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Chapter 496 The Blood Moon (1)

A few thousand inner sect disciples were touched by the
scene. Only a few disciples chose to leave.

Sect Master Li Yunfeng wanted to disperse these
disciples to ensure their safety. However, no matter how
he chased them away, they chose to remain in the sect.
Eventually, he had to compromise.

The loyalty that the outer sect disciples had towards the
sect was much weaker. More than half of the outer sect
disciples fled from the Xuanling Sect without any
hesitation, including Lu Xiuwen and Su Wan.

“To everyone who remains, it's my Xuanling Sect''s honor
to have you guys here!” Elder Mo stepped forward and
scanned through the crowd.

“It's our honor to join the Xuanling Sect in our life!”

“We are willing to use our blood to protect our sect!”
“We'll either live or die with the sect!”

Ye Qingtang was also touched by the thousands of
disciples who remained.

In her previous life, most of these disciples were killed
during the fight against Yunxiao Sect. They could not
protect the sect, and neither could the sect protect

“Junior Sister Ye.” Yun Shu and Lin Long walked towards
Ye Qingtang.

“You did not leave?” Ye Qingtang was surprised.

Yun Shu shook his head and said, “Since we joined the
sect, we are the sect disciples. If we leave the sect when
it's in danger… we will regret for the rest of our lives.”

All sorts of feelings filled up her mind as she stared at Yun

She would try all her best to protect the sect.

Ye Qingtang took a glimpse and noticed that the Blood
Moon Elder was following a group of outer sect disciples,
trying to leave the sect secretly.


Ye Qingtang sneered and held the Blood Moon Elder's

He was about to rage but forced a smile after noticing it
was Ye Qingtang.

“Where are you going?” Ye Qingtang smiled and asked.
“Hmm… I'm not a Xuanling Sect disciple, and Xuanling
Sect is about to face its calamity soon. I will definitely not
fight for the sect. Why you pull me back?”

“If you leave now, I will reveal your true ident.i.ty.” Ye
Qingtang smiled.


The Blood Moon Elder was stunned and scanned the
surroundings carefully. He was relieved after knowing
there was no one around.

“Ye Qingtang, if you want to die, then go ahead. Don't pull
me along. The Xuanling Sect knew the secrets of the
Yunxiao Sect, and they will soon kill everyone in the
Xuanling Sect. Based on our abilities, it's suicide if we
stay… How about we leave first? When you are stronger,
we'll find the Yunxiao Sect for revenge?” The Blood Moon
Elder was trying to convince Ye Qingtang.

“You can only follow me.” Ye Qingtang did not buy his
words at all.

“IT have to follow you even if you are committing suicide?”
The Blood Moon Elder frowned.

“Yes.” Ye Qingtang nodded.

“Ye Qingtang… you… That's so unreasonable!”

“Do you still want the Bonded Soul Pill?” Ye Qingtang

“Bonded Soul Pill? You have it now?” The Blood Moon
Elder's eyes sparkled.

He was longing for the Bonded Soul Pill all the time.

Ye Qingtang held her chin and said, “Not yet, but… I have
collected a few ingredients. If you listen to me, you will
have the Bonded Soul Pill.”

“Not yet?”

The Blood Moon Elder gritted his teeth. He really wanted
to tear her apart now. If he listened to her and stayed in
the Xuanling Sect, why would he need the Bonded Soul
Pill if he could not even guarantee his own life?

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