the giant ants in the sky and the giant mice chasing constantly. They could not even defend themselves against the attacks of these ferocious beasts when they were busy escaping. Everyone’s hearts were in their throats as they saw a giant mouse which was just behind them rushing towards them with its body that was a few meters tall.

Were they going to die here today?

However, when they were immersed by desperation, a tiny figure suddenly swiped through their vision. Along with the figure, a glint chopped down towards the giant mouse!

The giant mouse shrieked instantly. A large amount of blood appeared on its grim face. Its nose was chopped off, and blood splashed out like raindrops.

As the blood splashed, the skinny figure landed. Those who were terrified now froze on the ground. Now, they noticed that there was a beautiful lady standing under the rain of blood.

Drops of blood landed on that pretty face.

“Holy… Holy Lady?” The Blood Moon Elder intended to discuss a plan to escape with Ye Qingtang. However… Ye Qingtang saved these people.

How come he did not know that his Holy Lady was so kind?

Ye Qingtang did not say anything. She swung her Demonic Blood Sword to remove the blood. She took a leap and landed in front of those people when the giant mouse was groaning.

“Pick up your weapon if you don’t want to die.” Ye Qingtang left a sentence coldly and jumped upwards to kill a giant flying ant dashing towards them.

Those who were in shock previously finally regained their consciousness. They were terrified by the danger in the land of inheritance and were shocked by those giant ferocious beasts. How could they use their full strength to fight under such horror?

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